I’m considering buying some MSM but I just wondered how people take it and if they use the powder, what does it taste like? The site I was looking at suggests:

“Add a tablespoon of powder to a pint of fresh orange juice each day. If you don’t like the taste, try using the capsules instead.”


  • I’ve been taking MsM for a couple months now. I researched it alot and apparently you should start out taking 5000mg the first month. Now if you are taking itjust forgeneral health you might want to stop there,but if you aretaking it for a certain health issue, for example, inflammation, the 2nd month bump it up to 10,000 mg and 3rd month 15,000. Try to find good quality MSM meaning no fillers, just pure MSM. When i took the capsules, i split it up into 3x a day with meals. I’ve also taken the powder with my water, but it is very bitter so i mix it with lemon, orange juice would be great. Good luck!

  • Hi nspanky :) Thanks for your advice, I’d be taking it for just general health so it’d be the 5000mg. Thanks very much for your help! :D

  • I take my MSM in orange juice,David Wolf says it works best with it. I take the powder and it has almost no taste, and in the juice you only taste the yummie oranges.

    NSPANKY- does it say you should take all 10,000mg or 15,000mg in one serving or divide it down to smaller dozes (2-3 times per day)? I

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    what on IS msm? i see this mentioned a lot here and am curious.

    what sorts of improvements do you notice?

  • I would divide it up into 2-3 doses with meals or with your juice. I tried it with the orange juice and still could not stand the taste, too bitter!

    In response to pianissimas’ question…..from what i’ve read and what i can remember off the top of my head, MSM is an organic form of sulfur. Now adays alot of people are deficent in sulfur so everyone could benefit by taking it. It helps with cellular regeneration, so for example your hair and nails will grow very fast and become stronger. Supposed to be great for any skin conditions. Excellent for any inflammation. I’ve suffered with shoulder impingement syndrome for years and seen chiro’s and physio’s for it. After taking MSM for 2 months i’ve had no flare-ups. I buy mine from a coompany called DistilPure. They also have an excellent informational That’s all i know.

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