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Who else is from Europe?

Greets from Germany


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi there, I am in the UK.

  • Hi,I am Scandinavian,from Iceland.

  • odalysodalys Raw Newbie

    Hey Sonne, I’ll be in Germany by early ‘08!

    I used to live in Heidelberg, now I am in the states – it really sucks here – so I’m going back, maybe to munchen this time though.

    What city are you currently living in?

  • I just moved to Stralsund, in the north. It would be great if we could meet next year. It is so hard to find raw foodis. you will find my email adress in my profil.

    @vala: Isn’t it hard to find fresh food up there in the north? I just watched a documentation about northern europe and how hard it seem to grow fresh own food, the most is imported food.

  • Hi I am american but have lived in Italy for the last 4 years.

    I live on an island in the southern mediterrenean called Sicily.

    Lots of fresh fruit and veggies here, almost everyone has an orchard!
    300 days of sunshine and lovely beaches, what’s not to love?
    And yet I miss home, originally from New York City but grew up in the Washington DC area. God I’m homesick!

  • CandiceCandice Raw Newbie

    deasmiles—I’m curious as to how you ended up in Italy, if you care to share that story. I’ve never even had the pleasure of traveling to Europe, so I’m feeling a bit of envy!

  • Hi sonne83.

    You are right, almost everything is imported. We have local tomatoes,cucumbers,bellpeppers,kale,carrots,beets and some other stuff fresh and organic but the rest of the organic food is imported. I am 100% raw and organic and it is going great.The variety is not the best but I am sure it is not the worst either(the population here is only 300.000 so I guess I cant comeplain!!) But I want more so it is very handy for me that I ,and my man ofcourse, are moving to L.A soon, I cant wait!!

  • oh, and how is it in Germany,do you get enough fresh organic food there? Maybe it depends on where in Germany you live-south or north.
    I assume if I can be 100% raw and organic in Iceland you can to in Germany!!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    Dea, you look fabulouse, “glow” does not describe your complexion…you radiate!!! my best to you…

  • vala,

    oh yes, I have enough food here. We have a lot of local grown things, this is mostly organic. To be raw in southern California is actually the easiest way. I just went there for traveling. It was amazing – all that organic local grown food at the market. I loved it so much.


    but you are probably better in Italy than in w.DC. I lived there for a while. So the climate isn’t that well like in Italy. It sounds so lovely. Maybe we will meet somewhen in Italy, I really would like to come for a visit, maybe next year or so. Are you planning to move back to the US or are you staying in Europe?

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