Colin Campbell Institute Seeking Success Strories

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Colin Campbell Foundation seeking Raw Success Stories
If you or someone you know has healed using diet, please help others by recording your story!

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. nutritional researcher and author of “The China Study”, chronicling The China Project, the most comprehensive study ever conducted on the relationship between diet and disease, in conjunction with The Campbell Foundation, is initiating a new project designed to record the stories of individuals who attribute their success in arresting, reversing and/or living with cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, MS, or other serious illness at least in part to the consumption of a plant-based diet.

All of Dr. Campbell’s work points to the benefits of a plant-based diet and the dangers of animal protein, including red meat, pork, poultry, fish and dairy. To support Dr. Campbell’s work, the Campbell Foundation endeavors to create a library of accurate and personal accounts by those who have used plant-based nutrition to inhibit and/or reverse disease. These accounts will be aggregated and made available to the public to serve as a reference material for patients, physicians, researchers and anyone else who may find it useful.

Your story of healing will prove invaluable to our project. If you are willing to SHARE YOUR STORY OF HEALING, PLEASE CONTACT MICAELA COOK with the CAMPBELL FOUNDATION AT

To further document these amazing accounts, during the next two months, The Campbell Foundation will be CONDUCTING VIDEO INTERVIEWS of subjects at the following dates and locations:

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 – MONDAY DECEMBER 10TH. IN ATLANTA, GA. AT The Living Foods Institute, courtesy of Brenda Cobb


These video interviews offer an unprecendented opportunity to share your story of healing with the world, offering hope and inspiration to thousands of people. The more information we are able to accumulate, the greater the impact we will have. If you are willing to participate in a video interview, to be released on The Campbell Foundation’s website, please contact Micaela Cook at without delay. We are scheduling interviews very tightly, and quick replies are appreciated to coordinate this project.

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO TRAVEL TO ATLANTA AT THIS TIME, but would like to participate in an interview contact Micaela Cook at to schedule an appointment at a different time.

Thank you for your participation in this project!

The Atlanta Interviews will be at the Living Foods Institute, 1530 Dekalb Ave, Atlanta, Ga. 30307. Contact Micaela Cook at for your appointment time.


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    That is one of my favorite books.

    Kristen Suzanne

  • Is there a web site associated with this?

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    I’m sure there is, but it was sent to me a couple of weeks ago and I have since deleted it. Maybe Micaela Cook can help you if you email her.

  • Can’t wait! His “China Study” was amazing! Thanks for letting us know about it 123.

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