favorite uncookbook?

Hi! I own only one uncookbook (Ani Phyo’s Raw food kitchen) and would like to try out a couple more. I am transitioning and looking for recipes that are sort of normal if you know what I mean. I am looking for the staple foods. What are your favorite raw books?


  • I have several and have checked a few more out of the library.

    I have to admit that the book that has consistently provided delicious recipes is Raw Food Real World. BUT, I would not say that they foods are “sort of normal”! And they usually take a really long time to prepare. They also contain LOTS of nuts and oils. But for an occasional dish, I LOVE it!

    I also have Living Cuisine, the Art and Spirit of Raw Food. Half of the book is about ingredients and techniques and the other half is recipes. I tend to be visual and there aren’t any pictures, but I’ve made cheeses and crackers from that book and I liked them. I’m planning on making more.

    I got The Raw 50 by Carol Alt at the library. For some reason it didn’t inspire me and I didn’t end up making anything from it.

    I currently have checked out the Raw Food Detox Diet. This one also doesn’t inspire me. Not sure why! But it has a lot of recipes for transitioning. It might be worth checking out. Do you have a library nearby? I practically live at mine!

    For “normal” stuff, you might want to stick to things that you would have normally eaten raw in the first place. That’s what I always think of as normal. Most of the cookbooks I’ve seen have lots of dehydrating and nuts and oils and heavy foods that try to mimic cooked foods. I’m new to this so I’m sure more experiences voices will jump in here!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    There are quite a few book recommendations here.

  • I recently bought Rawvolution. I’m liking that a lot. Another great one is Raw Food, Real World.

  • HI

    I checked out Carol Alt’s Eating in the Raw and loved it. I purchased The Raw 50 and it is very good also. What I like about it is that there are 10 each entire meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages (I think those are the catagories). It is not just 50 recipes but 50 meals, main dish and sides. 3 recipes on average per meal.

    I have tried a couple and been very pleased. I am new to raw and have been reading everything I can get my hands on.

    I also purchased Eat Smart Eat Raw by Kate Wood. Her style is opposite Carol Alt’s for certain but the recipes seem pretty good, at least what I have tried so far.

    Let us know what you find. I am looking also for daily recipes which do not take days of germination, sprouting and dehydrating for each meal. Part of the initial appeal of raw for me was quick and easy.

  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    Rawvolution is one of my favourites, just looking at the pictures makes me hungry. Although there are some dehydrator recipes, most are just quick and easy.

    Alissa Cohen’s book is in-depth and quite fantastic if you want to immerse yourself in the raw lifestyle. She also explains everything precisely which helps if you are transitioning.
    Also Sergei and Valya Boutenko have a small recipe book with very simple easy delicious recipes

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Eat Smart, Eat Raw – Kate Wood. Practical, easy to use.
    Raw Food, Real World. Converted me to raw easily.
    Rawvolution – love it.
    These three are my favourites and the recipe’s work!
    Just bought Cafe Gratitude and working through a few of the recipe’s so can’t comment as yet. Lot’s of great ideas though.

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