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Juice Feasting question???

Juice feasting is really peaking my interest, but I have a few questions… Since I always have a problem with juicing ie: (blood sugar, energy levels, long work hours with no juicer available ) I thought this may not be a possibility for me. After going to the website and a few blogs I see that some people use their vitamix for the juice. I could do that, it’s basically a green smoothie fast and I don’t have any adverse effects from green smoothies as I do juice. Does anyone know the specifics about juice feasting? I see that some use juicers and some use vitamix blenders. I see that they take alot of superfoods ( not really my thing ). I would just love any info you may have. Thank you all


  • To drink smoothies is no fasting! In this way the food is just liquified. To fast means, just to drink water / tea or juice.

  • I do understand that, but juice feasting seems to be different from fasting. I’m just trying to figure out all of the differences.

  • I believe the main point of “fasting” is to give the digestive system a rest. Smoothies still contain all the fiber from the fruits/veggies and your digestion will be just the same.

    I too have seen references to drinking smoothies on the juice feast. But I think it should be called something different – smoothie feast or something.

    I do think a smoothie feast sounds like a good idea though. I know I’m going to be having several cooked meals over the holidays and I’m thinking I will start the new year with a week of green smoothies to get me back on the raw track.

  • Spirit
    I am planning to do a juice feast at the first of the year. I have gotten a lot of info from Angela Stokes experience at rawreform.com and juicefeasting.com has a lot of free info about how to go about it. They suggest you blend every thing in a blender or vitmix and then strain through a nutmylk bag. Try those sites and good luck feasting!

  • Thank you everyone, yes a smoothie feast is always a good idea in my opinion. Yammygirl, thank you, I guess the straining of the smoothie was the part I was missing ( makes sense ). I am actually going to order the book but was interested in any other info people had.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    The most appealing part of this concept (to me) is the variety of fruits and veggies that go into the juice and the explanation of why each food is used. I think it lacks necessary fiber. As well as being nutritional, juicing is a method of detoxification and fiber facillitates that. This is not a fast.

  • Spirit I just went onto rawreform.com and saw that she has a book entilted A Juice Feasters Handbook. You might want to look into purchasing that for help with your juice feast. Hope this helps.

  • 123, I was wondering about the fiber myself. I have done many water and juice fasts but I liked the idea of the amount of liquid and nutrients you consume in a juice feast in order to maintain your metabolism. I haven’t been able to find out all of the particulars about juice feasting but I do see that they take Psyllium. I was wondering why they didn’t just add some of the pulp back into the juice and get the best raw fiber there is. I’m not here to reinvent the feasting wheel, I just had some questions. Runnagurl, thank you, I will order that e-book on Monday at work as I don’t have a printer at home.

  • willmizewillmize Raw Newbie

    Please don’t confuse juice FEASTing with juice FASTing.

    http://juicefeasting.com has an amazing amount of information.
    The 2008 Global Juice Feast starts in March.

    http://globaljuicefeast.com – a 92 day feast to a better you. Heck, it could be a completely different you :)

  • willmizewillmize Raw Newbie

    As someone who writes, and tries to get paid for my writing, I know I would be pissed if I found out that someone was giving away an ebook that I’d written and was charging a small fee for.
    While it is yours, as you paid for it, and you can do with it what you want, I would think that raising your vibration physically with eating raw would go hand in hand with karmically raising your vibration by not giving away for free something that wasn’t yours to give away for free.
    Food for thought, as the saying goes.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi heathermarsbomb, Although your intentions are surely kind and generous, we’d ask that this sort of offer isn’t posted here on Gone Raw as we respect an author’s right to charge for their work.

  • Hi, just wondering if any of you are juice feasting now? I am on day 21 now, and blogging about my experiences on http://powerofraw.blogspot.com. I have hardly any detox side effects, but I suppose that could be because I have done two 21-day fasts over the past year. Not an unpleasant surprise to realise you aren’t as toxic as you thought, lol! The only things I’m experiencing is coated tongue, fuzzy teeth, bad-smelling sweat and a (very) heightened sense of smell. Then again, 21 days isn’t much if I do end up going for the whole 92 days, so who knows what might happen? ;o)

  • Hello Neens:
    I have watched you videos on you-tube, I’m very inspired! I will definately be doing the 92 day global juice feast starting March 1st. I’m doing 1-2 days a week of just juice to get my body ready for it. I’m so glad that you are having a pleasant experience so far. Keep the vidoes coming, I love them. Oh, and I love your doggie as well!

  • Hi Spirit!

    Juicing a few days a week sounds like a very good way of easing yourself into it. I upped my juice levels in preparations for the feast too, but didn’t do whole days. I think there’s going to be LOADS of people juice feasting all over the world come March – it’s sooo exciting! :oD My feast is still going well, although I haven’t been getting quite enough juice in lately. I emailed David and Katrina Rainoshek about it, and after reading their reply, I have been making sure I get just over 4 litres a day! They said if you drink less than 3, you’re actually fasting, not feasting, and so you should really be followed up by a GP. I’ve posted the whole e-mail from them on my blog, if you’re interested in reading it.

    I’m afraid I have been a bit slack with the videos lately, I was going to make one today but we had to take Chester to a puppy party and then I had to walk into town and back with Albert (to pay in a cheque that he had conveniently bitten off the corner of! nooot sure if that will go through!) and right now, I am just too exhausted to put my face on film, lol! ;o) The puppy party was great fun though, Chester was bouncing around with 4 other puppies and having a whale of a time, it seemed! :oD Now THAT I should have filmed! ;o)

  • Hi Neens,

    Doggie drama huh?

    I didn’t realize the importance of getting the 4 litres of juice in a day. I thought I was just missing the extra calories. That’s great information. I drink 2 litres a day when I’m on a juicing day, I’m going to have to start drinking more so I’ll be ready.

    I’m glad your feast is going well and I’ll check your blog later so I can read that email.

    Happy juicing and kiss the pups for me.

  • did anyone subscribe to the juicefeasting website? did you find it helpful or was anglea stokes info sufficient enough (which I have).

  • I don’t think I’m going to subscribe to the website but I do want to get Angela Stokes e-book. I believe I have the concept down—plus all of the juice feasting blogs are so helpful. I get bits and pieces of great info everyday.

  • i got her book, not as helpful as i thought…read her blogs found more info interesting in those.
    i was hoping for specific mixtures to avoid sugar spikes and energy lasting etc. Any one have info on that?

  • That is my same concern. I think keeping the fruit juice to a minimum, maybe just to make the green juice palatable. Although, I have been juicing greens with yellow and orange bell peppers and it is quite sweet and doesn’t spike my blood sugar. Also, Lemon and Lime water doesn’t bother my blood sugar like sweet fruits can. I think the fact that some raw fat is taken every day is helpful for blood sugar levels as well.

    Too bad about Angela’s book, is it basically her experience with juice feasting vs. all of the elements of juice feasting?

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I registered the other day and am thinking about doing the subsciption. The topics look very useful. You can get Norman Walker’s Fresh vegetable and Fruit Juices for about $8 and there appear to be some pretty good juice books on the webstore on the juicefeasting site. I am going to use some of the supplements but not all because I have already done a parasite cleanse, a stonebreaker and a liver flush. If I do subscribe, I’ll download what I’m able and hopefully there are some good varieties of juices on the course. I’m just not that creative and tend to find something I like and not change it up. I am doing that with my lunch salad now. I want to change up my veggies, but I just like this combo so much that I end up staying the same for weeks! I know variability is necessary but since I’ll probably be juicing away at 5 am I’m not going to feel to creative! I’ll need recipes!

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