help! questions to be

help! questions to be


  • - Coconut oil is store bought, and vitamin shoppe sell it

    - White coconuts are mostly for the water inside, but you can also scoop out the meat (jelly-like) to eat

    - Never made almond butter, almonds are about $6 a pound in whole or butter form, so there’s not a cost savings from making it yourself

    It’s good to experiment with these things (I did), but they’re not absolutely necessary. I do like to use the coconut oil on my skin. I found the almonds to be too high in calories & fat, and the white coconuts to be too much trouble to deal with. But I definitely recommend trying as many things as possible, and finding out what works best for you.

  • I make my own Almond Butter in my vitamix. The health food store is about $11.00 for a small jar (I live in the middle of nowhere) but I buy my Almonds in bulk online. Just throw them into the vitamix and use your tamper to keep pushing them back down… It really does taste better when it’s made fresh. Unfortunately, this usually leads to eating way too much.

    Don’t know about coconuts. I have found any in my area that are raw. They’ve all be treated chemically…

    ps. you can make nut butter out of all of your nuts. Do not make it out of raw peanuts. It’s disgusting!

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