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Unraw foods and daily raw foods

Hey everybody! I actually have two questions for people. 1. If you aren’t 100% raw, what other foods have you kept in your diet? 2. What are some raw food staples that you would consider a part of your daily diet? Just curious. Thanks! Glad to be here!!


  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    Hi. I can answer this question pretty easily.

    1. I’m not 100% raw. I eat brown rice, some tofu and soy milk (not often), sprouted bread, steamed vegetables and once in a while a vegan cookie.

    2. I always have this on my grocery list: Fruits: apples, bananas, avocado, lemons, limes Vegetables: celery, carrots, beets, scallions, romaine, spinach, kale, cherry/plum tomatoes and cucumbers Other: dates, raisins, goji berries, some type of cocoa or bittersweet chocolate, apple cider vinegar, and some nuts like almonds and cashews.

    If I have these items, I can make almost any recipe I come across. Hope this helps. Debbie

  • I want to be 100% raw but find getting rid of bread very difficult. I’d guess myself to be about 85-95%.

    1. I’ve kept 88% cocoa content chocolate, soy milk in smoothies (I find almond milk too time consuming, very expensive, and not enough of it for me, a hubby, and 2 kids), sprouted bread (Ezekiel brand by Food for Life), whole grain crackers, and Earth Balance spread. I do not have a dehydrator.

    2. Always get bananas, dates, lemons, avocadoes, celery, carrots, spinach, romaine, tomatoes, plus whatever fruits and veggies I find on sale – like seasonal berries. I also pick up a LOT of nuts and dried fruits. The longer I do this, the more I realize how SIMPLE it can be – not using a dehydrator at all, but just eating nuts and fruits all day, whenever hunger strikes. It’s getting over the emotional cravings that’s so hard.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Im about 90% fruitarian because I include a small amount of greens. Some of my staples are mainly bananas then some oranges, pineapple, avos, papaya,hemp seeds, spinach, dates, romaine lettuce, almonds, mac nuts, flax seeds, cukes, cacao, coconut water, kombucha, and tomatoes. I treat myslef to an occasional durian, fresh young coconut, cherimoya, and passion fruit. I eat very simple and drink alot of green or cacao smoothies.

  • Humanimal – where do you find raw cacao?

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    Staples for me are bananas! They are cheap and if you get the reduced ones they are REALLY cheap. You just have to be sure to eat them that day, which is no trouble at all. I also love grapes bu in the winter, it is hard to find good organic ones. Greens are full of minerals and i usually rock a green smoothie in the morning. I recently discovered young cocos and they are heavenly!

    Cooked foods I ate in transition were rice and steamed veggies and also kamut pasta with steamed veggies. I cut out soy because it was mucous forming and wheat because of the opiates.


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Hey skyspice! gald that you asked. Here are some websites that have cacao :)

    http://www.sunfood.com/ http://naturalzing.com/

    Yeah Nagev! Bananas are probably the best food out there. I get them nice and spotted so I get more for a cheaper price. I have a box sittin here in my room (about 35-40 lbs) :) I have been chowing on a lot of pineapple lately for some reason. Huess my body is telling me that it needs sumthin the pineapple.

  • Thanks everyone! This was really helpful. Even though I’m new to raw, I’m actually pretty close to being 100%... I just have to make sure my diet stays balanced. Any tips anyone has in that area would also be very helpful. Thanks again!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    You can get raw cacao from www.rawfood.com

    I’m 100% and my must have’s are kale, avocado and tomato, my recipe Essense style bread, almond cheeze, and I always have a cake like walnut or maybe an apple pie, something sweet on hand aswell, and plenty of almonds for my special lemon cheesecake drink. I read David Wolfe’s Sunfood Success System and he talked about making sure you balance leafy greens, sweet fruit, non sweet fruit and plant fats. He says that if you eat a balance of those things it is perfect. He does a diagram with a triangle the book is well worth buying or getting out the library. So I adopted that approach and it really works for me. I eat a couple of kale salads a day which are perfect balanced meals because it has everything except sweet fruits in it. It contains my leafy greens, plant fats (avocado+olive oil) and non sweet fruits(tomato). I have a green drink for my leafy greens and sweet fruits( 3 oranges + 2 handfuls of spinach + 2 handfuls of kale). And that is my everyday basic diet really. On top of that I just pick on bread and almond cheese, cakes and lemon cheesecake drinks, marinated mushrooms throughout the day. I eat quite a lot and I treat my food as a decadent luxurious pleasurable delight, not a restrictive punishing diet. I found that as soon as I included more leafy greens I became free of most of my cravings and became extremely calm. Whenever I feel dissatisfied, irritable, edgy or have cravings, I have some greens and it sorts me right out. I think greens are the answer to everything! And cake is just the cherry on top!

  • Thanks so much Zoe. I think you’re right about the greens. My trouble is that I’m small, and can’t be losing weight. I had an eating disorder about a year ago, and raw foods have really given me a great feeling of freedom. Plus, everything tastes so good! Thanks for all your help.

  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    lets see! i try to be 100% raw.everynow and then i may have a morning star patty of some sort.like today i had slimfast?juice kind for breakfast.then i had raw lasagna for lunch and then apples for dinner.i try really hard to be 100% raw. i have my raw bread i made and a stash of raw cookies and then alot of fruits and veggies.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    My staples are garlic I add it to a lot food, I add extra to my flax seed cracker. I love garlic….I know I sound weird. My other staples are oranges, flax seeds,tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, brocoli, onions, pepper(sometimes jalapenos or whatever I can find) and kale. I don’t consider my self 100% raw because I still consume nuts that even though labeled raw are not. Also I have to finish the vegetarian chilli and bean soup in my cupboard.

    This past saturday I had a non raw dish it was white northern beans in a can with cilantro, onions, lemon juice and vegetable oil. I haven’t consumed vegetable oil in many, many years and I didn’t know it was in it because my friend made it. I was mad when I found out, if I knew I wouldn’t have eaten the bean salad. I didn’t even see her put it in but it was good. I have a day that I designate as my non raw day it is either Sat or Sun, sometimes Fri evening. I do that to get rid of some of my food but I find myself eating one semi raw dish and then eating raw foods for the rest of the day. I wish I had some vegetarian friends to give it to. I gave some to my mom but I couldn’t give her all because I love spicy foods, and a lot of the chilli, and soups I have is spicy.

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