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I am just learning about raw foods. I have noticed that the only beans seem to be mung beans, garbonzo beans (chick peas) and lentils.

What about kidney beans? lima beans? canoli beans? soy beans? Are they not safe? Or do they just not taste good?

I am soaking a handful of 15 beans soup beans to see what will sprout and what won’t and how each tastes. Should I not experiment this way?

And also, where do I find these sprouting beans? Does Whole Foods carry them?

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  • davidp80davidp80 Raw Newbie

    Hi Rmrcleo,

    Some of those beans you mentioned – kidney beans, soybeans, canoli beans, etc. – are usually more difficult to sprout, and may not sprout to a consistency conducive to many raw food recipes. This may be why they’re not mentioned often in the forums. Then again, I’m not a big fan of sprouted chickpeas (poor texture, difficulty digesting), and they’re not a totally uncommon addition to the repetoire of many. Sprouting mung beans and lentils is easy and worthwhile if you’re looking to include legumes in your raw diet.

    I’ve found lentils and chickpeas at WholeFoods in the past, but never had any luck with the mung beans. Look up a smaller, local natural food store in your area, and you should be able to find them there.

    Best to you!


  • Here’s a source for stuff to sprout, beans and otherwise:

    Here’s a good article to consider as you embark on your journey into raw beans and legumes:…

    Good luck to you! I cannot digest raw legumes, and I now fear venturing into the world of beans. Let us know how you fare.

  • Thank you both so much. Michele the article was especially useful about kidney beans being toxic raw. I will miss them terribly! They may be one once in a while cheat for me.

    Also David, thank you for the Whole Foods tip, I did indeed find chickpeas and mung beans there dried.

    I am on day 3 so far and feeling so much better, breathing better is the main thing and I am always so surprised how I get through the day quite happily going raw!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Hi RMRCLEO~ From the Hippocrates Institute’s Greenhouse site , they sell for sprouting (one would presume they are nontoxic then) Mung Beans, Adzuki Beans, Whole Red & Green Lentils, Fenugreek, Buckwheat, Hard Winter Wheat (for wheatgrass), Alfalfa, HHI mix beans, Peas, Flax seed, Millet, Quinoa.

    A couple of other threads that you might find useful are:

    Happy sprouting…

  • After experimenting with many, many different kinds of seeds, I’m now down to four that I regularly sprout. You can sprout nearly anything, but each seed has its caveats. Three of my four mainstays are available at Safeway (nationwide grocer?).

    Garbonzo beans
    Green peas (get whole, not split)

    These are in the Hispanic specialty foods section, and are sold under the “Goya” brand label for 75 cents to $1.50 per pound.

    I order my Alfalfa seeds from any of several online vitamin companies (i.e. or others). The “Now Foods” brand is $5 per pound.

    I do boil my garbonzo – green pea – lentil sprouts before eating to improve taste & remove toxins (I won’t argue the merits – it’s up to each person to decide).

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