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how do I prepare buckwheat groats?

Hi, help and thanks!


  • Hey! Are you inquiring just simply about the procedures (such as sprouting, etc) to get buckwheat into it’s most palatable and optimal state? Or are you looking for specific recipes? I tend to really overthink things.
    In general, i soak them for a few hours, but some insist that soaking them any longer than 30 minutes will drown them out. Either way, they’ve still sprouted even after a LONG night. So i’d say 30 is sufficient.

    Then you drain them in some sort of strainer or sprout jar, and leave them for about 2-3 days, rinsing frequently. They are probably the starchiest things you will ever sprout, so it’s important to rinse and drain at least three times a day to keep the goop in check.What i usually do with them is dehydrate them for a few hours untill fully dry and crispy and use them with nutmilk to make a cereal, ala juliano’s buckwheaties recipe.

    Hope this helps!

  • I soak them for about 20min-1hr and then leave them overnight, rinse again and eat them some time that day. I only sprout them a tiny bit and eat them fresh with quinoa (also a quick sprouter) with some honey and nut milk. If I had a dehydrator, I would surely dry them. They are good though! They don’t taste too “sprouty”.

  • okay so… they are going to sprout no matter what?
    I am really new to this (as well as being a truly lousy cook) and I saw some recipes on here that looked good- (I miss oatmeal) using buckwheat so I wanted to prepare them correctly.
    Dont have a dehydrator yet.

  • this is the recipe that caught my eye.

    Buckwheat ‘Oatmeal’

    Serves 2

    I have this for breakfast and it keeps me hopping till noon!

    I usually sprout a cup of buckwheat over 2 days and I have enough to make 2 breakfasts (2 portions each)

    • 1 cup Sprouted Buckwheat
    • 1 diced apple
    • 2 tablespoons shredded coconut
    • 8 soaked dates


    Blend everything in a blender (I

  • PonyGirlPonyGirl Raw Newbie

    Do you like pizza? I make incredible pizzas using sprouted buckwheat groats. I put about 1 1/2 cups in the food processor with 2/3 cup carrot pulp, 1/2 cup ground flaxseed, 1/4 cup olive oil, spices and herbs as you like, then spread the “dough” onto teflex sheets and dehydrate until dry enough to transfer to the regular dehydrator mesh (which I do by placing the mesh and a tray on top of the crust and flipping). This recipe makes about 3 round crusts which keep very well.

    I’ve made the cereal, but I only eat fruit most of the day. This pizza is one of our favorite dinners though.

  • hey PonyGirl, I will try that when I move up to a food dehydrator! very cool- it sounds great.
    thanks so much

  • Hi J. Try sprouting wheat berries/grains instead. I’m usually wheat intolerant, but I don’t have a problem when they are sprouted. They are are easier to sprout than buckwheat and have a sweet taste which taste nice in most breakfast dishes – chewy too. Add some cacao nibs to your receipe and maybe some nuts.

  • Hi Karen, sounds good, I just want to make sure wheat berries wont be an issue with celiac.
    Thanks, easier is better at this point. :-)

  • G'day :)

    Am also new to Buckwheat and would appreciate some information on what I need to purchase to sprout.

    I see Buckwheat kernels and groats for sale, which should I be purchasing to sprout?

    Thanks for any help :)

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