smoothies and green drinks without a juicer

Hi, the green drinks look so good, I really want to try them!
I dont have a juicer, just a blender. Can I still make them?


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    Hi jyllyan. I don’t have a juicer, just a blender. I make green smoothies a lot with spinach and kale. I destem both of them and then tear them into pieces. I put them in a freezer bag and throw them in the freezer. When I need them they blend easily and give the smoothie a nice thickness. I can also ensure that way that I don’t let them go bad because I bought too much. Good luck!

  • I just have an Oster beehive for the time being. I’ve also used a cheaper blender and it made smoothies and juices just fine. If you want to make juices in addition to smoothies, all you need are some nut mylk bags or some nylon knee highs. I found that my juice was thicker and needed less water when I used a nut mylk bag instead of the nylons, but use whatever is handiest. A large bowl and a funnel are very helpful also.

    You just fill the blender up with whatever kind of produce you want for your juice, with half a cup of water at the bottom to get it going. Blend until liquefied (in my beehive, sometimes it struggles and i have to add more water unfortunately). Then you put the nylon or the bag over the blender and dump it over into the bag. I usually do this with over a large bowl and then you just squeeze until you can’t squeeze anymore and the pulp is as dry as you can get it. Then I funnel the juice that is in the bowl into a glass or some other container and enjoy! I usually get a quart of juice with a full blender (sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on what you are juicing). You can throw the pulp away and wash and reuse the nylon or the bag. I’ve heard of some people dehydrating the pulp to make crackers. Just experiment and have fun!!

    I hope this helped!

  • I make green juice in my cheap blender too! I blend wheatgrass, kale and spinach with a little water. I normally just drink it without straining. I don’t even de-stem unless the kale is really big. One time I strained it in my nut milk bag and then used the pulp to make Green Bread.

    I have a juicer and a special wheatgrass juicer but my blender is much easier to clean. I also like the idea that I get more of the plant fiber in my smoothies. ;-)

  • thanks for all the amazing advice and ideas! I really appreciate it.

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