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  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    My favorites are pineapple, orange and banana. Not necessarily all together. Pineapple is probably #1.

  • Hi! I really think that banana does it for me. I have been reading about others adding flavorings to mask the greens. Some are raw. others not. Because I am a bit less than 100%, I go for it, especially when 2-3 drops get me to drink me a quart or more a day. Previous to trying this trick, I was not a smoothie lover because I don’t want to use too much fruit because of medical reasons. :)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Oh, we are on day 28 of green smoothies… and this mornings has been the best – several cups of spinach (about 8, not jam-packed), 1 mango, few blueberries, few raspberries, few blackberries, 1 strawberry, a tablespoon of OJ, and about 2 cups of water. Iron rich too. I made this for someone else yesterday but the mango wasn’t as sweet… today’s was yummier!

    love pineapple too

  • Ginger and lemon zest work well. Sometimes the only fruit that I add to my smoothie is an apple, so I need those strong flavors.

  • I made a green smoothie with cabbage, carrot, apple, and romaine lettuce. The cabbage gave it a definite “bite”. Almost like a spicy-hot sensation. Does anyone know some way to minimize this? Thanks!

  • Pineapple for sure. Oranges too. My favorite morning smoothie = a few clementine oranges, banana, frozen pineapple and mango, a huge handful or 2 of mixed southern greens (in a bag from trader joes). If needed a couple of ice cubes and a little fresh squeezed oj to get the blender moving. yummy :) It’s like sunshine in a glass.

  • This may sound odd, but I like them with the mild greens (young kale, spinach, and such), coconut water and a bit of citrus. I will add spirulina and berries or banana’s when I want something sweet, but other than that, I really do enjoy a true green smoothie. The first few tiems, I really wasn’t sure I was going to be a taker on it but now I have at least one daily if not more.

  • Pineapple seems to be the winner! I use one quarter of a Pina and the rest greens for me! Love it and very much addicted to it! ;) For my kids I add a couple bananas and flax seed to thicken it up and make it a little sweeter, etc.

  • I have read that you shouldn’t overuse spinach. Does anyone have info on that? I do switch up my greens (dark lettuces, lots of kale and collard) but I LOVE spinach and pear. :) HC

  • I have found that bananas and apples are what do it for me. They seem to really bring a nice flavour to the smoothies. It probably is just a matter of experimentation to find what is best for you. I got good results recently by adding a bit of lemon juice to my smoothie and was very pleased.

  • I get one of those giant frozen bags of mixed blueberries/rasberries mixes from costco and throw about 3/4 of cup into it and my green smoothies, which make them turn purple, and it makes them taste like a fresh berry shake…...I have them everyday and sometimes twice a day.

  • The flavor of the month is banana/pear/kale/ginger/lemon. Rich and delish. I’ve never done pineapple with my greens, it seems like it would taste weird, but with such good feedback I must try it.

  • my daily green smoothie:
    half packed vitamix with green of choice – monster kale and spinach are 2 of my faves.
    1 banana, usually mango or peaches. sometimes I will add strawberries or blueberries.
    a little flax oil, ice and filtered water.
    It makes a lot but I share it with my dog.

    I used to put about a tablespoon of cocao nibs in it! Green and chocolatey…decadent.
    But then I od’d on cocao and had to cut it out. : (

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