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Lunch tips?

At the moment I’m not 100% raw, but I’m 90-100% raw until I’m home from work. But I’m having trouble finding out what to carry with me to work.. I’m getting tired of the same old salad everyday. Tomorrow I will try nori rolls for the first time, and I hope that will be a hit (I’m a little worried about the sheets getting all sticky if the moist from the vegetables reach them though – I make my lunch the night before..).
Any ideas? It shouldn’t contain too much nuts, as I have some nuts for breakfast and an energybar in the mid of the day.

This is getting quite an issue for me. Food overall, really. I KNOW that raw food is what my body want, I know all the benefits from it, but cravings and temptations and lack of joy in general make me turn to cooked sensory pleasures. How to go raw and be happy about it, and avoid the feeling that it’s a burden and something I “have to do” is a riddle I haven’t been able to solve as yet. But right now I’m inspired, so I’ll go and make my nori rolls for tomorrow with joy :-)


  • skizzyskizzy Raw Newbie

    ugh, i hate bringing salads to work. they never fill me up and they sometimes get soggy.

    i like to have green smoothies for breakfast, but sometimes i’ll have something else instead and bring the smoothie for lunch. adding flaxseed makes for a very filling smoothie (bring it in a separate container and add right before you drink).

    another thing i’ve been doing with great success is having different raw sauces around, and in the mornings whipping up some zucchini noodles or cooking soba noodles (not raw i know) and picking a sauce to throw on top. pesto works extremely well for this.

    there are some great raw soups on this site. try bringing some to work in a jar with some flax crackers.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I made something the other day that would be easy to take to work. I made cashew cream cheese (from this site), added chopped green onions and rolled a spoonful in bibbed lettuce leaves with julienned, ripe bell pepper and brassica sprouts. I made bundles by rolling the sides in and the bottom up. I dipped the “spring rolls” in a sauce of agave, sea salt and cayenne pepper. This is sweet, hot, creamy, sour, salty and crunchy. The ingredients can be packed in containers and the meal assembled at work. The cream and sauce can be made the night before.

    I used the last of the cashews that I swore off of and now I

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Maybe this is not going to be helpful… but, how about just eating 2 meals a day. Have a big raw breakfast, work through lunch… and leave for home after 8 hours…. and have your lunch/dinner. Since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, making 3 meals (for only two of us) was quite time-consuming. Soaking/germinating, sprouting, finding recipes that will be easy to make given the ingredients I had in my kitchen, dehydrating, etc… all those took too much time from my schedule. So, we decided to focus on 2 meals a day and spend more time doing the things we love! Yes, sometimes we take a snack to eat in the middle of the day… sometimes it’s not a healthy one… so, I have to remember to pack something delicious so I’m not as tempted.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I like eggless eggsalad or unchicken type salads made with seeds. You can either have them in romaine lettuce leaves or on dehydrated crackers, or use it as a dip with lots of cut up vegetables. The seeds in the salad helps me to not be hungry the rest of the afternoon. Also guacamole eaten in lettuce leaves or on crackers is another great treat :) Maybe have sprouts and fresh fruit if you want to avoid a lot of seeds in addition to the nuts you want to avoid?

  • Thank you for great tips!

    Germin8 – My boyfriend is like you – he can go much longer than me without eating and without getting hungry. I get hungry quite fast, and my mood falls and temper rises.. not a good combination. I used to drink a smoothie in the morning with up to 5 bananas (around 1 litre/almost 5 cups), and I would still be hungry in about 3 hours. So going 9 hours without eating is not an option for me.

    I’ve also thought about having a smoothie at work, but I work alone in a store and it can be hard sometimes to leave the store to go to the toilet.. and we all know that smoothies contains a lot of liquid, usually.. :-)

    But thanks for tips, I will be happy for more :-)

  • Maybe a smoothie with 5 bananas was driving your blood sugar up and thus making you more hungry. This might especially true if you get grouchy when overdue to eat. How about a more savory smoothy?

  • this may be a dumb question regarding flaxseed, when adding it to a smoothie, have you ground it up first or do you sprinkle them on top whole?

  • no! not a dumb question! :0)
    grind the flax first. it absorbs into your body better then whole flax seeds (or at least thats what i’ve read).

  • Hippie Chick, I don’t have that smoothie as a breakfast anymore, but I still get hungry quite fast. And grouchy :-P

  • I FINALLY today made a mock tuna salad using carrot pulp. It took me all about 20 minutes to make everything (the mock mayonnaise & tuna). I wrapped it in boston lettuce leaves with a litte micro greens and fed myself, my daughter and mother-in-law. I still have a fairly large bowl of mock tuna left, plus a small jar of the ‘mayonnaise’ I made. So, we can have ‘tuna’ salads tomorrow for lunch and I can think of creative ‘sandwiches’ or wraps to use the ‘mayonnaise’ with. 20 minutes for several quick and portable lunches! My new favorite!

  • SATNAM…oh well, it was worth a try!

    RAW_MAMA – thanks for making me hungy :)

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Raw_mama,could you give me your mayonnaise recipe?

  • raw_mama, that sounds delicious! Recipe, please? :-D

  • Satnam,

    If you are getting that hungry then I might suggest a juice fast. From 10-40 days. 10 days is a great cleanse but 30 days is much deeper. Only, your muscles might get very sore because of toxins leaving the body if it was an extended fast. This slows the metabolism and makes the digestive system healthier so that we get more nutrients out of less food and feel less hungry! Also, great mock tuna recipe, I gotta try it.

  • I make sure to keep dried fruit and nuts in my desk drawer for when I need a nibble. I prefer fresh fruit, but as a teacher it’s more difficult to munch on fresh pineapple slices between bells than it is to grab a few dried bits.

    For lunch, I refuse to eat leaf salad. I save that for when I’m too tired or have run out of everything else. I make lettuce wraps with a prepared salad (eggless egg, caulifower couscous). Have you tried using a dehydrator to make crackers? They add crunch and I find them to be very filling.

  • Hi Satnam- I tried this recipe the other day and loved it!


    It’s a broccoli salad with raisins, nuts, onions and a cream sauce. It was very filling and SO GOOD!
    I also made some raw chocolate mint sandwich cookies that rock:

    They are perfect if you are craving sweets or junk food.

  • Sure! For the tuna, it was very simple. Just the pulp from a few large carrots and a couple stalks of celery. You could also chop the celery for a nice texture, but I was just saving time. I took the pulp and added a dash of salt, little pepper, and dulse flakes. You could also add chopped onion or dill for added flavor. Basically, add to the veggie pulp what you would to the old fashioned tuna.

    For the mayo, I used 1c. Pine nuts, and 1c. pumpkin seeds. I added 1 clove of garlic (can be omitted), about 1/4 c. stone ground mustard, and the juice from one lemon, dash of salt. Mixed in my VitaMix and added water for consistency, no more than a cup I’d say.

    I’m sure there are better, more precise recipes, but I can say it took me no more than 20 minutes to put that together, and I’m STILL using the mayo. We had sun burgers for dinner tonight and my daughter specifically wanted ‘mayo’ on hers. Good stuff!

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    Fruit – it comes in its own edible packaging and is portable.

  • I make soups and green smoothies that I bring with me in a stainless steel bottle; I bring hummus and crudites; I bring nut pates. I also have a tendency to be Johnny One Note when it comes to salads, so I have been making salads from ‘Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine’ and that has added a lot of interest because they aren’t just tossed green salads.

  • here is a tip… It is small, so get a Magic Bullet blender and take it along to work. I have done that for two days and have loved it immensley! I am thinking about buying me one to leave at work so I don’t have to haul it.

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