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BlendTec vs. VitaMix!



  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Snuffie, thanks for that tip!

  • I just ordered a vitamix 5200 (thanks Dad!) and can't wait for it to get here!!! Thanx for the debate info, it helped sway me towards the vitamix. And my brother has had a blendtec for about a year and the base is already leaking... Can't wait for green smoothies instead of green chunkies!!! :)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I just updated the beginning of this post with the following:


    SINCE POSTING, BLENDTEC HAS COME OUT WITH A 3 Qt CONTAINER and 4" BLADE which seems to be far better than the VitaMix. Catch is, you have to buy the "lesser" BlendTec and buy the bigger container... not to mention, I still don't like push buttons and prefer manual control... but I haven't used the new BlendTec container - yet. Now, if BlendTec could work on the warranty... that would be great. The new container seems great... we'll see if BlendTec can last as long as VitaMix though.

    Thanks to waterbaby12347 for posting this link http://mattmonarch.blogspot.com/2009/10/vitamix-vs-blendtec-total-blende...

    on this post http://goneraw.com/forum/blender-type-answer-matt-angelia

  • Wanderful_VeganWanderful_Vegan Raw Newbie

    Am I the only one that finds a normal blender to be perfectly fine for all my needs? I spent $100 on an oster and have had ZERO problems with it over the last 3 years I have had it and have done countless things with the machine. Nut Butters, Pate's, smoothies, ice creams, you name it. I guess I just havent had a recipe that requires more power than my blender is offering.

    If I had an extra $400 laying around I could see buying it but I just dont make that much. I need to start farting cash I guess!



  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Yes, I heard the Oster is also good.

    And Waring too (although that one costs more too).

    I hope they last...

  • You can't go wrong with either one.

    Both are great blenders and which one you buy depends upon how you are going to use it.

    This review is very helpful in deciding:

    Vita-Mix vs Blendtec Review

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Checked out the link... wow, BlendTec has an 8 year warranty now. That's great.

  • does anybody use the vitamix to make dough out of grains? If so, is it easy to make?



  • hi

    i've owned both vitamix and blendtec

    and much prefer the vitamix

    sure it's taller...but i like to be able to adapt the speed and force of what i'm blending to get it to come out the consistency and texture that i want and need it to be.

    additionally the tamper CAN be useful

    if you need it like for making nut butters when you don't want to add a lot of oil (or any additional oil) you NEED to use a tamper to get everything down in to the blade and properly mixed/blended/smooth.

    i'm also sharing a coupon code (someone mentioned above too) for free ground shipping in the usa or canada (worth $25 usa or $35 canada)

    and you can also enter various promotions (the 2009 holiday promotion is a great gift basket giveaway with your purchase of a new vitamix)

    you can see them on my websties (it'll link you right to vitamix)

    use the code either on the tele directly with viatmix (i'll be glad to help you place the order if you like)

    or make sure this promo code is in the box @ checkout 06-004658 (please note the NEW code # my old one is invalid now :( ) (thanks)

    check out my sites:

    http://www.DrRonaThau.com (vitamix is on the products page...look @ the beautiful ltd. ed. platinum model~ very pretty)


    happy yummy delicious raw food...mmmmm.



  • hi

    thought i'd post this here in case anyone is interested.

    i am selling a blendtec icb 3 smoother. it's the type you drop in the counter or can use above the counter. i don't have the base stand or sound enclosure, just the hugely powerful motor and a new container and lid (it's just been washed)

    if anyone is interested, it is 375. (it's SOLD) thanks. 11/17/09

    you can email me from here or from my sites:






  • Hi Mike,

    I've used my vitamix to grind fresh grains and then make dough

    It is very easy

    You'll want/need a dry container probably because they push the grain UP away from the blade instead of pulling it DOWN like the wet ones do so the grain won't get stuck up in the blades.

    After you make the flour making dough is really easy too.

    I'd be happy to tell you more.

    (my sites are listed in a couple of posts above this one, or on my home page if you want to email me or want to buy a vitamix)

    Do you have a dry container? You could prob. get away with doing it in a wet container but i'm guessing better results in the dry.

    I'll check back in soon,



  • Hi Rona,

    Thanks for your response.

    I am thinking about buying a super vitamix for Christmas.

    I will email you when I get the vitamix because I do not know anybody who has one. Everything I know about it is from online.



  • My Oster does the green smoothies fine, although I slice the apples and pears first.

    The blender was on sale at Walmart for 50 bucks so I'm willing to slice, it does have 700 watts.

    Whatever blender you have, enjoy the treats, Gil

  • I found another coupon code at gogoshopper.com: enter code 06-003941 for $25 off a Vitamix Super 5200. Enjoy. And happy holiday shopping.

  • Hi

    Ive been a Vitamix owner for over 5 years. At the time I had a difficult time trying to decide which one to get. Im happy with the vitamix, but also think I would prefer some of the Blendtec features. I think I chose the Vitamix in the end because of the higher RPM and I dont think the Blendtec was as recomended for soup. However I do find the height of the vitamix the narrowness of the container (cleaning/ emptyuing) and the requirement for the damper, virtually for anything I make are more significant issues than had estimated in my decision.

    Not to mention you need 2 containers to do both grain and standard recipes, vs just one with the Blendtec.

    In reference to the higher revolution speed I think that can be misleading as its not revolutions so much as speed of the blades. this is where blade LENGTH also needs to be factored. The longer the blade length the faster the speed towards the end of the blade. So Its very possible the speed of the blades is greater near the end of the Blendtec than the Vita mix. also longer blades equals greater surface area which agasin may give equal surface area to the 4 blades of the vitamix. Its all physics. Longer blades also requires more force all things being equal. In the end probably the speed and surface areas probably equal out and are based on the engineers who designed these things and it will then come down to two different designs and specs to accomplish the same thing. Then its a matter of which design works better. I would suggest the blendtec design is better since in many cases as it seems the physics has eliminated the need for a damper and to the degree where the cycles can be programmed. It may not be perfect but what would you expect for a very inexpensive on board computer aloing with the other parts that make up the Blentec.

    2 blades vs 4 blades makes cleaning and or removing the contents of sherbets from the bottom of the container as well and much less waste. Even with a spatula I still have lots of waste in the bottom of my vitamix because the container is narrow and the blades are in the way.

    I see the blendtec commercial unitis work very well at all the 'booster juice' franchises here across the city, but they are the commercial unitis, but still same principle

    If people are saying they are using the unitis properly and the order of the ingredients are being followed and things arent being mixed properly with the blendtect auto programs than that would impact my decision, but if th eblendtec has both the programming feature plus the ability to add manual intervention when extra blending is desired and I can avoid the need for a damper than I say the Blendtec resolves all my other issues better

    I guess not owning a blendtec I cant compare side by sie, so I leave it up to those who have used both to have the final say, but I wanted to bring up the point of the speed of blendtec vs the vitamix in that I dont beleive RPM are the only indication of the blade speed so the previous comments about the vitamix speed being an advantage is quite accurate in regard to the actual physics

    I do love my vitamix dont get me wrong. Its just too bad we have to compromise . Seems one of the two companies could include the best of both worlds

    So after all this time and reading this forum I stil cant say im all that much closer to knowing which one I would have been happier with, as morehere have picked the vitamix just when I thoguht I would have preferred the Blendtec

  • Great info on the two high speed blenders. I have decided to buy a vita-mix 5200. On the web page it looks like you can have three different containers; wet blade container, dry blade container ... Is it smart to buy them all?


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    I chose to get all three. Since I live alone, I probably could have gotten by without the larger wet blade container, but it comes in real handy when preparing for the grandchildren. If there was another raw foodie in the house, I'd definitely be using all three containers. Absolutely LOVE my VitaMix.

  • Thanks. So the third container differs in size? Is it two wet blade containers and a dry blade container?

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    There are two wet blade containers available -- 32 and 64 ounce (4 and 8 cup). The dry blade container holds 32 ounces. Glad to be of assistance. You might want to check out their website for more details . . . vitamix.com

  • Had a Vitamix for a while and really loved it. I gradually used it for more and more things... Gave it away/donated (yes, it was hard to part with it). I just picked up a Blendtec at Costco. I haven't used the Blendtec yet... maybe premature to say anything about this debate. Really came to this thread because I wanted to make sure I hadn't make a mistake purchasing the Blendtec before I use it.

    Anyway, the Vitamix is great... but it's really got crude controls. In my view, it's actually a deficiency. Let's be honest. The way you have to build up from the lower gears and then flip the switch to the highest gear... How is that ever convenient? I agree that it keeps the various parts simple so it's less likely to break down. I am concerned abou the digital display on the Blendtec.

    Another thing I thought with the Vitamix you need to buy the dry container... if I want to do flour, I have to spend $500. Maybe I'm wrong on that. But the messaging on the Blendtec is you just use the one machine and container.

    In any event, I am impressed that these machines performance is so comparable. I doubt that one could make a mistake in this purchase. I think I will be happy with my Blendtec. I'm actually glad that Vitamix has some competition.

  • I have a question about either since you guys were talking about the speed of the blades. I was told the faster the blade the more friction against the food is created. The more friction = the more heat. The more heat = the more nutrients destroyed in the food. I'm pretty much sold on the vita mix for work the actual job of blending, really either seem fine. But am I going to lose a lot of the nutritional value of the food by using a machine with blades and that produce so much friction on the food? I was told never use a machine with blades for maintaining maximum nutritional value. I've been using an omega juicer which has no blades but if a seed or something gets caught it gets EXCESSIVELY loud. It sounds worse than a power saw. But the actual juice is AMAZING. I've never had a carrot juice that tastes better than from the Omega but i haven't tried everything. I'm a carrot juice freak.

    any comments on how much of the nutrients are destroyed by these machines or how they do on carrot juice? or if I've been misinformed or whatever. Comment on anything really. I'm sure I'll learn something new. and that'll be worth it.

  • Last week I bought the vitamix at the Costco road show. This week I bought the blendtec at the Costco road show. I havent open either one yet, so im bnot sure which Ill return. One thing that both road shows boast is the horsepower. The Blendtec claims 3 HP and the Vitamix claimed 3 HP at the show, but the manual says 2.5 HP Either way, you cant get that much horsepower out of a kitchen outlet. One horsepower equals 746 watts. If you take the 15 amp breaker (Code for residential outlets) multiply that by voltage (110 vac) you get the amperage. That equals 1650 amps. 746 goes into 1650 2.2 times. My point is that no matter how big of a tomor you put in the machine, its only going to run at 2.2 HP. You do get a little more at startup, but its not 2.5 or 3 that either company clain. So dont base your decision to buy on either of the HP ratings.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    les_is_more, a new dry blade container is not $500. It's about $100 (guess).

    Kerrychad, that's an interesting thought. I also wonder about oxidation & high speed. The BlendTec is one blade (which comes across to make 2) and the VitaMix has two blades (which makes 4). Interestingly, Boutenko says you can keep smoothies for up to four days because of the fiber. I understood that to mean that the nutrients are also preserved... and oxidation is slower. There needs to be a study. :o)

    Wow steve-101, thanks for that... time to upgrade to 20 amp breaker & wiring. ;-)

  • I got my Blentec at Costco over a year ago and I love it. I'm not sure what anyone is talking about insofar as "not having control", as I have found that just by pressing the "speed up" button while on the lowest setting, I can make my veggie stews easily. (The "speed up" button is kind of like an on button, and the more times you press it, the more the blending speed increases.) It blends everything quite well. Sure, I use the Smoothie setting every day, I have used the soup setting, and others, but it's not always necessary to have the blender run through a pre-ordained cycle. I have yet to feel the need for a tamper. I am really happy with the Blentec and have recommended it to many others. And, yes, if you buy it at Costco, you get a better warranty. The company is also quick to respond by e-mail should you have any questions.

  • 00 Raw Newbie

    Cool. I have an old VitaMix (the 3600 model). It was my parents' (they got it as a wedding gift), and I took it when I went off to college.

    Anyway, I've been wondering about whether I should get a new powerful blender, but I don't see my old VitaMix dying anytime soon -- and believe me, my VitaMix has been through a lot! These things were built to last. :) It's good to know that there is another option out there other than the VitaMix, though. If I need a new blender, I'll definitely take the BlendTec into consideration, especially since it seems that whenever I see the prices for these two blenders, the BlendTec is slightly cheaper.

    Thanks for the insight on the blenders, guys!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Lady J - I think it's more about having to press those buttons so many times. It's just not something I prefer. Plus, (if I remember correctly, b/c my BlendTec is in storage) I think the VitaMix can go slower than Speed 1 on the BlendTec.

    Missc - I hear 3Qt BlendTec is better. Wow, I'm glad to hear your VitaMix has lasted that long... I wonder if BlendTec will.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i'm looking at the vitamix online and wanted to know if you can grind nuts in the vitamix 5200 without it making nut butter. i don't make a lot of nut butter but like making crackers, breads, and dips with ground nuts. would i have to buy the one with the dry blade container, too, or is the regular 5200 ok?

  • Hello All

    One thing you might consider is if you are doing avocado seeds (i know it may sound odd to many) and some other tough to crack seeds and rinds the Blendtec looks to be your best option (as far as Vitamix consumer product competitors go). The Vitamix, which I own presently, will not accomplish avocado seeds and some tougher stuff and get it to the micronized level.

    I bring this up as some of the latest info on unlocking phytochemicals and fiber from seeds, rinds, etc is now well known to be of tremendous benefit. The micronizing of these dense nutrient areas of plants is supposed to be quite a bit better with the Blendtec.

    Their is obviously a lot of life force in a seed since it springs forth a whole tree. People used to chew these apple seeds and such up of course, but it takes a lot of chewing.

    After having seen the Blendtec demonstrated and after seeing Jeff Primack discuss these items in depth (author of Conquering Any Disease) I would expect he is accurate that the blendtec is the way to go for the aforementioned reasons. We are in the process of buying one this weekend, possibly at the Costco demonstration.

    As a bit of plug for Jeff and to offer more info on the basis for my blender transition not the following......Jeff provides 4 day, outstanding, QiGong workshops for only $99. He had 2000 people attend the first day in Orlando this past weekend. I was wonderfully surprised by all the information covered there. Who can beat some serious QiGong for $25/day plus perfect discussions and experiential work on food for healing, very advanced breath practices, sacred geometry, hands on energy healing methods, the latest on the mysteries of the universe, etc. Having been around Hippocrates Health Inst., and having read significantly Gabriel Cousens work, etc. my experiences and education say he has a great program together even if someone was just going their for the food part.

    Jeff's attention to cost and detail in general, including his total dedication and diligence in food science, gives me a great deal of confidence in his blender recommendation.

    Last thing to consider is the now available 4 blade version of the Blendtec. Its a few more bucks but may be yet another notch up in "micronizing" some key whole food components.

    All the best everyone, and happy smoothie making.


  • Wow, I've read about half of these comments. They're all valid, but I personally like the sleeker look of the Blendtec. It's not as heavy, weird-looking, and fits really well under my countertop. I absolutely LOVE it. I'm definitely more into the Blendtec.

  • Hi everybody!!

    I'm going to just start out and say that I have a biased opinion. I sell the Vita-mix 5200. But at least I am being honest about it. I have read a couple of posts on this thread that are most likely posted by Blendtec reps- be careful.

    So lets talk warranty. I view a warranty as a very good gauge of a company's confidence in the longevity of their product. When you buy a Vita-mix directly from the company you get a 7 year warranty. When you buy a Blendtec directly from their company the machine only comes with a 3 year warranty. Now at costco the blendtec comes with a 7 year warranty but only because there are both vita-mix and blendtec roadshows at costco and blendtec must try to stay competitive. But the question is this which machine will be most likely to give you trouble the one that has a 7 year warranty or the one that usually has a 3 year warranty?

    Consumer Reports- Vita-mix is rated #1 in the blender category year after year. For 2010 blendtec is rated #4. Of course blendtec is a fine machine after all most people who are going to buy a high performance blender will generally only be deciding between one or the other. And anybody could probably love them equally. But there are some important differences between the two.

    Blendtec has buttons and pre-programed settings. Vita-mix has SIMPLE manual switches and a very precise variable speed control. I don't like when machines think they are smarter than me and besides creating with food is an art and with the vitamix you have more control. For example when making a smoothie there can be tremendous variation solely based on how long its blended for. The longer is goes not only will it be smoother but also sweeter and more flavorful. The change in taste must be due to the total pulverization of everything; the texture will hide some of the sweetness and flavor. So really nice deciding when to turn off the machine. Sure the blendtec has a option of being able to control the speed but again your limited due to the buttons only giving you limited options. The variable speed is so nice, simple, and smooth. Instant results no working through a series of buttons. All the vita-mix asks of you is for you to turn it on and off. The idea that you need to be tending to a smoothie or soup with a vita-mix is just silly. Besides it hardly take a minute to make a smoothie. No pulse on the Vita-mix? Not needed. The slowest speed (11 mph) is perfect for making CHUNKY salsa or chopping other vegetables. If YOU DECIDE that you would like to make it finer you simply adjust the variable speed control.

    The Vita-mix has a tamper! What a great tool. For those who don't know what it is its a basically just a rod with a collar on it. Allows you to push ingredients down into the blades and WONT hit the blades. So simple and so effective. Do you know why blendtec doesn't have one? Because its a patent and unfortunately for them they aren't allowed to. Now their container is wider and you are less likely to need one - but for nut butters, ice creams, and other really thick spreads and pates you will really be glad to have one. Besides when i make smoothies i put in the whole apple the whole orange (other fruits too) and one quick push with the tamper and away it goes. I don't have to chop up anything before i put it in knowing that the tamper will effectively push everything into the blades. There's no other way for it to happen. Cleaning to tamper? Come on - a 2 second rinse in the sink is all it needs. The vita-mix blades (like the blendtec) also are fan shaped pulling all the ingredients down into the blades. The vita-mix blades (also the blend-tec) are dull and really never need sharpening they are hammer mill blades and they smash.

    Horse power- Blendtec has 3 vita-mix 2. Don't be fooled by the "bigger is always better" idea. The blades spin at the same rpm. There is nothing that the blendtec will do that the vita-mix wont. After all if the horse power is all that blendtec cracks it up to be why is vita-mix always the #1 rated blender. Besides the base of the blendtec (containing the motor) weighs about four lbs. The vita-mix base weighs about 9lbs. There is more to the vita-mix motor this not only allows amazing performance but also incredible durability.

    Vita-mix is also quieter than blendtec.

    Durability - I am young and have only had my vita-mix for just over a year (no problems with it ever, works amazing) but as I mentioned i sell the vita-mix 5200. This is usually done at a Costco. I see allot of people and hear allot of things. EVERY SINGLE DAY MULTIPLE people will come up to my booth and give amazing testimony. In a years time hundreds of people have told me that they have (and still use) a vita-mix that's over 30 years old. They say things like "The only problem with Vita-mix is that they last too long. I'm waiting for mine to die before I buy a new one!" and "We bought one 25 years ago and its the best purchase we've ever made." Vita-mix has been around for 90 years and they started making blenders in 1937. They are a great company (made in the USA) and make a great machine.

    Vita-mix has a separate container for grinding grain. This container has a different blade to allow for a finer flour. Before 1991 the vita-mix only had one container for both wet and dry and you can use the "wet" container for grinding grain into flour as well (makes fine flour) . However grain is hard and moves really fast and will scuff the container. Its nice that a dry container is available this keeps the grain grinding out of your main container leaving it nice and pretty looking longer.

    Size- Vita-mix is taller when the container is on it. If it doesn't fit on your counter due to a cabinet its so easy for most just to store the base on your counter and to keep the container nearby. A shorter container is also available.

    I hope this is able to help out those who are deciding between these two machines. Just remember also about the 7 year warranty of the Vita-mix VS the standard 3 year warranty of the Blentec. I think that tells allot. Continue to do your research.

    Good luck and happy blending!

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