Need help with luncheon...

I will be hosting a lunch for my family of SAD eaters. I would like for them to be astonished at how great RAW can be. So far I have some berry truffles as a definite on the menu. I was going to serve the Pad Thai, but not sure how they will like it.

Do you have any suggestions of something that doesn’t take a hundred ingredients that they may get the “wow” factor over?


  • How about a few pate’s with the addition of raw breads and veggies to start.
    A big green salad
    and something sweet and creamy for dessert,raw pudding or attempt a pie?

    The pad thai sounds good,I would make sure there was some contrast in textures,good luck.

    *I’m a big fan of mock salmon pate!

  • Oh thank you. I will look into the salmon pate recipes. I hope it is on here! Do you have a raw bread you might suggest, or a favorite pie? I do love avocado pudding. hmmm…thanks for that reminder!

  • I don’t have a bread recipe,I don’t make it,no dehydrator. If you have one there are plenty of bread recipes on this site that you could make ahead.

    Also just a thought,not sure how “raw” you want to make the whole lunch. But if I were to make a lunch for SAD eaters I personally would make atleast 2-3 RAW dips. mock salmon pate, hummus and a veg. dip.
    then i would have a variety of things to dip and fill raw and non-raw. veggies,lettuce wraps raw crackers(bought,since no dehydrator) and then some GOOD wholegrain mostlikely wheat free but good quality bread and crackers that are non raw
    Then the big green salad bursting w/sprouts,seeds,cabbage etc,a nice dressing and more of the nonraw bread/crackers(for the guests)
    Then a nice ,RAW only creamy dessert and don’t forget an interesting but simple beverage,there are MANY on this site. *I think all RAW would be great,but keep in mind we all have had to ease into this way of eating and for SAD eaters it may be a tad more comfortable to have atleast 1 or 2(bread/crackers) to choose from but keep it whole grain. GOOD LUCK!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    avo pudding, or brownies are a great treat. serve with fresh fruit, berries and a little ‘whip’.

    one thing my non-raw bro told me is that he is interested in eating a lot of these things, but doesn’t find the names helpful at all. for ex, don’t call it “pasta” because that gives people a false sense of what to expect. i prefer calling it veggie ribbons with pesto drizzle (or curry sauce, or…).

    keeping it simple is great. just to show people how delicious a big (and beautifully presented) salad can be would be great. you can use a spiralizer or julienne slicer to make all sorts of different shapes come together.

    the most important thing is not to make a big deal about the RAW aspect, just to treat it as your offering to them… a delicious meal, lovingly prepared.

  • Pianissima: I make a great”ribbon pasta”I call cilantro noodles.

    Zuchinni ribbons,
    non-raw, to taste rice vinegar ad wheat free soy sauce or whatever works for you.
    Fresh garlic and then......
    LOT'S of fresh chopped cilantro,stems and leaves.
    mix liquids w/chopped fresh garlic,pour over "noodles",then toss in the cilantro ,mix.YUM!

    I used to make the same thing with rice noodles,have to say I really enjoy the zuchinni.

  • These are some great ideas!!! Thank you both so much!!! This is really getting exciting. I have a little time to try some of these things out, because I am waiting for my kitchen floor to be done first.

  • I didn’t find a recipe for mock salmon pate. can you tell me how to make it?

  • I made this atleast twice weekly in the spring/summer. My brain is now in a sickness fog,have a bit of some flu right now but from what I can remember’s celery.redpepper and raw walnuts,salt to tast. Use a foodprocessor to blend. hope that helps?

  • I just came across “groovy guacomole”. I love me some guacamole, so I am definetly adding that.

    Sure hope you get to feeling better mham! My little one has the flu right now, and I am so hoping it passes me by. Thanks for the recipe.

  • pianissima , I see you made the brownies on here. You said you ground the cacao nibs to a fine powder. I used my coffe grinder to try that once and it didn’t go so well. What did you use?

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    sorry- i didn’t see this before. i just used a plain old coffee grinder. but maybe “old” is the key. they just don’t make appliances as durable as they used to (i’m really not as old as that made me sound =) )

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    and mham- those cilantro noodles sound fantabulous. i’m going to try that!

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    If you have a dehydrator, you could make raw crackers and some dip. people love crackers because of the crunchy cooked texture. Also, mock sushi is easy to make and always a hit at SAD gettogethers when I make it.

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