Vita-Mix vs Vita-prep help?

I’m looking to buy a new blender and it seems like the vita-prep is the same as the vita-mix 5000 just cheaper. I was wondering if anyone has one and can tell me what they think. I also read that the you dont need the dry container bc the wet does the same job is that true? Anyone have an opinion on the blendtec? I’m so confused!


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I can’t say much about the prep, but here’s my 2 cents on the BlendTec vs. VitaMix:

  • I own a vitamix 5000. Out of all the blenders I’ve owned,(oster, waring, etc.) I use the vitamix the most,every day & sometimes more! Worth every penny!!!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I went with the prep! I have one container and it does it all. The prep actually has a bigger motor than the 5000 (3 hp). It’s cheaper cause they don’t throw in all the extras that they do with the other models. You just get the motor, one container w/stick, and a very basic book. When I bought mine I had talked to people who upgraded from the 5000 and they were able to tell the difference (in the motor). If you can get the prep cheaper DO IT ;-) And the reason I prefer vita-mix over blendtec is because I like to have complete control over my blending, no buttons or settings to screw around with!

  • Is there anywhere to buy a vita-mix other than online? I’m in Austin Texas and i want to go buy one right now. Same question for the excalibur dehydrator and does anyone also know if the excalibur is loud when turned on?

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    monale ide try going to the vita-mix site and looking for a local retailer search icon there .

  • Monale,
    I don’t know if cost is a consideration for you but chances are, you will get raked over the coals if you buy it from a local retailer. The execption would be if you could get them to do a price match for you. Look in the phone book under restaraunt supply. I got my VP3 for $413 on ebay. The excalibur is indeed loud.

    Peace, Randall

    “Assume Nothing

  • thanks, i appreciate your response, what would be a good substitution for the vita mix or is there one. is there a sub for the excalibur or no not really are they both worth buying?????

  • Well I boned up and got the vita mix 5200. Its the newest one with the better plastic container and bigger fan. It was a little pricey but I plan on keeping it for a LONG time so I it will pay itself off. I totally love it!

    monale, I had a cheaper dehydrator one of the round ones and the excalibur is well worth the money.
    I got mine from rawguru for about 209.00 (9 try) and it came with the paraflexx sheets as well. That was the cheapest I could find it. Dont go directly to the site google it b/c it was on sale for the holidays but I think the site is still up. If you go right to rawguru I think its like 50 or 60 dollars more without the extra sheets

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I believe the real difference between the VitaMix 5000 and the VitaPrep (which I have) is the warranty. The 5000 has a 7-year warranty, and the Prep has a 3-year warranty, as it’s intended for commercial use. After about 4 years my VitaPrep motor is starting to sound like it’s going . . . I think I’ll probably invest in the new 5200 some time soon, but if you’re looking to buy something that really really lasts, it would probably make sense to invest in the longer warranty. Especially if you’re going to be stubborn and insist on making almond butter in your blender, like I do. It’s rough on the motor.

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