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Diva Cup anyone??

Hi! I have been hearing about the Diva Cup and saw some in the health food store the other day. It sounds convenient and a heck of a lot less messy! And seeing it in the store maybe put me a bit at ease as to its safety. However, this particular health food store is just in it for the money, and not health, so I don’t know if I can trust the Diva cup just ‘cause it was in there. So, who knows, is it safe? It seems nice, but I figure the body is ridding itself of that waste for a good reason, and it may not be a good idea to have everything sloshing around in there. I mean, what happens if I lie on my back, wouldn’t that be like marinating in the very stuff I want to get rid of?? What doe you girls think? Any first hand experience?


  • The diva cup is very safe. There are two fits, one for women who’ve had children and one for women who haven’t. However, I tried the size for women with children and it was too large for me personally, so be prepared to have to go up or down a size for a good fit.

    To be honest, I prefer the Instead cup. It’s a much for comfortable shape for me, however it’s not reusable. It’s shaped more like a bowl than like a mini-goblet.

    Don’t worry about marinating in your own stuff. It won’t hurt you.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I have the Keeper which I don’t use because it is hard to get in and painful to get out. It just seems to thick and big. If I ever try cups again, I plan to get the UK Keeper which sounds more like it will be more comfy.

    If you are interested, here is a discussion on all the different cups available:


  • I’ve used the Diva and I lovvved it. Although I’ve heard people liked Instead better, I haven’t tried it.

    I agree with Justine, don’t worry about marinating, just wash it out every few hours and you’re good to go! I don’t know what you use now but to me, it feels way more sanitary than a tampon.

  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    If you are going for something environmentally safe, you could use cloth pads, or I know a woman who has a tutorial for making reusable cotton tampons.

  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    I’ve not tried the diva cup, but feel very comfortable with similar products. The Instead leaked a lot for me…not good, when they leak, they really leak! I move around a lot and work on the floor making art- not a good match for the Instead. I do use the Keeper regularly though…it was a little painful for the first month until it shaped to my body….now it’s easy….for my lighter months, I just use cloths : )

  • I have also been very curious about these. My concern is leakage and the comfort factor. So hearing everyone’s experiences is really helpful.

  • I use the Diva Cup now and I had a Mooncup when I was in the UK which was exactly the same. I haven

  • that’s great to know, cuz I tried the Instead way back when it first came out and found that it leaked horribly. I think I’ll give the Diva Cup a try.

    On a related note, say AWAY from the non-organic tampons with polyester. Even OB started making ones w/ a polyester mesh—I had to borrow one from a friend a few months back, had a bit of it get lodged up in ‘dere and had to fish it out when I realized that horrible smell was ME. Once I got the growth medium out, everything went back to normal without any further intervention.

    So sorry if that’s gross, but I’d hate for that to happen to anyone else, though I bet it happens all the time now. I did some reading and found that TSS is not caused by tampons themselves but by tampons made out of spun polyester (more absorbant)—that’s why it mysteriousy appeared in the 1970s, they’d been made out of cotton before that.

  • I saw the diva cup the other day in the health food store and thought about giving it a try. I prefer using instead over tampons (they always feel like they’re pulling pieces of my yaya out with them) and instead works just as well for me. I was wondering if the Diva Cup was as sanitary, how do they recommend you clean it?

  • I love love love my diva cup.

    I haven’t tried any other cups so I can’t really compare but I must say I’m a happy customer.

  • Sillydog, part of the reason why the non-organic tampons cause more bleeding is from the bleach they use on the cotton. I think it’s a marketing ploy to get you to use more of the products. It’s very sad really, I wish that more people were informed and would buy into the more natural options.

  • harmonylia-
    to clean a diva cup you just tip out the contents and run it under the tap. If in a pinch like a public restroom or something, you can just wipe it with tissue until the next time. I also boil mine in between periods just to be safe but the instructions on mine just say to boil before use.

  • I use the diva cup and wash it out often. It does leak a bit when I’m heaviest on my period, but I always use an organic thin pad when it leaks which is only during 1 day. Then after that I’m fine. It sure beats flushing down a gazillion tampons.I also always boil my diva cup after period.

  • Wow, this sounds right up my alley! I think I will go out and get one tomorrow. Question. I have had a child, so I think that qualifies me for one size over the other, but it was a c-section, so does that count? Would I still need to buy the one for mothers? Also, oddly, since going raw, my periods have been soooooooooo heavy! I am a bit more moody than I ever was before at that time too. And whereas it used to last a week, it is now almost completely gone after the first day and a half. So I think I will be in your same boat, Justbeautiful, with a bit of leakage, but even so, Diva cup sounds great!

  • Here is a link to a discussion with tons of advice, encouragement, funny stories, links, and pics of different folds and such from some of us who use Diva. It’s long, but is full of funny and helpful Diva info! http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=16552.0

    I love my Diva and I love that I’m not putting harmful toxins in my body every month with tampons, nor adding to the landfills with them, nor having to fork out wasted money every month on throw-away products!

    I am 34 y/o and have never been pregnant, but I use the slightly larger size and it works great. I think it has to do with your pelvis spreading a bit when you reach a certain age (maturity) whether or not you’ve had children, hence the age recommendation to size of cup.

  • Hello Sabriya. I got my diva cup right before I got pregnant! Then after I gave birth, the diva cup leaked. So I really can’t compare before and after.

    With a C-section- you still should get the mother diva cup. I’ve learned that your uterus or vagina or whatever expands anyway- c-section or not. It’s the natural way of your body getting ready for birth. Your uterus expands a few weeks before you give birth- and keeps expanding right up to the birthing moment. In other words- your body changes. The reason why I know this is because I opted for a home birth, and learned all of this from my midwife. But I am no expert on the subject.

  • I love using the diva cup…i had to cut the end tip off and then it felt better, the only thing i dont like is if i am out for longer than a few hours and at a public bathroom because i dont want anyone to see me empty it plus after i wash my hands then i have to touch the creepy stall doors before inserting again, so i love using it at home and at night…i got the one for that is non latex, and it works fantastic even after giving birth five times…

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