how was it for you...

did anybody have detox after they’d been raw for a while…any times when you were out of action and had to stay home not feeling the joy?
please share your stories :)



  • You know, I have recently upped my raw to about 80%-85%. I don’t know for sure, but I have been extremely tired, and I have even been having a little soreness in my muscles. I have never really experienced this feeling before, and I am thinking it may be detox? I am super active and I am not feeling like participating in my usual activities either. I just want to stay in bed and sleep.

  • Im not sure if it was detox but im sure it was. i’ve been trying the raw foods for the last 2 weeks. I went completly with out cooked foods for those 2 weeks and towards the end i felt like my intestines were like craming themselves together and my stomache was hurting so bad. i read that you will get these kinds of pain but i wasnt sure it was that. Just this past week (feb 29 – march 4) i was in vegas for a vacation and i completly messed up by eating bread. i was eating only salads and fruits but then i just gave in and had bread and now im trying to get back on the raw boat so im going to see if after a short period i get those pains back! have you had any symptoms?

  • ardesmond2ardesmond2 Raw Newbie

    Yeah I fell ill one time on the way to work. It was a horrible feeling thought I had the flu or something. I was out of commission for two days. Now that I have started doing the juice feasting for half of the day and one salad meal at the end of the day. I am breaking out on my face kind of like a rash. I have learned to embrace the detox symptoms as it won’t be long before they are over.

  • JDJD

    Yes, went through detox and yes it feels like you are getting the flu. My body ached, I had the chills and just felt run down. Didn’t have any other symptoms though. Since I am around 80% raw, any time I bump up to 100% raw even if it’s only for a week, I can feel my body detox. Not like there’s much junk in me…I may not have made it to Vegan yet but I am Vegetarian. Can’t get off the honey :(

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I’ve had two really bad episodes since I went raw in July – SPLITTING headaches and fevers.
    JKMN - I just read something by David Wolfe recently where he said digesting cooked food is much different from digesting raw food and you’re now working those muscles back into shape. My digestion was also really uncomfortable and erratic in the first two weeks. The good news is, 8 months later it’s strong (that’s a long time, I know) but I would never go back. The other thing David said is that it can be better to ease into it to train your system without too much shock.

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