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Fell off the Raw Food Wagon..

I went to my hometown for a wedding. I hadn’t been home in almost 8 months. I had really good intentions to continue eating raw. I was making smoothies up a storm for my friends and family & they loved them. BUT, then it happened…. The, gotta go to this Pizza restaurant while were home Or gotta eat this Lobster while your in Maine, right?? I gained back five pounds in one week…..........

Anyway, I am back home with my Vita-Mix and the journey continues:)


  • Did you eat pizza and Lobster??? How did you feel?

  • Hi Angela. Don’t let it get you down.

    I too am curious as to how the SAD food w/meat made you feel, specifically, did it cause a stomache ache? Intestinal disturbance?

  • It made me very bloated! I ate a cheese pizza and a lobster roll. So, the bread combined with the cheese was a bad combo for me. I didn’t feel sick I just felt bloated. I also ate a homemade pumpkin donut, seriously.. I went all out.

  • Woohoo, your home! I was thinking about you and how you were doing with raw food while home….I tried sending you some good happy “you can do it” vibes!!! Trial and error baby, thats what it is all about…...you’ll figure it out!

    glad to see you back….talk to you later

  • Angela I tottally understand you. (i acctually posted a blog about this) I recently went on a 6 day trip to las vegas and i did pretty good for the first 2 days eating fruits and salads but then i just gave in on bread and olive oil. I couldn’t help myself! i just began to eat like 3 big meals a day and i also gained back like 4lbs. which really sucks because i’ld also like to shed some weight! but i’ld really love to get back on track i just loved the way i felt eating raw! good luck to you! i hope you get back on track!!

  • Well, thats ok…try try again. You are like me Angela, you are a fullon type of person. If I was to have say…Lasagna (yuck), I would not want just one piece, I would really need to completely blow it and have 3-4 pieces. Then some cake and ice cream and coffee in the morning.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Amazing, isn’t it? It is so easy to go back to something you know isn’t what you really want! That’s cool you made smoothies for everyone, though. When I travelled last summer, I just took a cooler that I kept filled with ice, and I bought fresh produce at grocery stores. I also refused to eat at McDonald’s even though it meant walking another mile or two on sore feet to get to a restaurant with a good salad bar. My friend wasn’t too happy about that; he told me I was too picky. A few months later, I jumped off the wagon at home because money was tight & I decided I couldn’t afford to eat raw. I gained about 12 pounds in two weeks, because I had to eat a lot more food to get the same nutrition! After a few weeks, I started praying for a way to eat raw again because I just didn’t feel as good. I had people give me a total of about $300 in money & gift certificates to grocery & health food stores for Christmas. I was ecstatic! Then, I couldn’t remember what to buy & eat – it took me a few days to figure it out, but now I am eating 99.999 raw (I still use vanilla extract), and I feel better than ever. Thank you for posting this – it helps me remember why I am eating raw x%x gives me motivation to keep going!

  • juicyjuicy Raw Newbie

    don’t worry about it! i am in the same boat…i went on a trip to the UK and I fell off huge. the first few days I was okay, but then caved and ate everything in sight. I am the same way as someone above mentioned…all or nothing. But I go back right when I am in my own country. It just takes trial and error to realize that isn’t what you want. The whole time I hated eating that way, but it just kind of stuck.

  • Well then it does say in the bible to eat what is placed before you which I have kind of struggled as being a vegan. It also says in romans chapter 14 that some eat meat while others eat only herbs (veggies) and the one who eats me ought not condemn the one who eats not and the one who eats not ought not condemn the one who eats. We are all made equal. Whether you like it or not, everybody is the same in one sense, that their soul either belongs to God or the Devil. And that is up to you.

    It also says in the bible though, that if I (Paul speaking here in Corinthians) were to offend a brother because of my meat, I would rather not eat meat as to not offend him. Personally though, I think that we should not get offended because our brother or sister eats or does not eat meat. Interesting enough, the bible says A LOT about these type of things. It says a lot about each of us, personally. All we have to do is read it.

  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie

    I would just like to say that last night I was stressed about midterms and I ate a piece of pizza, a personal calzone, a sundae, two cookies, and a bag of funions. Today I’m juice fasting.

    So don’t feel bad, life is short and you really shouldn’t restrict yourself so much. If that pumpkin donut made you feel good then just enjoy that and don’t beat yourself up about it. Live a little, you can’t be good all the time.


  • i got off a little too last night, and had some cooked food this evening at a bridal shower. i eat a cooked dinner a few nights a week so cooked vegan food doesn’t throw me off too much, but if i eat anything with gluten or dairy i get sick as can be. also, because it’s something i don’t eat too often, i tend to go overboard and then make myself even sicker!

    it’s good to know other people struggle too, i just try to get myself back on track. eating about 80% raw makes me feel amazing….i just keep trying to remember that.

  • One important thing to remember is that a lot of foods and drinks (like pizza and coke) made me feel terrible (always even before I was vegan). I started to struggle as I sometimes did not want to eat it but then did sometimes because it was placed in front of me. I realized though, that if I did not eat it then I do not feel bad, sooo, I just do not need to eat it. Same thing goes with cooked foods now.

  • Slosh-uh ‘a bag of funions’ I chuckled out loud when I read what you wrote:) Thank you everyone for your support! Even though I am always homesick from Maine, I am glad to be at my current home here in Canada. My grammy, the food pioneer has a vintage Vita-mix. She is very health conscious, it’s just the rest of my family that is not. I stayed with my brother and his family and boy oh boy… They need a food makeover. My hubby and I loaded up their fridge with all organic healthy food too, so I don’t know why I fell off the wagon so hard. Probably b/c of old familiar smells and memories. Oh well such is life. That lobster roll was the BOMB! Anyway thanks for the support.

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