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  • Vinegar is not toxic in my opinion. A small amount won’t do anything. Apple cider vinegar is not toxic at all. It is not acidic as many believe, just as lemons are not. They are acidic on the outside of the body but when digested ther actually turn alkaline. There are numerous studies on this.

  • p.s. I like what you sad HUmanimal. Why do we feel wonderful if they are so bad. And socal, it’s a rhetorical question, I am so tired of people bashing others opinion. The raw lifestyle is already so restrictive and I see no reason to restrict it more. If you want to do that, that’s great but stop preaching, it turns people off and it is wrong.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    hehe Socal, I just read your post (on page one) about the lemon juice.

    blah blah

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Folks, SocaL is not trying to be mean or dishearten you, really. My father is a chemist and he stated this same thing over 30 years ago. Of course, this never stopped him or the rest of us from eating tons of garlic and wine vinegars because hey, we were Italians! Hahaa!

    The point I’m trying to make is that although many things we enjoy might be considered “toxic” (a very loose term for us here), i.e., not a true food item that can be completely and properly assimilated, they will not neccessarily cause a devistating damage and often have many benefits. I don’t know SocaL, but she sounds like she might be coming from a “hard” science background and so she’s just stating bald fact. A lot of raw foodists don’t imbibe in food items that require the body to repeair itself afterwards, you know what I mean?:-) Maybe I should just shut up.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    No you shouldn’t shut up at all! It is fine to state your own opinion :) I completely understand what you are saying. I suppose I am old fashioned and was taught that garlic and hot stuff is super awesome for your immunity. The same goes for green and herbal teas and kombucha. So far I have noticed only positive effects from using these foods so I am going to continue to do what feels right for me. I think that is very important. We rely too much on our heads. We really need to step back and rely on what just feels right rather than rely on scientific knowledge.

  • flybabyflybaby Raw Newbie

    I agree too, I won’t stop usin these wonderful foods as long as I feel fine eating them. Garlic is one of the most important antioxidants among the foods, and a vonderful antiviral, antimicrobial food too. I you ate anything which had been said bad by someone you wouldn’t eat anything. Some wonderful foods are said to be toxic and sugar, white flour and meat doesn’t? I’m sure eating garlic, onions, radishes, ACV will never ever do bad for you!!

  • Hey, I am only the messenger. These statements are totally true. You can all do as you like. I would not state anything that a) I did not do extensive research on, b) I did not personally try myself, and c) doesn’t just make complete logical sense. Most of you here are new to trying a new diet, let alone a new lifestyle. It’s not about restricting yourself, if that is the way you feel about raw foods then you probably shouldn’t be eating raw food. It’s about feeling the best you can and enjoying life. If you get to that point you will voluntarily ‘restrict’ yourself as you will know what these foods (toxins) do to you. Really it’s simple, our body will take in anything, if it can use it, it does, otherwise it will try desperately hard to eliminate it with as little energy use as possible. After consuming garlic, onions, radishes, spices, and the rest your breath will have the scent of the toxin for hours or even days. That is the way your body tries to eliminate toxins. It’s not just an inconvenience. Like someone who drinks, the police use a breatholizer on them. Why is this? Because they know that everybody’s elimination system uses their breath to eliminate toxins. Alcohol is the strongest toxin around that people choose to consume. Why doesn’t your breath smell like bananas 24 hours after eating a dozen? Because bananas are non-toxic, but your breath and body sure will retain the garlic smell for 24 hours. I know because I have had Italian food with my family (I only ate lettuce and tomatoes). I could smell the other members of my family the next day, their breath and body was trying to get rid of the poison. If garlic was the wonderful food it is advertised to be it would be absorbed into the body and then it would be done with it. That surely is not the case. End of message. :D

  • Socal,I really find what you say of interest. Just curious,how long have you been eating the way you do and could you give an example of one of your total daily meals. Thank-you.

  • mham, just look at my profile. I even went into details on a typical day on another thread. It was some time last year. If you really want to know look into Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 Diet book.

    I find it very funny when people tell me that garlic ‘prevents’ cancer. I have a friend in Thailand who told me this as about 99% of Thai people consume huge amounts of garlic every day. If it was so protective of cancer then the cancer rate in Thailand would be so small we would be sending scientists over there to examine the people. This is certainly not the case. Same for other countries who consume these so called miracle foods. The evidence doesn’t show that at all and in some cases the opposite is the real trend. Again, I am not trying to scare anyone or do anything to offend anyone. I know that people’s food is like their relgion and it is sacred. Choose to believe whatever you like. People have been consuming these for centuries, but they have consumed a diet that excluded them for much much longer than that.

  • I enjoy reading everything socal has to say, weather I agree or not, it’s always good to have a heads up. Who knows, maybe I’ll feel lousy in the future and not know why and by eliminating one of these food items from my diet I suddenly end up feeling much better. Who knows, it’s always a thought. I always keep an open mind with these controversial issues, considering they may help me in the long run.

  • doesn’t gabriel cousins say something about foods reacting different in different people’s bodies.. like some are acidizing others are alkalinizing or however its said? i wonder what he has to say about those food items….

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    socals not preaching, she’s helpfully answering a question i asked her. i’d really hope certain comments don’t discourage her or anyone from sharing information that many people, including myself at least, would humbly appreciate!

    Is ignorance bliss? are we not able to mention the things that could be toxic because that “makes” people unhappy? its not obsessive to try to become educated, and fulfill the duty to spread your knowledge to others who are also trying to evolve. who’s to judge what is extreme? i think its perfectly possible to eat those things and remain happy, but at least you know what the hec it is you are putting in your system and the truth of the effects it will have, and you can choose to accept that or you can make another choice, it doesn’t matter either way. Its about information, and following what makes sense to the best that one chooses to, Voluntarily. If something doesn’t make sense, by all means lets argue over it until it does make sense. Thats why i’m here in the first place, because the way i was living, the standard way, didn’t make sense, and i’m trying to figure out what does. And if someone is going to threaten my quest for what makes sense because its not ‘happy’ enough or by biting off the messenger’s head, thats what i find offensive.

    I can understand continuing to eat these things as long as feeling fine, but for myself I’d like to see what it feels like to not eat them, just in case i haven’t even experienced what fine really is. As always, I deeply appreciate the information that helps me in my personal growth!

  • bananaboybananaboy Raw Superstar

    A simple rule…..if you cannot make a meal out of it, then it is not food for humans…period. Try chewing a piece of raw garlic, or biting into an onion. The taste will tell you those things are not meant as food for humans. The only way they become palatable is by cooking them.

    SocaL is right on the money. Correct me if I am wrong, but no animals in nature eat those substances either.

  • This is crap. Too much WATER can kill you. I’m sure that pure, undiluted citric acid has a warning label too, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop eating grapefruit.

    jgfergus: Raw cacao doesn’t taste good by itself either, but it’s one of the most healthy things you can eat.

    Try making a meal out of lemons.

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    There’s a lot of controversy surrounding cacao, not everyone thinks its one of the most healthy things you can eat, many people think its quite the opposite…and its not raw anyway.

    my friend makes a meal out of lemons all the time, he peels them and eats them like that! and hes not even a raw foodie :)

  • sillydogsillydog Raw Newbie

    Clearly strict adherence to the scientific method has led people astray on other topics. I think it’s entirely possible that the complex associations of living things, digestion and metabolism haven’t quite been figured out in their entirety. Perhaps the key is to simply make sure you do everything in moderation—like the proverbial 110-year old woman who had a glass of sherry every morning.

  • Both David Wolf and Shazzie are the picture of health, and they eat raw cacao all the time.

    I’ve already given up cooked foods, so I’m not going to give up the spices and flavorings that make raw food exciting.

    You could have a debate about what’s good or bad for you all day. You could argue that spinach is bad for you. I’m not going to be that paranoid.

    I see healthy people that are full of life, so I eat what they eat. End of story.

    SocaL wrote: “if that is the way you feel about raw foods then you probably shouldn

  • “Hey, I am only the messenger. These statements are totally true. You can all do as you like. I would not state anything that a) I did not do extensive research on, b) I did not personally try myself, and c) doesn

  • I used to know someone who snacked on raw garlic all the time . . .

    Now, to use the grapevine analogy SocaL started out with, sure we would always choose the ripe ones first. However, in a natural setting we would not come across an unlimited number of grapevines to choose from, and what happens when we still want grapes but they’re going out of season? Well, we’d probably start eating the ones starting to turn a bit vinegary. I think nature has worked out everything perfectly in all intricacies, the more we try to dissect, the more we probably miss.

    As for cacao, I remember reading about a tribe somewhere in Central America where each member drank up to 80 cups of cacao a week, and they were still strong and perfectly healthy in old age.

  • bananaboybananaboy Raw Superstar

    Kevlar wrote… “Raw cacao doesn

  • jgfergus, you really have a lot of knowledge! I applaud you for going the extra mile (as I did) to find the truth about food. I’ll leave it to the others to do what they want (believe the media and tycoons like David Wolfe etc.) or get the truth. Our body works like a car. If you fill it with dirty fuel it will still run (even for many many years) but there will be sputters, it will go sluggishly, it will not get the mpgs it could, it will not run as efficiently as it should, etc. etc. If you use the best and cleanest fuel it will acheive it’s potential. Toxins that I mentioned here are not all the same as acetic acid which is a pure poison, some are just not compatible with our body, all do damage to our body in one way or another. People who refuse to believe this are opposing it because they are addicted to these and want to believe that there is nothing wrong with them. We never get addicted to healthy foods, who gets addicted to bananas? not many people, but many are addicted to tobacco, cocaine, alcohol, caffeine, cacao, salt, spices, garlic, onions, etc. Being raw is great, but if anyone wants to actually be healthy and raw they will leave these toxins out of their diet.

    Toxins all cause disease. If you consume more than you can eliminate you will most surely get some kind of disease. Why make it harder on your body and force it to remove more toxins than it would have to when it already has to remove metabolic wastes, air pollution, traces of pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and other environmental pollutants? You can eat so much wonderful fresh nutritious food without consuming toxins. Diluting a toxin to 1 part in 10, or 100 or even 1000 doesn’t make it less toxic, it will still enter your body as a toxin but will not do as much damage. That is the only way your body can defend itself from these toxins, dilution. When it can’t remove the toxin immediately it will simply turn on the thirst trigger. You will get thirsty and that is your signal that you ate something toxic. I almost never get thirsty. My diet hydrates my body and even when I do exercise or spend time out doors in the sun I do not feel thirsty. I know my body has no toxins it needs to dilute.

    This is all information for anyone who wants to be as the car in the example above, able to acheive their top potential. If that is not your goal and you just want to eat a trendy raw diet that makes you feel good then disregard this thread. BTW it started as a thread on vinegar and expanded into something more. Sorry about that.

  • Socal,I went to your site as you suggested and was having some difficult finding where you stated your peronal eating. Could you direct me please,really am interested in reading that. I must say also much.much interesting things on there too. Thank-you.

  • mham, I suggested to look at my profile here at Goneraw.com, not the blog. The blog is devoted to Natural Hygiene, which is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. I mentioned the date(s) I started to change my diet in my profile here. I am still in transition today but I know that my body is now guiding me right. I used to think as everyone else does here until I dug deeper, I am very glad I did and am thankful that I am in better health for it. Diet is not the only important part of health, it is but a contributing factor. When we hear of people living until 120 years (or near) they are never eating a raw food diet. If you live as they do and eat a raw clean and low fat diet then you are probably living the best possible natural life. Otherwise I am not sure what you are asking for?

  • Socal,I hope I am wrong with how I am interpretating your responce,but you sound very irritated and almost a bit rightgeous??? I am very committed to health and have been very aware of many thingsfor the past 15-20 years and was just interested on hearing more from you. I apologize for asking for I now feel uncomfortable.

  • No, not at all, if this media was audible you would hear in my voice that I am just replying to you. If it sounds like I am irritated then I am sorry, I don’t mean for it to sound that way. I am only asking what your inquiry is. Are you looking for something besides what my profile shows?

    “IF I WAS IRRITATED I WOULD SHOUT LIKE THIS” – but I am not at all.

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie


  • all I wanted to know is if you could maybe give a day or two of what you ate. Sorry misread your responce.

  • megantheveganmeganthevegan Raw Newbie

    WHOA! Cacao!!! Who knew? Thanks SO MUCH for sharing all that info jgfergus! I may have cacao at some raw functions now and again over the years, I’m expecting…but now I know what NOT to buy. Thanks a million!

  • mham, here is a link to the thread where I answered this question last year. http://www.goneraw.com/forums/3/topics/1244

    My post is just past the middle of the page (13 from the bottom). Actually now I eat much more in the morning than just 1 pound of strawberries, I found that wasn’t enough calories to get me through the morning. It also might sound like I eat pineapple and then grapes or figs, but I do not, these fruits do not combine well. I will either eat just acid fruits or just sweet fruits together.

  • Thanks socal,sorry for any misunderstanding. I am extremely interested in all areas of life,nutrition and healing and it seems you have really researched and are living a positive,healthy life as best as in thisworld possible.again,thanks

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