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  • I’m sorry; I’m confused. SoCal, you’re postings are terrific to me—very academic and straightforward without much rhetoric. I applaud you! I’m new to this raw food thing and have gotten into looking forward every morning to a slice of raw onion to satisfy some of my old salty breakfast cravings. Are you implying that the negative effects outweigh the positives with onions? You don’t need to back up your position—just let me know, thanks.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Jgfergus and SocaL- THANK YOU!!!! I’m thrilled that you shared the information on this forum. It’s wonderful to know how to improve my health. This will prompt me to research these topics further, as I encourage any others who are interested, to do as well. Please refrain from asking soca and jg not to share – it is beneficial to some folks who read the forums, although perhaps a controversial topic. I encourage everyone to simply find the raw diet that works for them – whether or not it includes raw vinegar.

  • Zooey Glass, onions contain sulfur like chemicals which are toxic. Everyone knows what happens when we peel an onion. It causes us to tear. This should be a warning sign to stay away but we have trained ourselves to ignore these unsubtle warnings and consume them anyways. The same goes for all of the other toxins that I mentioned, they all contain substances that when removed from the ‘food’ are poisonous. The healthy foods like fruits and soft leafy greens do not contain anything that is outright poison. It’s hard to forget our negative training over our lifetime and think back to our first encounter with a garlic, onion, hot pepper, etc … but our first reaction would never be – “oh this smells and tastes so good” – but that certainly would be our first reaction to a ripe mango. Always consider the animal / baby test, if an animal or a baby would relish the food then it is probably healthy if not then it is probably not. Hope this helps.

    Read this for more information: http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/junk-foods-garl…

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    I Agree with Winona! thank you for sharing this information because it would have taken me a lot longer to figure it out and i’m benefiting from it already. I’m personally rather shocked by some comments! I thought this was a place to open your mind and some of these peoples reactions are just like so closed off, almost defensive like they don’t want to hear it because knowledge is responsibility…

    That put you right at the top of my ignore list.


  • kundalalita, do not forget what I said about addictions. For example if you are a heroin addict and someone wanted to stop you from using heroin, what would your reaction be like? You would be so defensive and even violent to that person, wouldn’t you? It’s a similar situation here with these toxic foods, nobody who is addicted to them wants to hear that they are bad for them and they become aggressive and defensive, but hopefully non-violent. I am not even trying to stop people from using them, all I am doing is informing people about them. Please continue to eat what you like and how you like, do keep in mind the consequences however.

  • jgfergus – you mentioned that no animals in the wild eat onions or garlic. I’d like to counter that view with some anecdotal evidence. Raccoons dig up my onions and eat them. My chickens LOVE green onions and chives. And my dog will grab a bulb of garlic right out of my hand if I’m not careful. Maybe I just have weird critters around, but that’s what I’ve seen.

    My dog does, however, think that anything with vinegar on it is only worthy of being rolled on – the same way she rolls on poop and dead animals in the woods.

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    my dog would eat chocolate till it killed her if she could

    thats funny that your dog wants to roll on vinegar lol

  • ardesmond2ardesmond2 Raw Newbie

    Socal and some others have hit it right on the nail. I had the same adverse reaction to this knowledge when I first came across it. I believe I remember shutting the computer off and cussing to the sky like ” what the hell am I suppose to eat” but as time went on some things just began to feel a little out of wack like the smell of garlic on my wifes breath would litterally make me want to tell her not to talk. Then the onions just lingering around in your mouth like you didn’t floss and gargle 32 times before your next meeting. We have to understand that just like eating living foods people will get on board at there own pace. Especially when you have people like Socal who will take the time to put it in your face. I can give up the onions and garlic for now my next hurdle will either be spices which right now I just need in my life to make things a little palatable, but hey my daughter who is nine just asked me yesterday when are we going to eat our salads naked. And she wasn’t talking about clothes, as she started to eat raw lettuce and tomatoes plain. So if a nine year old can take grasp quickly on this whole “FOODS” thing then I am sure a couple of us adults can do the same. Just take your time and move closer and closer to where you want to be. That’s just my little two cents not that it was needed but I am at work and I only have one hour left and typing this took 6 minutes off of that. RAWK on .

  • ardesmond2, children often still have some of our natural instincts, they haven’t been tainted by society yet. I used to drench salads with olive oil. After I stopped using oils I was using lemon juice, slowly I stopped using anything and now I eat all salads totally natural, no dressings at all. I finally can taste the vegetables! They taste great, so why ruin it with a silly dressing.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    I didn’t read this thread for a long time because I’m honestly not that interested in vinegar one way or the other. But then I started to notice, hmmm… it’s staying on top, and getting more and more replies… must be some good stuff! So I just read the whole thread start to finish, and I’ve gotta put in my two cents.

    Great reading! Love all the information. It’s given me several new directions to explore and things to think about. And I absolutely love how everyone has their own take, their own style and their own way of communicating on these threads. It’s just all so fascinating to me.

    And I gotta say, socal, I really admire how you clarify things when your “tone” gets misconstrued. I’ve been a member of several forums over the years, and that’s the biggest problem I’ve encountered. How in the world do you convey vocal inflections, body language, and nuance with a written paragraph? Uh, ya don’t. So of course things are going to be misunderstood sometimes. And instead of barking back at someone, you very clearly, er, clear it up. Heh. ;o)

    I just really love how everyone here seems to be trying hard to keep the respect. It’s refreshing.

    And right now I’m eating a salad with a dressing made with lemon & lime juices instead of vinegar, and it’s VERY TART. If there was a little emoticon that showed someone with a puckered up face, I’d type it right now.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Ardesmond – the naked salads story was hilarious! and right on! If children can ask for plain salad, then surely adults can teach themselves to appreciate it. Great inspiration. Jgfergus – I always had indegestion and headaches from cacao, and I never knew why. Thanks for the heads up. But raw carob is a fabulous substitute – I encourage folks to try sweet smoothies with raw carob powder mixed in.

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