Circular Dehydrator = Lame

So I can’t afford an Excalibur at the moment so I have a 5-tray circular dehydrator with a hole in the middle…it is hard for me to make a lot of dehydrated goodies since anything too liquidy will seep through the holes in the tray. Is there anything I can place on the trays to act as a non stick sheet. The trays are shaped like a big O with a hole in the middle…any ideas?


  • I have a circular one (Nesco American Harvest with temp dial). It came with some teflex type sheets and some mesh sheets that fit in the trays. They sell them on their site, if they fit yours. If not, you can always use parchment paper with a little oil smeared on.

  • I use parchment. Works like a charm, and I like it MUCH better than the solid “fruit leather” trays.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Parchment paper. You probably should pre-cut a whole lot of round ones with holes (so air could flow). That way, they are ready to go when you want to dehydrate. Unless… do they sell parchment paper for circular dehydrators… doubtful.

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