Raw Retreats in Maine

Raw Retreats are a great way to jump-start a healthy new you. Wake up on a beautiful island in Maine to the haunting cry of a loon. Before breakfast, join us in an island walk. After your refreshing walk through the north woods, join us for a delicious raw breakfast- fruit smoothies, green juices, and granola with nut milks. Take part in the raw classes so you can learn how to easily prepare your own raw food at home.

Make new friends. Be amazed at our gourmet cuisine and be amazed when you realize every bite you put in your mouth is good for you! Take some time to sit on one of the Adirondack chairs on the front porch and read a novel or read one of the raw books from our extensive library. Grab a friend and take a canoe or kayak out, or climb Mt. Kineo. Go moose watching. In the evening after our delicious dinner, join us for a movie and snacks, or just sit by the fire and relax.

The two weeks the retreat will be held in 2008 are June 22-28 and September 14-20. The cost per week is $1325, which is all inclusive, ground transfers from Bangor International airport, lodging at the Oak Lodge, all raw meals and snacks, all recipes, all classes and all activities! Visit our website at www.happyhealthyraw.com for more details.


  • Wow! This sounds really nice. I live in New England so this would be easy to get to for me. I will check your website. Thanks.

  • The lodge is a beautiful five hour drive from Boston, We will be picking up guests that fly in at the Bangor airport, but you’re welcome to drive up. We have parking on the mainland, the lodge is on an island and we will be boating guests over.

  • How far are you from Belfast? We have family up there and may be able to combine a visit.

  • It looks like Belfast is 115 miles from Rockwood, the town on the mainland next to our island. It’s back roads, no highways, so I imagine it would be about two and a half hours to drive. Our island is on Moosehead Lake, the largest lake in Maine, if you want to check it out. Our website, www.happyhealthyraw.com has a link to the lodge website for more photos.

  • I grew up in MAINE:) I live in British Columbia now…......................... Maine is gorgeous & the people are great.. Not that I’m partial or anything!

  • I love Adirondack Chairs and I have some too… Can you tell I miss Maine even though I was just there??

  • I love Maine too. We live in Florida for most of the year, hot, traffic, lots of people. In the summers, we run the lodge. It’s usually a bit cool, we have more resident moose than people in our county and we have to drive over an hour for a red light! I wouldn’t want to be there right now, though!

  • I moved to West Palm Beach to get out of the crazy Maine winters. I lived there for a few years until meeting my husband. We were just in Maine a few weeks ago for a wedding. It snowed well over a foot and a few days later another foot…...... Now I’m back in springtime weather. Oh I almost forgot, my grandfather (who is no longer with us) used to have a house on moosehead lake. My uncle is a Maine guide and lives in Abbot on your way to Moosehead.

  • We have five spots left in the June retreat. If you need a break from everyday life, a week in Maine will do it for you. Check out our schedule of classes and activities. The lodge is right on the water and we usually hear loons crying at night. Feel free to email us if you have any questions, www.happyhealthyraw.com (when I signed up to be a part of the forum, I mispelled our name and left off the y in healthy, so be careful if you email us!)(Does anyone know how to change your name once we’ve signed up? I couldn’t do it in user profile)

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