Cats on a Raw Diet???

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Okay, this is why I’m asking this. I bought a cat about 7 years ago, and he’s looked fine until about 2 weeks ago. We fed him just raw meat (that’s supposed to be consumed by people) and water all hi life. Two days ago, I woke up he he looked like he was gonna die. We got him to the vet, his temp. was 92 degrees, and after we told the vet about his diet, the vet said there was a less than 5% chance that we could save him, and that he had renal failure from the lack of calcium, and we euthanized the cat. Okay, so obviously we were really stupid not to know that meat doesn’t have calcium. This isn’t why I’m asking the question. It’s because tomorrow we’re getting two new kittens, but want to keep them on a raw diet without neglecting their calcium (or other nutrients) intake. Do you have cats that you feed a raw diet and how would you prperly feed a cat a raw diet?? Thanks so much everyone.


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    Thanks cherie. I’m sorry about your mini doxie too. I will look at the website. Wow, I wish I could get that book soon enough! My bday’s comin up Saturday and I want the ice cream recipes in there but I sadly don’t have the book. Let me know how the recipes turn out!! :)

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    I have three cats, and they all eat raw. I feed them ground turkey and sometimes chopped up chicken. I want to experiment with including more bone in their diet too.

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    MOTH - CAUTION!! That’s exactly how my cat got renal failure. We fed him ground turkey too, but you better get those bones in there too because you don’t want to neglect their calcium intake!

  • Sorry to hear about your kitty. It can be hard to make the best choices for our pets. I’ve read lots of books and finally came up with feeding my cat and dog an all raw diet.

    Right now I’m feeding my cat (and the dog) Nature’s Variety frozen medallions. The food is 95% raw meat, organs and bones. Imagine a cat in the wild – they eat the WHOLE animal, not just the flesh. The other 5% of the food is various fruits and vegetables for added nutrients. If you are going to make the food yourself, get a whole chicken from the butcher and grind it – bones, organs and all. Having been a vegetarian my whole life, I simply can’t handle that! So I get the ready made stuff. Definitely more expensive, but my sanity is worth it. And Nature’s Variety has all organic selections.

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