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  • hikurohikuro Raw Newbie

    Many recommend getting at least 3,000 calories a day, more if your active and your body needs them. Getting enough calories seems more common of a problem than not enough.

    Most vitamins and minerals are abundant eating raw. But you can't really tell if your hitting all the RDA's without examining the nutrition data of what you're eating. However it's pretty easy to use Cronometer(or another nutrient tracker) to either regularly keep track, or just every now and then if you're diet isn't too dynamic. You can just plug a few example meals in, see if you'd be commonly low in something, then find something to correct it(I don't like supplements either, but I know I'm always low in selenium, so I supp it). You should also examine how much faith you have in the RDA's and how they apply to you as opposed to the standard diet(like if you need as much calcium as people consuming animal protein).

    Cost can be a bit much to be honest. My finances are very limited and produce is expensive, and it's one of the reasons I haven't been able to go raw long term yet. Bananas being a main staple is about the only way I can afford enough calories. A bit of other fruits and greens, and juice(which isn't raw or optimal, but better than alternatives. I should spend about $3.50 a day on food(an impossibility nutrient wise I think), however I actually spend about $7-$10 a day, probably one of the reasons why my bank account has continued to approach zero.

    Hope I've helped some. There are many different opinions on things in the raw world(as with any health/fitness area or anything for that matter), and a few different views are represented on this forum, so hopefully you can find what you need here.

  • Hi All,

    I'm new, just starting... I have been on meds for High Blood Pressure and High Colesterol for 3 years and recently my Dr. told me that since my BP is still high I should double up on the Benicar HCT and take it 2x's a day.... Yeah the meds don't and won't cure anything... So I'm on and I want to live....! I'm doing a green smoothie each day, also exercising each day. Now I'm excited about incorporating more raw foods and taking it day by day... I feel better already, and it's just the beginning...

    God bless you for creating a plce where I can come and learn how to live healthy ..!

  • I am a vegan who went raw Jan.3 2011. I am finding the raw diet challenging because everything has to be fresh (more expensive if it's raw) and I am always sterilizing my measuring equIpment.

    But I am starting to get a routine down. I make a green smoothie almost every morning. For my first month I chose not to go to events that centered around cooked food. This really helped. Also, I filled my calendar with many non-food events like the movies, a concert, or taking classes.

    One of the most amazing things that happened since going raw is that I no longer have the desire for coffee. I simply don't like the feel of it going down my throat. Coffee feels like the acid that it is.

    My system has become sensitive to this. I also notice that food taste less brilliant when it is hot.

    Thank you for posting.

  • Hello All,

    I'm a long time vegan but have recently made a commitment to try to go raw to a great degree. It is challenging. I'm finding myself making lots of horrible things in the dehydrator. I did have some success with some raw corn and tomato chips the other day, so there's hope.

    I'm interested to hear from other folks new to this effort if you've come up with some staples (i.e. daily smoothies, snacking ideas so you don't get too hungry) and/or a routine for prepping things. One very challenging aspect of this diet is the long prep times associated with so many things (everything has to be soaked, sprouted, dehydrated, etc!). I just need to establish some routines...

    FYI, I have also just lost my taste for coffee (decaf in any case) and have not had a a glass of wine in several weeks - which is amazing for me. Even my favorite old black beans and rice don't seem to taste as good - they taste... mushy and sort of dead. Urgh.

    Be well, everyone~

  • for a newbie, which raw foods/practises are the best for boosting energy?

    I would like to go raw, but every time i try I seem to feel sick, tired and flat.

    Now I've finally tried doing green smoothies in the morning (4 pieces of fruit and a handful of greens plus enough water to blend, gradually increasing greens) I find this is a really great breakky for fullness and for energy. But I'd like to have something more solid during the day. and need something that will suit a packed lunch. I do big salads and enjoy them but sometimes I find my energy slumps massively after a big salad and I feel hungry afterwards.

    I'd like to not rely on lots of nuts/dehydrated foods and eat more fresh stuff.

  • ive been vegan for a number of years now and am im now at a stage where i really want to go raw. i have to be honest and say that as i research it im getting a little 'dizzy' with the information im finding, ingredients and equipment i have never even heard of never mind tried! dont know where to buy stuff from, have 'silly' questions that i feel daft asking and am gobsmacked by the recipes i find! :-)

    im wanting to go raw for health benefits and to lose weight but am a little apprehensive as all i am eating at the mo is green smoothies, salad and raw veg, which is triggering alarm bells as i feel that this is not giving me the whole nutrients that my body needs, surely my body needs more that just fruit and veg? i really really want to be successful at going raw so help and advice is extremely appreciated :-)

    (some of my silly questions.......what type of water should i drink? is wine raw? vinegar? isnt raw soup just like drinking a green smoothie but without the fruit and just using a spoon? and can i eat raw potatoes? i was always told that this was bad for you! )

    thankyou from a 'dizzy' newbie x

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Nuts, seeds and seaweed are also good additions to round your diet of more.

    Any water that isnt void of its mineral such as reverse osmosis, spring water is good.

    Wine isnt raw, some vinegars can be such as raw apple cider vinegar. Depends how you make the raw soup an what ingredients.

    I wouldnt eat raw potatoes.

    Hope that helps abit.


  • Hello, I'm new here and to RAW. I've been eating loads more fruits and veggies since I saw FoodMatters which lead me to see lots of similar videos like Fat, Sick and nearly Dead and the Gerson Miraclel.

    As I start my journey I have developed a question. It is said to start by eating 70% or 80% RAW.

    My question might seem too specific to some of you but the answer would help me.

    How do you know if you are eating x% RAW? Is it by weight? Do I eat denser vegetables to make up for non-RAW food

    Thank you for letting me in the doors :)

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