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Hey ya’all (I’m from Texas, we say that!) I am fervently looking for calorie counts for raw almond milk. Would it be about the same as the boxed stuff? Thanks!


  • I am always looking for this information. It just doesn’t exist yet for sprouts and foods made from sprouts because they are so rare and never sold. I use the nutritional breakdown of the seed, then remember that while sprouting, a seed uses its fat and carbs to create proteins. So almonds will lower their fat the longer they are sprouted. This is also obvious in the taste and consistancy of all sprouted nuts and seeds. here is the nutritional profile for almonds:…

  • ...and no, it is definately not the same as the boxed stuff! That stuff is not sprouted, so its got all the fat of the almond. It also is difficult to digest so of course it has a lower actual nutrient value than sprouted, home made almond milk. I would say the caleries for raw milk is about 25-40% less than the boxed stuff if it is the exact concentration, but again, you will have to count the caleries in your almonds and then reduce by 25%.

  • Thanks for the insight jedisunrise. I didn’t think to sprout the almonds before “milking” them. The recipes I’ve seen don’t indicate sprouting them.

  • Hey, thought folks would be interested in this recipe and the nutritionals!

  • barosebarose Raw Newbie

    Is there a reason why we should be counting calories? Say it isnt so!

    I only soak, not sprout almonds before milking them. Is that OK?

  • Barose, I count calories because if I don’t, I gain weight. Others may not need to.

  • barosebarose Raw Newbie

    I see. I’ve tried counting them in the past when I was on a more SAD. I never did well with it. I would always default to eating too few if I did count or eat way too much if I didnt. Even using websites like fitday, etc. I never did well with it. I guess in time, I will see what works for me. :)

  • Very informative! Keeping a daily log of all food consumed and a good workout plan is key any successful diet. I use the free Calories Counter at to calculate all my meals.

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