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sprouting garbanzos

I am trying to sprout garbanzos. I’m using a colander & a clean white cotton cloth. ( I saw instructions on a website) – I noticed after rinsing the beans tonight that they have an odd smell to them? I am paranoid they are rancid or something? They look okay and aren’t even soft yet but I’m only on day 2?



  • Funny I am sprouting some to at this moment. This is my first time and I am using the colander method with a plate on top no cloth. Did you soak yours for 48 hours, because my beans are already soft somewhat.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    same thing happened to me, and then after like 4 days only 3 (yes, 3 out of maybe 100) garbanzos actually sprouted. i was told the starting beans were too old. hope you have better luck!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    :() that would be me throwing up metal after my one and only garbanzo sprouting episode! Many people do fine with them, though.

  • ewwww I find more people having a hard time with these. Well its day three and I had some sprouting tales when I left for work today, but the more and more I see these post the more and more I want to throw them out. You guys are making me NERVOUS

  • Good luck you guys – none of mine sprouted and they smelled aweful! Trash they went!

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    I have not problems with garbanzo sprouting, but I have those same problems (not sprouting, bad smell..) with soy and adzuki… perhanps they are old beans…

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I’m like Izhpt and so’s my husband – most sprouted beans send me running doubled over to the bathroom. For hours.

  • I started to see some tails too ..but the smell just wasn’t right. really really stinky – I threw them out. :(

  • Artzyfartzy did you soak yours for 2 days and then do the rinse and repeat part

  • ardesmond2 I soaked them for only 1 day ( which wasn’t enough at all because they never got soft ).. I did do the rinse and repeat but they had this really spoiled smell so I knew they weren’t right. How are yours doing? any smell? will you keep me up to date if this worked for you? I miss garbanzos and really want to succeed at sprouting some. maybe I shouldn’t of used a cloth?

  • UGH!!!! I’ve NEVER had good luck with garbanzo beans. EVER

    They smelled bad the entire time, and they never actually sprouted tails. SO i was like okay, maybe they’re just the soaking bean type. [i have no idea how i thought this] Then i made hummus.

    VOMIT - everywhere. everywherrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    smelled horrible, tasted disgusting and hard and chalky and pastey and poisonous.

    I really wish i could do sprouted things like lentils and chickpeas but honestly, I’d rather just scoop my eyes out with a spork. :(

  • well I have to say mines are doing great I have a lot of them sprouting already. I think you should give it another go and just soak them for two days and try the jar method. Set a clock or some type of alarm to remember to do your rinse and repeat.

  • well I have to say mines are doing great I have a lot of them sprouting already. I think you should give it another go and just soak them for two days and try the jar method. Set a clock or some type of alarm to remember to do your rinse and repeat.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    mango woman—so funny. i feel your pain.

  • Izhpt I am so over dogs this quarter but I would love to have your’s even though he/she looks like he might be a undercover terror. LOL

  • I wish I knew the emoticon for THROWING UP , I sprouted my garbanzo’s and I will not be sprouting anymore anytime soon. The taste was not bad but there was something that just makes me want to hurl every time I tried to eat them. I have to admit the salad I was having it with wasn’t the best either, but either way I will not be sprouting them anytime soon. I am trying black eye peas and black beans next.

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    ... my garbanzos always sprout well, and I like them very much beacuse they recover the taste they have when they were still green… the most similar sprout I’ve found till now is mung bean sprout.

  • Mung beans rock ….

  • ardesmond2: I was hoping your garbanzos went well so I could be inspired to try it again. I’ve just read about too many cases of stinky/slimy garbanzo sprouting for me to waste my time and money again. Have you successfully sprouted any other bean yet?

    mango woman: you are too funny. the thought of my garbanzo bean sprouting project still makes me sick. :(

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    All beans except very small ones (like lentil) give me the runs. Some people seem to tolerate them. I don’t like the taste very much unless I steam them, which also makes them edible for me kuz I destroys the toxin that’s giving me the runs. But of course that means they’re not raw.

  • where do you even get raw garbanzos? I love them but something tells me the canned ones aren’t raw…haha

  • Liz, you can buy them in asian stores or the bulk section of your hfs may carry them.

  • Hello everyone ^^ Well this is a turn off hehehe, I was expecting my garbanzo sprouting to come out well…after reading this… I lost hope xD I got the same smell but I think is not rancid, I think is more something like a fermentation, after all is a natural process..o.O? Is day one so I`ll wait and see what happens

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I sprouted garbanzos once but it has been a while, so I don’t remember exact times or anything, but rinsing them often (at least twice a day, and during soaking, too) helps keep them from going bad. I do remember that it took several days, and I had to pick out the ones that were sprouted to keep in the fridge while I let the rest of them keep growing. I bought mine in the grocery store where they sell the other beans and rice, but maybe not all brands are raw. The garbanzos were pretty good in the hummus I made, but it was a pain! I also like speouted lentils, and ardesmond is right – mung beans rock! Other than that, the bigger beans are all too hard and bitter for me to enjoy, even when they sprout.With garbanzos, sprout a LITTLE tail (shorter than the length of the bean). Then, the hummus I made was complicated, too. Chop the sprouted beans in FP, then marinate in olive oil, sea salt, garlic?, lemon juice. After that, process through juicer with other seasonings. It was good, but I haven’t made it since the first time 3 months ago.

  • I threw away my garbanzos, the smell was ghastly =S and the taste…puaj! Ill try lentils ^^

  • hey everyone, I just got back from the grocery and thought of this thread. I found a container of sprouts (which I bought bc it was pretty cheap) with red lentils, red beans, green peas, and…garbanzos! it is possible to sprout them, I just don’t know how. Anyway I immediately opened it up and started popping those puppies like they were pretzels. They were pretty good! If you’re in Colorado the company is called Sprouts Extraordinaire out of Denver, they had these, plus clover, alfalafa, and bean sprouts and a few others too, in the regular grocery store! I was so excited (I’m way too busy to remember to rinse etc, to sprout)

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    I copy from another thread what I do:


    “I soak beans for a LONG time (12-15 hours) in a LOT of water.

    After that I wash them well with water, rinse well, live them outside cupboard but NOT in a sunny place.

    I wash them twice a day with a lot of water (not just

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    I am sprouting some right now. I usually freeze my beans to keep them better until I am going to use them. I haven’t sporuted garbs in a while but everytime I have has pretty good luck. Most of mine have tails on them…another half day to go. I hope I won’t barf! These stories have me a little skittish now.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Liz K—I also found those beans in the grocery store. I think it is a good supplement and easy! Yummy for crunch in salads too.

  • Heyo all, Dunno why u guys seem to be so unlucky – I always had the experience garbanzos (that’s chickpeas, right??) are one of the easiest and fastest. And most delicious :) It’s not that complicated (in terms of how many hours exactly etc). I just soak them over night and then rinse them about 2x a day (like when I get up and before going to bed or whenever I remember to do it), as with all my sprouts. I keep them under my desk (because of space issues, dunno if the relative darkness does anything) in a jar. About 2 days sounds correct, just make sure that you don’t let them grow too big. My experience (and taste) is, that sprouts get bitter and bah when they sprout for too long. Good luck, I send you some green-thumb-vibes for the garbanzos ;)

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