Candida Cleansing?

Does anyone have any advice on a good candida cleanse,I have seen a few kits and read alot about oregano oil etc. but don’t know where to start and I am almost certain I have an issue with candida. I have been raw for about 3 1/2 weeks now and don’t know if I might be starting to detox now or if all the fruit I have been eating is messing with me. Thanks kindly. :)


  • i work at a health food store and i sell those kits.. they do work.. but i really feel like diet is the main thing.. and all those kits are is just blends of herbs.. do your research and do it on your own.. it is cheaper than buying a kit with a fancy name on it and can be safer too.. some people can have reactions to combinations of herbs and those kits have a tendency to have a lot of herbs in there.. to a candida diet for a while.. restrictive but worth it.. remember.. even fruit sugar feeds yeast Pau D Arco is a good herb.. comes in a tea form, pill.. maybe loose in the bulk section.. helps even with systemic yeast.. good luck!

  • Thanks for the advice,it seems like the kits are indeed really pricey, I just want to make sure I do it right. Have you heard anything about Caprylic Acid? I was going to invest in a bottle but wasn’t sure if it was worth it. I started taking an extract of Pau D’arco this week + eating more coconut oil. I haven’t been able to stop eating dates and bananas although,it probably isn’t going to do much if I can’t shake the sugary fruit.

    Also symptoms I have been having are… Ridiculous bloating,puffy face the morning and I feel really spacey lethargic and moody and crave sugar ( mostly dates and bananas) like nobodies business. ( I am not pmsing although :)) I don’t know if this would be part of detox?

  • yes but you gotta shake the sugar just for the time being.. the caprylic acid is good stuff.. but you arent gonna do yourself any good if you arent strict with the diet.. try ice.. that seems to work for me when i want sugar.. maybe im just distracting myself but it works..

  • I will give the caprylic acid a a try and try eating more greens as well. If I drink alot of teas I can usually ween myself away for a while. Thanks :)

  • If you’re eating lots of bananas you might be putting off your sodium/potassium balance. Perhaps that’s causing the water retention.

    Google “candida spit test” first and take that to see if you really do have candida. Pau D’arco tea is excellent though. I’d keep taking that and research other herbs – or just read the boxes for the candida cleanse kits.

    Fermented foods or probiotics should also help.

  • bluebellsbluebells Raw Newbie

    Just take Oregano oil and very soon, you will be free of candida. It’s very good. Then deal with why you have candida

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I did a candida kit soon after going raw and got really tired, bloated and spacey, lost my mental focus and had other symptoms. I don’t believe it kicked it for me, it just wasn’t enough. Then I did Dr. Gabriel Cousens Phase 1 diet which has no sugar for a month and was VERY uncomfortable with lower back pain which I attribute to candida die off. Now I drink Pau D’arco tea every day, I order a big bag of it from Mountain Rose Herbs. I think the combination of the cleansing diet (not fun, but it starves the candida, you’re meant to do it for 3 months but I cracked) and the daily tea has worked for me. My brain is back and I’m much less tired.

  • bluebellsbluebells Raw Newbie

    What is Paul D’Arco tea?????

  • It’s made from the bark of a tree. I think from South America. You should be able to find it easily in health food stores.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    bluebells – Raw_Chocoholic is right, but I wanted to add that it’s harvested in a sustainable way, and doesn’t kill the tree. It’s a traditional remedy, and scientists discovered that fungus doesn’t grow on this particular tree. I order mine as the shredded bark which I brew with all of my other medicinal herbs, it’s very satisfying to me to take a handful of bark and throw it in a pot with medicinal mushrooms and other roots and things and then strain it out and compost it. I store the tea in mason jars in the fridge.

  • Thanks, everyone here is really helpful, it is nice to see such a friendly online community. :) I am just adjusting to being raw and find I am craving alot of fruit and berries which probably are not the best thing to be gorging myself with right now. I have been taking Pau D’arco extract,I have a huge bag of the dried bark I ordered a while ago from Mountain Rose Herbs as well but quit drinking it because everytime I drank the tea I felt like I was getting sick, assuming now it could have been candida dieing off. I am taking black walnut in capsule form as well, it seems to be working some. I can’t afford the oregono oil right now but I am adding alot of oregano to my salads. I still feel pretty lethargic but the bloating has gone down some. :)

  • I have been on a candida diet since the end of December 07 and I definitely can tell all candidiasis sufferers that it does get easier. I launched myself into the no sugar thing as soon as my symptoms got so bad I couldn’t even stand and cook without having an asthma attack. I couldn’t function anymore. The first step of letting go of all sweeteners except stevia is definately hardest. Have faith in yourself and know that even if you do cheat and feed it a little now, you’re going to kick its a very soon. Not having sugar is detrimental to your health – your brain needs it to function. If you get more foggy than normal, I suggest eating some almond butter (if you have the $) or maybe some grapefruit. I’ve been cheating here and there with Eden soy rice milk, sweetened with amazake (fermented rice) but it works for me. Test your own results with it. Dry symptoms (like ringworm or yeast infections itching but not being moist) mean die off, wet symptoms mean candida triving!! I researched at least 15 to 20 different ways to attack it and I’ve found is that “The Body Ecology Diet” is the best and hardest diet. Kim Chi is the best way I’ve found to heal yourself while at the same time killing candida. However, the BED is kind of odd in that it pushes products and doesn’t exactly accept veganism. I personally have supplemented my protein with spirulina and that helped a lot. I only started the BED about a month ago, after already going through the antifungals (every color of the rainbow), it seems like it kicked everything that was left!!!! I finally feel free!!! Words of wisdom, propolis (though not vegan) has antifungal properties equivalent to nystatin (F* presciption drugs, they’re what messed me up in the first place!!), caprylic acid and oregano oil always worked for me, and keeping my liver healthy is something I should have been doing this whole time. I woke up with jaundice one day and have been cleansing and toning my liver and colon since. Now that my toxins are free to go, all lethargy and breathing problems are going away!!!! Best advice I can give is read as much as you can about this and love yourself! Know you are strong and beautiful and can conquer anything with your heart behind you :) You know what’s best for you and what got you into this mess in the first place and you can get your way out again (not to say don’t go to a naturopath. I didn’t but that’s cause I find it silly that doctors were paid to give us this imbalance and now we have to pay different doctors to fix it?? Find one you really trust if you do go to one.) Know there’s millions of sufferers out there and we’re all trying to find our way back to our bodies and suceeding!!!

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