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what is weighing me down?

I pretty much only eat fruit for the first part of my day, and in the afternoon i get hungry no matter how much fruit i eat, so i prepare a salad. After my salad I feel a bit heavy, tired, working harder to digest, and takes my energy down…not as bas as cooked food does…but it kills my fruit high! The thing is, my salads are really simple, compared to what they used to be at least… this is what i typically make:

  • live gourmet butter lettuce (the lettuce that is sold still connected to its roots)
  • fresh herb mix/ baby green mix
  • mache
  • 1 medium tomato
  • 1 avocado
  • only dressing is juice of 1/2 orange and
  • tbsp of straight unrefined cold pressed Sacha Inchi Oil
  • sprouted sunflower seeds or a little bit of crumbled sunflower seed bread by Lydia’s Organics to make cro


  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    If you’re cruising along fine during the morning, my best guess is that it would be from the fat. I see 3 different fat sources in your salad, maybe cut back to just one. Or maybe eliminate the whole avo. Either way all 3 may be too much for you, so experiment with the amount of fat! Good luck!

  • Could it be possible that you need to take digestive enzymes or hydrochloric acid? I’ve found that I have a hard time digesting protein without them. Some people just don’t produce enough digestive juices in their gut and need help with digestion by using one or the other or both. Both the avocado and the seeds are protein. Hope this is helpful. :)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I agree with coconutty on the fat. I personally feel heavy if I use anything other then olive oil.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Try yoga poses that will increase your digestive fire (i bet some of our yogis can help) Two things possible—fruit part great, but the body is having an easy go of digesting that—now comes lunch in combination with several different plant fats—combining avo w/ sunseeds w/your oil and maybe flax. try making this salad the same, but increasing the avo only and leave out the other fats—so chop one avo and blend the other w/ your orange to make a dressing. All you can do is try it for a couple of days and see if that nips the mushies. i eat like you do—fruit all day w/ greens in smoothis, but i need my salad w/ some fat by 3:00. Lighter dinner. And now that i finally read all the posts..ha,ha. same thing.

  • I think too much fat in one go too!

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    thanks guys, it appears to be the fat combination! hmm… i have to find a way to get all those things in my system at some point in the day, but i guess i can’t do it all at once! good call, thanks again!

  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    personally, I like to start my day with a green drink that has some fat, usually in the form of oil or hemp seed in it….do the fruit thing throughout the day and then a salad last with avocado or whatever I’m feeling.

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