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sick a lot.

maybe i should post this in the ‘Health and Beauty’ forum, but since i am fairly new to raw, i decided to post here. I’ve been ovo-lacto vegetarian for 12 years, and about 2 months ago, made the transition to 100% vegan and 80-90% raw. in the past 2 months, i have been sick 3 times, which is unheard of for me. like week-long sickies! i used to maybe get sick once a year… if that. i am very cautious about what i eat, doing my best to watch my labels to make sure i’m getting enough iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins (i do take a b-12 supplement).... but i can’t figure out what’s going on with my body. am i detoxing? i didn’t really eat all that unhealthy before.

has anyone else had an experience like this?


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I became 100% raw for the past five weeks. I was extremely tired during the first few weeks, and felt slight cold-like symptoms. I slept sometimes 11 hours a day. Before this, i was always physically active, and 70% raw for 3 months, and never sick. Now, after about 4 weeks of sluggishness, i’m finally getting back to normal. allow yourself Plenty of rest, water, fruits and veggies.

  • When I feel like I am getting sick I have to cut back on my sugar/fruit intake and take astralagus/schizandra tea and drink reishi/shiitake/miso soup. I felt like I was getting sick a couple times this winter and always stuck to that routine and never did. As long as immune stimulating herbs are not abused they work very well if you feel you are getting run down. Stress and candida can make your immune system weak too. I hope you figure out what is wrong.:)

  • megantheveganmeganthevegan Raw Newbie

    You are more than likely detoxing. I know I am definitely detoxing right now! Though I’m into my 7th week, I’ve heard this can go on for a while. I view it more as a positive thing so that I don’t get too frustrated…it will pass, and you’ll feel even better than before!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    It is very common to have heavy detox the first 2 months of raw. It will go, you won’t always feel like this. It doesn’t matter if you used to eat healthily, our bodies still store cooked foods as toxins and they still have to come out. Loads of greens and liquids tend to help the process, as does exercise, yoga and lots of lovely massages. Bathing in Epsom salts is also good to speed up the detox. When you feel sick just relax and rest completely, sounds like you have no choice over that one! It is strange to feel ill for no reason, but after wards you will feel amazing.

  • thanks for the feedback from everyone. i am a pretty regular exerciser, although i can’t imagine having the energy in my current condition. and it sounds like a great excuse to seek out some much needed massage work. i think i can deal with this – especially if i think it’s part of the whole detox process – but i get so much grief from family/friends, ‘well, you wouldn’t get so sick if you would eat a proper diet!’ or ‘if you are so healthy, why do you get sick so much?’ man, is that frustrating.

  • Allright, 12 years ovo-lacto,and 2 months vegan… yes, you are definitely detoxing. Dont be worried, just wait and see. Sometimes the toxins give a little fight before going out. Be sure you are not so stressed, because you are eating healthy it doesnt men you are healthy. Try some meditation and repeat this to yourself twice a day: “I know you are detoxing, please tell me how can I help you” ^^ That`ll do. =) Good luck!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    likely detox. i can say with confidence that raw gives an intense boost to the immune system, since this is the only winter of my life so far where i have not been sick once. every other winter ive had a cold at leats 4 or 5 times plus the flu at least once per winter…and i’ve been bright and healthy all winter!

  • EnjoyRawEnjoyRaw Raw Newbie

    That’s why I’m tired. I forgot about detoxing. I thought it was the kids and the stress of a traveling hubby. This is the most Raw I’ve been. Thanks although I totally blew it today – I will start fresh tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder. I didn’t think I would be tired because I was not doing a cleansing or anything. But I guess the more you increase your percentage – you detox. Got it. Knowledge is power!

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