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Okay, so now that I have your attention I really need help. This summer I will be going tree planting. There is a cook for the entire camp, but I know in the past they have accommodated vegans, so I’m sure it won’t be that difficult. I guess I am limited to fruit during the day, and salad at night- however the fruit selection sucks so I might have to buy some of my own on days off. However, my problems lie in that I need super foods- things that are easy to carry and pack the most punch with respect to nutrients and energy. I really need some ideas- I can’t bring any appliances. Also, the water they use is heavily chlorinated and I need to find a water filter that I can either attach to the huge jugs they have, or put in my drink- or something along those lines. I would really appreciate any help as I am very nervous about this!


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    Sounds like a great adventure! How long are you going to be on this adventure? Are you able to receive packages/mail there? If so, you can set up to get some food shipped to you over the duration of your stay. Some suggestions for stuff you can bring: goji berries, nuts, a variety or you favorite seaweed. I would also suggest bringing a good vit/min supplement since you won’t have access to a full range of food.

    BTW, if the appliance issue is about appliances that use electricity… you can get a hand crank blender that uses “elbow grease” rather than electricity.

    If you are interested in a great water filter that is used in a water bottle for treated water (not for untreated water from a source like a river), feel free to contact me. When you use this type of filter, you don’t have to bring your own water, just use the water they provide and filter out the chemicals.

  • Well I would bring hemp. Hemp seeds to sprinkle on everything and hemp protein powder to mix into your morning water or juice or whatever. It’s the best “superfood” out there and it will help you stay energized and nourished. Probably I’d bring a green powder too since it might be hard to get yer greens in. I have worked as both a treeplanter and a cook’s assistant in a planting camp (not while raw though) and it seems like if you get a friendly cook you could bring your own things to make energy balls in the evenings yourself. Combos of goji berries, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, cacao, chlorella, should keep ya going. I wouldn’t be nervous about it,just by eating raw you’ll be so much better off than everyone else there. I remember the food I used to eat planting and it’s suprising I survived. How is anyone supposed to do physical labor while living on peanut butter sandwiches and cookies!! I actually want to go planting again in the future just to see the difference the raw diet would make. I bet I could haul ass now!

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