I think I'm going to be about 50% raw

It’s too hard for me to transition to more lol…I miss milk and cheese at times, and raw ones don’t suffice.

Anyone else doing just 50 or 60 percent??


  • I usually do about 60%, though I’m aiming for 80%. It’s better to be comfortable where you are than trying to transition too fast and then binging on less healthy foods. You’ll know when you’re ready for the next level of raw. In the meantime 50% is certainly better than 40%, etc . . .

  • i am about 75%. i eat a cooked vegan dinner most nights but all other food during the day is raw (except for my little issue last night with organic corn chips…). i find having that cooked dinner makes such a difference for me emotionally, and it allows me to eat with friends and family more freely. regardless of my percentage raw, it is most important for me to stay gluten free, as gluten is what has the potential to cause the most illness for me.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    lalala- make the corn chips from this site!! sooo good. 2 ways: blend fresh corn kernels in high speed blender with salt. OR blend kernels with salt and nuts (like cashews). dehydrate till crispy on teflex sheets. yummers!

  • snoopy99snoopy99 Raw Newbie

    Im with you heyitsmahsa and Raw_chocoholic. WHen I eat by myself after work, i try and make something raw, or steamed, but when I am with my family and goign out with friends, I don’t want to be too picky yet…until i know that i am ready to make that step. I “try” to make right food combinations when eating cooked food, but most of the time that fails and i head straight to the bread basket…oh well…trial and error! its a learning process

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    heyitsmahsa—you don’t to think of it as a life commitment until you see and like the results. cuz why else would you do it? until you try being raw you won’t know if you want to even BE raw. give yourself a week say, and see how you feel. until you feel it you won’t have a “taste” for how sweet that feeling is! and until you have had a taste of a raw life there won’t be any motivating force to stay away from things you have been told are bad for you. the dairy products will be there when you “return.” and then you can make an educated decision as to whether life was better WITH or WITHOUT it.

    think of it as a little vacation, not a change of address. =)

    what do you have to lose?

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    i think it depends on what your reasons for going raw are. if you are sick to begin with, getting up to 95% raw you will begin to heal. if you are trying it out looking for more energy and are healthy to begin with, then 50% should give you the results you want.

    for me, i feel like a “normal” person when i raw, and an 80 year old sick person when i’m not! for me it seems the only road to some semblence of health.

    my advice is to try it for a week or two and try to be very close to 100%, and just see how it feels. its only a couple weeks out of your life!

  • I am 75% at best.I was never veg or vegan, so this is huge for me. Do what feels right for YOU!!!

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