What do you feel eating raw?

I’ve been on and off eating raw for 7 months… And nearly EVERY DAY gave in to junk,sweets,cheese and butter. In the beginning I was succeeding and stayed for nearly 3 weeks raw(raw food for me is only fruits and vegs) But then….it was becoming worse and worse and now my intake of raw food everyday is approximately 50% only. 1 week later I did succeede again and for the whole week was eating raw. THIS week it was like hell… I can’t say that I adore or too much enjoy eating raw.No.It’s not like this.The main reason is in the feelings that I experience if I eat raw.But everyday it’s nearly a challenge for me. I live with my parents and the fridge is always loaded with the garbage,as I name cooked food and junk. I don’t blame them but still,I know If I lived alone it would be much easier. I want to move from them soon. The whole deal is that cooked food esp. butter and sweets help me to feel secure and satisfy me,it helps me to distract from day-to-day problems. Or something like that,I know that it’s emotional eating anyway. Still if I eat some cooked I feel that I’m a complete failure. But eating all this crap is never any good.If I think that ’’this little piece of a cake won’t hurt…’’,I know that I’m mistaken.It WILL.It only veils my scenses and prevents from comprehending the real side of life. And when I eat raw at any moment I can break into crying,I’m sleepy,relaxed and…nevertheless I feel very happy.My dreams then are so bright and amazing. I sleep 100% better when I stay raw. The other MAIN peculiarity is that I can slim down ONLY by eatng raw. I tried everything and found the truth for me.Recently in one week I dropped 6 pounds (not bad?)) though now I’ve gained it all back. Still,raw eating is much more for me than just a secret to lose weight. I discovered,that when I stay raw…: I feel so much confident like never before; I feel very peaceful; I become thinner and the cellulite disappears; my eyesight is improving; my scenses become more distinct and sharp; my hair becomes lighter, healthier and shiny; it’s so much easier to go in for sport then; people can’t take their eyes off you; my eyes become clearer,brighter and I don’t know why but my pupils in the eyes become so little and thinner that it seems like a little dot in the eye(it looks very cute;)); I feel pure; And another main reason-I like listening to the music very much. So,when I eat raw I feel like I blend together with the music that I listen to… like if the music and me became the one whole…it’s such an amazing feeling! It was my confession,a tribute to the healthy natural style and a complaint to the garbage that poisons my life… So,what do you feel when you eat raw?


  • Thanks for sharing. I can relate to what you are saying. I am also raw on and off and can really tell the same differences you are experiencing. I hope that I will find a way to stay raw soon. Because I love the benefits. But, it really is a commitment while living in a cooked world. I find it really hard when I am really busy. Like right now I am on a tour with work (I am a musician.. right now conducting a choir on tour) and I eat with everyone else. Eating out raw in Norway means Iceberg salad and that is it plus whatever I could prepare and bring… but right now I find it too challenging to stay raw and I go right back to eating pizza and potatoes in these situations. I hope some 100%ers have some insight for us! I guess my strategy is to be nice to myself and take it at the tempo that feels right. It is my intention to embrace the wonderful raw lifestyle and I think it is important to keep the road there fun. One thing I am trying at home now is to eat what I think might be the ideal raw days food intake in addition to some cooked food and I am hoping that my wanting for cooked food will diminish. (start with eating raw everytime I am hungry and then some cooked if I still feel it is necessary) But as for what I feel when eating 100% : peaceful, happy, pounds drop off, I smell better, have better digestion, and look lighter, brighter and more beautiful and am bounding with energy. Pretty good reasons to lay off the pizza… but alas sometimes I eat pizza.

  • Thank you,Nothernlights. You touched the subject that is very painful for me)-it’s about eating raw while not at home/while travelling. This summer I will have to live in a camp for 1 month(I will have pedagogic practice with children),so for the entire month I’m bound to eat only cooked food and I know there will be nothing raw.And it really frustrates me because in the summer it’s so very much easier to eat raw-loads of tasty fruits and the sunshine help me to overcome depression and now I will have to eat a very bad quality foodstuffs…And then it will not depend on me,on my will,I just will have to… But I guess it’s something that I have to overcome… ...How can THEY feed children with such a crap?...In 50 years with this “diet” they will turn into alcoholics or maniacs or fat sick wrecks that spend all their money on medicine…I’m depressed…But I know that everything will be great.

  • megantheveganmeganthevegan Raw Newbie

    Ahh I wish I had more time to respond to this, so I’ll say what happened in my situation when I lived at home—

    Same deal. Nothing but cooked food in the house. I’d end up buying my own groceries in attempts to say 100%, but I always failed.

    Even after I moved out, 2 years ago…I tripped over myself often. But it was IMPROVEMENT. Always taking me steps backwards, and a few steps forward, but atleast I was getting the hang of being raw for little bits at a time.

    Here I am now, three years later after stumbling, trying to do raw, and I’m doing it 100%!!! I’ve been doing it now for 2 months, and I know that THIS IS IT. I’ve found my nitch.

    Desenchantee…if you have done raw for 3 weeks before, you have already demonstrated to yourself that you have the discipline and passion/determination to follow through with this. Things might not be set up for you in the way that you’d like right now, but have no fear! Keep trying like you’re doing. Know that there are going to be times where you seriously don’t like doing raw while living at home…but that will add more fuel to your fire of raw passion in the end!!!

    A while after living on your own, you’ll create a safe place for yourself at home with raw food, and soon enough that safe place will branch out and be so strong that you’ll be in any social situation and have protected yourself…so much that cooked food will mean nothing to you anymore.

    You’re totally getting there. I don’t want to disregard your frustration, but really, if you’ve done it for 3 weeks…man…when you are on your own…you’re going to FLY!!!

  • chilovechilove Raw Newbie

    It is almost impossible to describe how much better I feel now that I am raw. Depression and anxiety resolved when I went raw and I feel much happier, calmer, and energetic. I am also much more patient with people and much more socially outgoing than I used to be. I feel a much stronger spiritual connection and feel a part of the cycle of life in a way that I never could have imagined before.

    I truly believe that raw enables us to become the people that we were always meant to be!!!

    Loving the raw life!!

    Many blessings,


  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    HAPPY! JOY! BLISS! ENERGY! I am so happy now, everyone else seems like they are dull and miserable! I am now living in colour! Non raw was like living in a black and white movie!

    I haven’t laughged this much for years!

  • I will say that beating yourself up about eating non-raw is definitely something you should try to avoid. going 100% is hard, and all you can do is try to do your best. i am at about 80-90% right now, and found that if i just try for that, i don’t hate myself when i have some steamed broccoli or tortilla chip or something. eventually i might go 100%, but not until i’m ready to commit. otherwise i’ll just end up beating myself up.

    try this- set a goal of like 75% for a month and try really hard to stick to that. then go 80%, then 90%... etc. i had to learn to not abuse myself (emotionally) when i slip up. that’s how i get though the day to day. ;)

  • Paxton SquiggledyPaxton Squiggledy Raw Newbie

    More energy, less emotional stress, clearer mind, feel physically lighter, bloated feeling gone, skin cleared, physical endurance increased, no more headaches, increased sex drive.

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    having only been 100% for a little over a week, i can say that I feel lighter and more alert. i realized I was so groggy before! I thought it was due to the meds I was on. I first made a plan to try to go for a week, and phased out cooked foods for one week. Then went all raw last saturday. I thought for sure it would be hard but it has not because my reward is how good I feel. I am very sensitive to what I eat and my body reacts when I eat crap. Even the day before I was raw I ate almost all raw but a brownie and it was weighing me down.

    My trick has been to really have plenty of raw food around. it has been more expensive to start up but I hope that will level off. I am treating myself with lots of fresh fruit, flax crackers that I bought from the grocery store, and lara bars. that seems to be quick food for when I am ravenous. but i have also been trying not to eat unless i am really hungry and that is hard. so I guess I feel more hungry in some ways, but also more satisfied in others. not like the “skipped a meal and i’m faint” kind of feeling, but “my stomach is light but my head feels good” kind of feeling.

    I’ve also been way more into cooking my own food than I have been in over 5 years. it is amazing. and i have the energy to do it.

    good luck in your journey. figure out what you need to be healthy.

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