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Need Bad Bread info - send me the bad stuff!

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

Ok, weird topic title. I need some bad info on how bad bread really is so I can overcome my bread addicition. I eat too much bread (right now I can’t afford to be 100% raw so I am doing my best) and want some really gross, bad info on it that will scare the hell out of me so I will not want to eat the stuff (sort of like how I gave up meat when I learnt about factory farming).

Gimme what ya got! Any raw books that really go into details about bread and what it does to your body etc? Experiences? links to articles on the web?

I may not kick the bread habit entirely right away but I need something to start pushing me in that direction so I will not want to eat so much of it. (and yes, I have and do make raw breads but my addiction is towards the poufy soughdough breads not flat breads)

Same thing with soy too – I eat many vegan soy thingys with my bread – send me the bad stuff that will gross me out and scare me! :)

Thanks guys! :)


  • tdgtdg Raw Newbie

    I can’t send you the bad stuff. Sorry. I struggle with bread cravings as well. I find that after I have done a juice fast, when I do have bread it just doesn’t taste “right”. It tastes bland and yucky. It has cured me of the craving for breads. I just enjoy the way they “taste” in my memory.

  • I struggled with bread for 4 months before going raw. What helped me was a short water fast. I went on a 60 hours water fast and never touched bread since. Now I can smell toast three times a day and am not tempted to taste it AT ALL. Kinda like a little miracle:) I’d say, give it time. Don’t feel guilty when you eat it. Eventually it will stop being appealing to you.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    It shortens your life my constipating you and clogging your lymph noids so your body with mucous. It fills your brain with toxins so that you can’t think straight. As a result of causing a blocked bowel, you are at a very high risk fr colon cancer in the future. Did this scare you a bit?

    If you are going to indulge occeasioanlly on bread, I recommend Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread. TRust me though, it is addictive. One time I ate a whole loaf in a day and felt horrible the next day. There are also sprouted bagels. French Meadow Sprouted Bagels are the most addicting.

    The best bread to buy is Manna Bread. It is sprouted, and mostly comes in sweet flavors like carrot raisin but they have a sourdough one too. Delicious. So soft and moist. It is supposedly baked at low temperatures.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie


    Yes that is scaryif it is really true? Did you read that in a book or..?

    This would very much apply to me because I have come very close to developing colon cancer already – I had precancerous polyps removed.

    Unfortunately, I hate Ezekiel Sprouted Bread – it tastes like cardboard to me. I would rather eat no bread. The bread I eat is mostly the locally made stuff – has about five ingredients in it – simple stuff – nothing enriched ever.

    The Ezekiel Spouted Bread isn’t raw, it is baked at a pretty high temp I think – do you think it is better than regular breads for some reason? Is it because it is sprouted? I did used to eat sprouted bread at one time or ones with whole grains. I like rolls to have a big sandwichs which which I have found sprouted versions of. I really hate bread that is too soft and squishy.

    I wonder if the head toxins can cause any other problems like hearing problems?

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    Soy is extremely mucous forming, and clog everything up. Not sure about the bread. I ate some Ezekiel break yesterday. Pretty good stuff, but I was sick afterwards. I think it’s all not that good for ya’. Hmm.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    queenfluff: Yes, it is true. It is hard to remember, but several years ago my mother read a little book called the Colon Handbook. It was not a raw food book, just a little handbook written by a man (sorry I don’t remember his name) who had experienced very bad colon problems. In it he said that grains, dairy, and meat are all mucous forming and clog the colon pretty bad. It is known that a blocked colon that is ignored for many years increases the risk of colon cancer by alot. Also, this book was just a little of what my mother knows, she’s very smart and has had bad colon experinced too.

    Oh of course the toxins all over the body (not nessecarily the head) can cause almost any illness you can think of- cancer, disease, etc. But I guess lung cancer is caused by smoking.

    No, Ezekiel Bread is definately not raw, but it’s sprouted, which makes it better. To tell you the truth, I cannot digest raw or cooked grains, sprouted or not, like one time I sprouted some raw oat groats and blended them to oatmeal, dehydrated for cookies, and that constipated me for days. Despite this, if you have to eat bread sometimes, eat a half of a French Meadow Sprouted Bagel, not raw either, but they taste amazing and are soft like bread on the inside, hard and crunchy on the outside. I had less trouble digesting these than the Ezekiel bread. Also, you should buy or order Manna Bread. It is a sprouted bread that is supposedly baked at low temperatures, preserving some of the enzymes. Manna bread now that I remember was the easiest to digest, it comes in mostly sweet flavors but there are regular ones as well, like sourdough. Very tasty and soft and moist, probably not good for sandwiches but it is very tasty for a snack.

    Now I remember that the thing about the Ezekiel bread is that it contains a bunch of sprouted grains (including sprouted wheat) but also unsprouted wheat. Weird

    Also the Colon Handbook said the only grain that was digestible was millet, and I think it’s true, too. You can buy millet bread in most healthfood stores (although neither raw nor sprouted, it’s ok I think.)I used to soak some millet overnight and then the next morning cook it in a pot until soft and then mix with maple syrup. mmmmmm

    Hearing problems definately caused by bread toxins. :)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    About the soy, a little bit is ok probably. You could probably eat a few pieces of tofu and then stop eating it and thenn a little more later in the day maybe.

  • For me, bread clogs up stuff (if you know what I mean)

    the only bread I would consider eating is ezekiel bread.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Why not make your own sprouted grain raw bread? It takes a few days to make which might slow down your consumption. I like kamut bread a lot. I made rye a couple weeks ago, but the flavor was too strong – next time I’ll blend it with another grain. A few years ago I was told I had a yeast intolerance, so I stopped eating bread cold turkey. Before that I was totally addicted and could eat a good sourdough loaf in an aftenoon, then go into a stupor. I’ve since started making my own flat sprouted bread, some raw, some cooked, and it’s been fine.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie


    Raw food website with an article of how bread is very BAD. It isn’t that great, I know, but it might be something. Hope this helps queenfluff. :)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    This has nothing to do with bad bread but look what I found. Seems interesting. :)


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I read Leslie Kenton’s Skin Revolution book and then quite bread. She said that it kills the elasticity of our skin and causes wrinkles. Well, I have to say that quitting bread really is the best thing I have ever done for my skin. She is right. When I used to cave in and eat some my skin looked more loose and wrinkly, and when I stayed off it all of that miraculously reversed. I can’t remember the science behind it, sorry, but the next time you go for ages without bread, and then eat some just take a look at your skin and take note of how it makes it look.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Good point Zoe. In fact, ALL cooked foods cause wrinkles and aging, not just bread. That is very scary and these wrinkles that show up from eating cooked foods will become permanent if you don’t stop eating bread.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Thanks guys for all the comments and tips!

    southernlover – I do notice I feel a bit more mucously after eating to much soy based things. I am definately going to make an effort to cut down though. I don’t think my vegan soy thingys (mostly vegan cheese) has any nutritional value anyhow. I going to be makin some raw cheeses and will try to incorporate those instead. I used to make these things all the time and didn’t eat any vegan cheeses but I am very broke right now so affording all the nuts and stuff is hard.

    RawKidChef – thanks! I used to have a few books on colon health – All i can remember of those was that I came to the conclusion that I didn’t get enough fiber and that my polyps were probably caused by carcinogens since I had no other risk factors (I didn’t know about raw then though). Nothing was said about bread and colon problems – of course, these were more “mainstream” books. Right now, i have no health insurance so I definatley can’t afford to get a colonscopy – although I am not due for one for a few years.

    I will have to check my Whole Foods for the Manna bread and try some of that. I have heard of it before but never saw it. I have tried several of the Ezekiel breads before and hated them – maybe they will taste different to me now. I give them another look over.

    I am curious to what in bread causing the toxins – my guess is it is because bread is baked at such a high temp and that the crust when turning brown containing a dangerous toxin (my bf told me the name of it but I can’t remember now – he never eats the crust on bread).

    I actually used to buy bread with Millet in it because I read that it the grain highest in protein. I used to buy this when I thought I needed to compensate for not getting enough protein when going veg. (of course i know better now). I actually did find a pretty tasty one and I remember liking it but last time i had it, it seemed they had changed the recipe and the bread wasn’t as nice and grainy and more soft and squishy and I didn’t like it anymore.

    thanks for those links! Very great!

    Carmentina – Actually I do and have made lots of sprouted breads raw. Rye, wheat etc. But I love poufy breads – raw breads as you know are not poufy – they are flat. I am planning to do an experiment where i add yeast to the sprouted grains and see if I can get some poufy bread out of that. It will take forever to dehydrate but will see if it works.

    Zoe – I haven’t really been keeping track but I do know when I am more raw and not eating bread – that my skin looks better – less tired looking mostly and more vibrant. I guess it doesn’t bother me as much but I realize that eating anything cooked probably isn’t the best for my skin. I am sure that my skin would look even better if I didn’t eat the bread.

    RawKidChef – I don’t think the wrinkles would be permanent – I think it can be reversed to look better. I look pretty young for my age for the most part only some lines around the eyes – but smoothier more alive looking skin would be nice.

    I had another thought reading your rawguru link (they have the best raw store btw – I bought my Blendtec from them – the guy who runs it Alex is really great!) – that is bread absorb all that water – I wonder what else it absorbs that I consume – I was thinking more along the lines of MSM - I take MSM to help with my hair, skin, joints etc… I normally take it in the AM before i eat any bread but I wondering if the bread would get in the way of my MSM working at its fullest and whether or not it absorbs any of it and stops me from getting the full benefits of it. THAT might defintley cause me to significantly cut down my bread consumption! I would hate it if all my nice good MSM powder was being trumped by the bread.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    my skin looks like whatever I eat. So if I ate bread it looks like dough! Eat shiny juicy is goes shiny and juicy. I used to be a potato addict, and yes I did look like a potato head then!!

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I recently made some bread from Matt Amsden’s Rawvolution. It was very pliable and soft. And quite delicious, had only a few commonly found ingredients. It’s main ingredient is onion. It was the most like cooked bread that I’ve found.

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    So Zoe, should I only eat smooth, wrinkle free, young, unblemished, tan foods ? ;)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    lol daniefon

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Ok, I am starting to notice something – I tend to get moody after I eat soy thingys. Tonight I made a “Mexican Feast’ – raw guac and some melted vegan cheese with jalpenos in it with blue corn chips.

    I noticed this before but I wasn’t really sure if it was the soy stuff or not – but sometimes I get a little down and depressed an hour after I eat some vegan cheesy thingy.

    I have been very up and down lately because of my financial and job problems so I was thinking that was it – but now I am wondering if it might be the soy.

    Does any know if soy can lead to depression? If only notice it if I eat something like vegan cheese with soy in it – not if I have something with soy milk or earth balance.

    But hey I had NO bread today! :) I did go to a small health food store and notice the manna bread in the frig section but I think I will wait until I go to WF to check it out – they have a bigger selection.

    I have a whole loaf of bread I have to eat up but I am definatley goes to try to cut it out and see what happens. :)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    great queenfluff! Also, about your previous reply, raw dairy cheese is better than soy. Soy really has problems. HOWEVER, soy milk seems a little better than tofu because it is liquid. Maybe drinking a little of that would help you transition off of the tofu. Well, if you read a book that was not written by somebody who believes in raw food, chances are they aren’t going to think that bread would cause such colon problems. Yes, stay away from bread. To tell you the truth, it is not “bread” or necessarily the high temperatures it is baked at – it is grains. I find even raw grains are hard on the stomach. I once sprouted some raw oat groats and ground them to oatmeal. Dehydrated them for cookies, and saved some batter to eat. Not only was the batter indigestible, but the cookies when they were done were even worse. That was not my only raw grain bad experince – I have had many. Like soy, grains generate A LOT of mucous and the grains are very indigestible, sprouted, raw, cooked, whatever they are evil little kernals. Interesting about the toxin in bread crust, just another reason to stay away from bread. I really liked the millet bread too, it contained veggies like carrots and cucumbers or something and VERY TASTY. I’m sure you could find a millet bread that isn’t squishy. :)

    If you keep eating the bread for years, the wrinkles will become permanent, and you really won’t want it – trust me.

    How have you been doing with staying off bread? Hope good. :)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Also, you shoudl buy the Manna bread and eat it a little bit. I have found that if you go for a long walk and eat lots of fruit with the bread is does definately digest better. There was one guy who lived to be 160 eating black bread (whatever that is) and some sort of predigested cheese. It’s hard to believe, I’m not even sure if it’s true.

    About the MSM, I’m not knowledgable too much but I’m sure your right. :)

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    RawKidChef – You know what before I became vegan I hardly ate any soy. I was veg for a long time but never saw a reason to give up dairy (until I realized that the dairy cows get treated just as badly as the meat ones than I did want to give it up). So when I was veg I ate alot of “artistian” dairy cheeses and such and real mayo and organic milk. I really increased my soy when i went vegan – vegan cheeses, veganaise etc. I never used to feel bad after eating them but I am definatley noticing it lately – I am also noticing I am getting “phlemy” again like I did when I ate too much dairy. Very weird. I definately I going to give up the soy – I read some really scary stuff online about it on here: http://www.soyonlineservice.co.nz/articles/SSP2…

    I was surprised to see people talking about depression, mood swings, tinnitus and thinning hair – I have noticed all of these since I started eating more soy. Now that i think about my tinnitus started right around when I tried to go vegan – I can’t remember how much soy I was eating at that time but who knows. I was 100% raw from a few months around that time and the tinnitus didn’t go away but I wonder how long it takes to get soy out of your system. Can it cause permanent damage?

    If I eat something with tofu in it, which isn’t very often, I don’t feel gross after – it is only the soy based dips and cheeses that are made to be vegan.

    I don’t think dairy is good for us to eat either so I would probably never go to eating raw dairy but the soy sounds even worse.

    Anyhow, about the bread, I checked out the manna bread at WF the other day and I didn’t like the looks of it. It looked like something I could make myself – a squishy loaf of sprouted grains. I did like the looks of the French Meadow stuff you recommended – there was one bread that was sourdough they had that looked interested. I didn’t buy any because I still have a full loaf of the local sourdough I should eat up – although, I haven’t had any bread in like two days! But I hate for it to go to waste so I will eat it up slowly.

    Actually, David Wolfe said if you are going to eat bread – toast it. He said it is easier to digest that way. I often will have a taste for toast in the morning so I think I will use it up slowly that way. Bread is getting really expensive anyhow will that harvest problem.

    I have a few raw bread I will make that hopefully will help with cravings. But I am started to realize how bad the soy and bread are and I think that is motivating me more to stop eating them – more of the health scare if anything else. I will definatley be keeping an eye on my skin too – I am pretty it does look better off bread – I guess I just never really noticed it too much before since I look like 15 years younger than I really am. But I definatley would like to stay that way! :)

    Thanks for your advice – it is definatley very helpful! :)

  • debbietookdebbietook Raw Master

    Forget Ezekiel bread. It’s cooked.

    Try Essene bread. It’s raw.


    (and, by the way, the ‘recipe’ article is preceded by an article that discusses the differences between raw, sprouted wheat and the cooked (often high-gluten) wheat used in cooked breads).

    Love, Debbie Took

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