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my fast

daisygirldaisygirl Raw Newbie

I never in my life thought that I could go a day without food, but here I am day 2 into my juice fast. I feel wonderful (so far…) and I’m not finding it nearly as difficult as I had imagined. It’s a combination of small amounts of juice and lots of water, with plans to do one or two complete days of water fasting. I hope to do a 5 day fast, see how I feel, and maybe continue on. I’m posting this as a bit of aid to me, somewhere I can write down a few blurbs and get support in those tough times I know are ahead. For those of you who have fasted, any tips would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Shelley


  • this is my 2nd day also im doing just water. i find that i dont start really feeling a difference until after the 6th day then it gets better by the minute. im not sure how long im gonna go this time, at least a few days. only drink water when you are thirsty many people think that you gulp down mass quantities of water to get rid of toxins. true that more liquid passes through the kidneys however, what your doing is making them work unnessary to get rid of the water not toxins since they will only eliminate what they can and your fast will help that process

  • RawAllaRawAlla Raw Newbie

    It is possible to “overdose” on water and die. It is essential to maintain a balance of electrolytes in order for the body to perform essential fuc=nctions such as muscle contraction. Your heart is a muscle. Someone in Seattle recently died from water overdose in a radio contest. Be careful and check with your health care provider about appropriate amounts of water.

  • Actually that was an extreme case, that women drank over 2 gallons of water in under an hour and did not go to the bathroom. Her body could not process that amount in that time and her organs shut down. As a nurse I too worry at times about electrolytes while fasting with water. I usually add a little lemon or lime to my water every couple of days, Although I have heard success stories of people fasting up to 40 days on water alone. Good point RawAlla.

  • daisygirldaisygirl Raw Newbie

    After re-reading my post, maybe I should clarify “lots of water”. During the day I have 3 cups of herbal tea, and 3 glasses of fruit or vegetable juice diluted with water (so that it’s almost half of each). During the time I want to water fast only, it wouldn’t be anymore than 8 glasses. Thanks for keeping an eye on me…you guys are so helpful :)

  • I am having 4 litres a day staggered through the day. Normally having juicy fruits means we hardly have to drink but when only having water is important to get enough.

    Keep us posted, intrested to hear more

    I always found water fasting easier than juice!

  • you are not to drink tons of water while fasting you are only to drink when you are thirsty. fasting is very safe when you do it right. if you do not know what your doing you should fast under a doctors care. in order to overdose on water you need to drink an extreme amount what happens is the blood becomes so saturated with water that it effectively stops your heart

  • Doctors supervise having 3 litres a day.

    When you are training hard its important to rehydrate. Becoming dehydrated is a problem if your not feasting on juicy fruits as normal.

    Intrested to have more info/science back up limiting water intake??

  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    yeh, I don’t mean to be an alarmist, though I do know someone personally that almonst died form drining too much water during a water fast without keeping his other levels balanced…...it wasn’t a comfortable situation for him!

  • Right, so how much is the right amount then?

    Considering I am walking 2 hours a day, running an hour and hitting the gym most evenings.

    I have checked all the “medical” type sites which say 2.5-3.5 litres per day.

    What is safe? I have always thought that 3 litres if your not having juicy fruits is correct. Now I am really confused!

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    It is rare to overdose on water because you have to have large quantities in a small amount of time. You have to be chugging it as if it were a beer bong. If you think about it, anyone that has large quantities in a small amount of time of food or liquids are going to either die or have complications. If the water is consumed in moderation through out the day he will be fine, he could drink 2 gallons a day if he wanted, it may not be necessary and he will be making many trips to the bathroom, but it won’t kill him.

    One of the leading cost of death is mixing medication that by it self is safe but together is deadly but it doesn’t make anyone think twice about there prescriptions, but people are weary of water.

  • fasting is a period of rest. you should not be training at all during a fast the most you should do is walk not for hours, just to get your blood flowing and muscles moving a little.fasting is not drinking as much water as posible. YOU DRINK WHEN YOUR THIRSTY THATS ALL.

    —rawdancer—3 litres is good you dont have to worry about that.if your really sweating you could even drink more.i hope your not fasting and doing all that.

    —-blujett-—- when you fast it is easier to saturate your blood with water thats why you only drink when you are thirsty. a person lacking the knowledge of how to safely fast should seek a proffessional for assistance.and you will avoid very dangerous situations such as your friends.

    —-overdose-— you have to drink an enormous amount of water very fast it is extremely uncommon. see my previous post

    —-alert-- if you are not sure how to fast DONT FAST.

  • daisygirldaisygirl Raw Newbie

    Whoo-hoo…lots of good stuff. My reading on fasting lead me to believe that light juice fasting was the best way to go, with the odd day of water fasting. That way you are providing living enzymes to your cells, but still giving your digestion a well needed rest. I think with water fasting you need to drink enough to help flush toxins, but not excessively. My understanding of thirst is that is your body’s way of telling you it’s already dehydrated- that’s why you get thirsty. Maybe it’s different with a fast?

    Anyway- I’ve done wonderful with the fast so far, it’s been easy and I haven’t felt too hungry (a few moments where I wanted something sinful…like pizza, but it would quickly pass). I’ve read if you can make it to day 3, it’s all downhill from there. Oh yeah, I’m also 5 pounds lighter (probably water weight- but I like it!). Cheers, Shelley

  • Glad thats cleared up!

    I train hard and drink when I am thirsty. When I am eating I hardly ever feel thirsty as I have a lot of high water content fruit n veg.

    Need my 3 litres a day!

    Well done with the fasting daisygirl glad you are feeling the benefits!

  • One should drink as much liquid as their body desires and when it desires it. This way you know your organs are ready to receive it and the liquid will not be retained. Too much liquid in the system can cause diarrhea and bloating. Fasts are meant to give our system and organs a rest. A good example is when we sleep our systems rest and cleanse. That is why it is unwise to eat the SAD version of break-fast.

    A good food to intake while fasting in order to balance electrolytes, is coconut water.

  • daisygirldaisygirl Raw Newbie

    Day 4- What an amazing experience this is. I had less cravings for naughty food yesterday, and actually found myself craving fruit. Amazing…I’m also down 7 pounds (I know I shouldn’t weigh myself, but it’s fun!) I found an old juicing book I had by Jay Kordich, and had to laugh. He had the raw diet down to a science back in the late ‘80’s (mostly in a juice form, but he talks about living enzymes in fruits and veggies and the dangers of dairy, meat and cooked food). Here I had this book for almost 20 years in my house and never got rid of it. Hmmm…makes you think. Wize- does the coconut water need to be from a young coconut, or can it be an older one?

    I have a wedding to go to on Saturday, and at this point don’t really want to break this fast. Any ideas? Can I eat a light salad and go back to fasting the next day? I’ve read stuff saying how to be careful re-introducing food after a fast…so I’m a bit worried and don’t really know what to do,

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