Natural herbicides

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Hi, I’ve started my herb and vegetable gardens and I’m very excited about it. However, I already notice insects eating my basil and the leaves of my yellow bell pepper plants. Today I made up a batch of natural insecticide made up of an onion, 1 clove of garlic and two TBs of cayenne pepper. I blended it with some water, strained it and sprayed the plants. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind some other recipes and/or tips in case this doesn’t work.


  • I would be very interested also. I have 2 apple trees. Last year (first summer in new house) I didn’t do anything and the beasties had a nice time. This year, I would like to make an effort and see what happens. I have heard that spraying the trees with soapy water (phosphate free of course) will keep 80% of the bugs away. I am going to try it and see what happens.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    an organic gardener came to our house and basically said any healthy plant produces its own pesticide. i don’t know much about this, but basically he said the first place to look is your soil. is the plant getting all it needs to ward off predators?

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    Same problem. I’ve checked all I can find on-line and the recipe you have seems to be the answer. I’m going to try it as well. Interesting, Pianissima-the basil that is being munched was not planted in my raw food compost/organic soil. Hmm.

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    plnissima, I have clay soil. I’ve amended it a bit with organic garden soil and compost and fertilizer, but maybe that isn’t enough. I’ll try some more of something!

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