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Oh and a question about skin

So…I am finally going to be able to be 100 % raw. I am going to Mexico for a week this Sat. I am unable to use my prescriptions for my acne because you are supposed to stay out of the sun while using them. I was stressing because w/o them…my skin goes bad quickly.However…I am wanting to take care of my acne naturally. So….right after Mexico I am going cold turkey and eating raw raw raw. I am extreme and just all or nothing works really well for me. :) my question is….should I continue to use the prescriptions while I am detoxing and whatnot to hopefully make it easier. Or would it be better if I am trying to get better to just go off of those as well?


  • One step at a time is better if you want the detox to be less intense. I’m an “extreme” person too, but I’m slowing learning that the body really isn’t an all-or-nothing thing. It appreciates all the little health improvements we make.

    Ooh, and have fun in Mexico!

  • So maybe shocking my body isn’t the best thing. lol that is something to consider. hmmmm. :) Oh and thank you for the Bon Voyage!

  • You should NOT use prescriptions at all!!! I also had acne before, but since I use tea tree oil on it I’m ok. It works wonders in even one day. Apply it on your acne without diluting it! I also make my own facial toner from: water, aloe juice, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and eucaliptus oil, even better if you add some rose water as well (you can get it in any indian stores.) The ratio is depending on your skin type. If your skin is dryer use more water and aloe, if oilyer use more ACV.

  • Hmmm….well..I’m not fond of prescriptions, but you seen very adamant. What’s the reason? What do you know that I don’t?? :) I do love the idea of using natural ingredients on my skin. I have taken the step of using coconut oil instead of store bought moisturizer. Personally I have acne prone and sensitive skin. I put on a sunscreen the other day that made my neck burn! however this may all change when I start eating raw.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    I suggest eating prunes,cucumbers,hibiscus,flax, and other things that clean your colon(helps get out the toxins that cause acne). Cucumbers also might help you stay hydrated while in the sun. It seems within 10 minutes of drinking cucumber juice, and a few hours of eating it, my skin is really moist. I noticed I don’t burn alot now either, and I’m pale so usually within 30 minutes I’m a lobster. I mentioned this on another topic. I’ve spent hours in the sun lately preparing my garden, and somehow I didn’t get even a little pink. It’s amazing. Also eat and use aloe on your skin. It heals and protects from sun and would help the breakouts as well. :) Have fun!!!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Chlorophyll internally helps protect against sunburn, so eating & drinking lots of greens makes a huge difference in whether you burn or not – I love the difference when I’m eating raw compared to before! :)

  • I was on acne medication as well, and went cold turkey. I had no acne reoccurance for a couple of weeks, but I think it was taking it’s time to leave my system. Then I went off birth control and my face has really broken out. However, it’s not the same as before I went on the medication. It’s lighter and less inflamed (and my face and eyes are glowing a bit, so the acne doesn’t isn’t as noticable) and as long as I don’t touch it and use only natural product (no makeup unless absolutely necessary) it’s been healing really quickly. Enemas have helped a lot, too. Good luck – I know it’s scary, but in the end it’s worth it!!

  • Well…you might want to start amping up the amount of raw food in your diet before you go totally cold turkey, 100%. I broke out after two weeks of 70% raw. So going the whole 100% might be a shocker…nevermind coming off a perscription. I’d get the raw thing down first, recover, and then go off the meds.

    Also, if you’re already acne-prone you might want to try sea salt water rinses. That’s what I do. Disolve some sea salt in warm water and splash on your face. This may sound drying…but it helped dry up my pimples within a week..I just use coconut oil on spots without acne that become dry. I use salt once or twice a day now and my acne is almost completely gone. I even use the coarse salt as a scrub! Another friend of mine that isn’t natural…I have yet to find a natural version, is Zinc Oxide Oinment. I used to put it on so I wouldn’t sunburn. Then one day I didn’t have it, got sunburned, but zinc oxide on that night, woke up in the morning with no more sunburn and no more pimples where the oinment had been applied!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    um, i have heard that you have to be careful eating raw food in mexico. have you thought of that?

  • Lots of good suggestions! thank you thank you!About cleaning the colon and whatnot w/ enemas. I have no colon. I have the last bit of my small intestine stretched out into a balloon shape and then hooked up to my rectum. so…..I dunno about that. :) about eating raw in Mexico. I will be eating “healthy” @ the resort..but not completely raw. I will be eating a lot of fruit, yogurt. it is a genuine concern and I will probably have to figure out how to make sure I’m safe. However! the raw raw raw ( i sound like I’m cheerleading! lol) is going 2 be saved for after Mexico. Mexico is just a nice break from life to get myself grounded hopefully.

  • Hey- just figured i would pop in with my two cents- i didnt have horribly “bad” skin but i did have breakouts. I feel for the proactiv gimmic- it did work for a little while but it was expensive and stopped doing all it promised. I switched to teatree oil face wash from the body shop. its amazing! my skin is so clear and soft. they also have teatree oil toner and lotion if needed. I have super sensitive skin so usually anything i put on it backfires but not with the teatree wash. and it smells wonderful! just a suggestion..

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