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Hey, how did you find out you were allergic to sulfites? what were your symptoms? I think one if my friends might be and we’re trying to figure it out…


  • hey, Not sure if you posted this in the right category. That heading sure surprised me! Almost a year ago I found out that I was allergic to wheat. Quite a few months went by and then I slowly started to realize that there was something missing to the puzzle. I would leave restaurants (not raw at the time) and still feel itchy all over, even though I didn’t eat wheat. A few months later I’m at the naturopathic clinic. She mentions I should probably test my iron levels. I take this liquid (which has sulfates in it, she warns me ahead of time, I say i have no allergies to it) to do the test. Next day I wake up to very puffy eyes, red face, itchy ears/eyes. I concluded at that time that I am allergic to sulfates/sulfites. Symptoms from allergic reactions can very a lot from person to person. After the initial big allergic reaction i would do a smaller experiment, like eating a handful of dates with sulfates on them to see how I would handle it. Soon enough I would get itchy and puffy eyes, but not as bad as first reactions. If your fried already has allergies or sensitivities towards something else she/he has a much higher chance of having a sulfates/sulfites allergy, as most people that are allergic to this are already allergic to something else! I hope this helps.

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    thanks, i will pass the info along!

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