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10 day master cleanse



  • rachel_akikorachel_akiko Raw Newbie

    lol, I meant graduating from high school. Yep, this website is really cool. I do wish I knew some people that I saw in person that were raw too. Then we could have raw food parties!! I have one friend who’s going to try being a vegan for 21 days! :D

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I have to admit I don’t think I am obsessing about food (actually I stopped that after my first cleanse) but I have been thinking about food. I talked to one of my friends earlier today and she told me she dreamed about some hunky football player. I told her I had a great dream too but it was about an avocado salad. She thinks I need to get out more. LOL.

    It is so hot and humid today. I slept until noon so my body must have needed it. I prepared my MCL today with chilled, naturally carbonated, mineral water, which I guess is not cheating. It was different and refreshing. Now that I am fully awake, I have a friend coming over to help me put my new planter together so I can start growing my own vegetables.

    Happy Cleansing!

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    We are almost at the end of day 2. I felt nauseated and a bit crampy this morning and kind of low energy all day, but it’s really not that bad. It was just really hard at the birthday BBQ we had to go to today. I kept looking at the big plump strawberries and salivating. My husband is doing well, though his bowels are not clearing as much as mine, which is surprising because we both assumed he was more toxic than I…and he’s done the saltwater flush both mornings, hmmm. I think what I miss most so far is not the food itself, but preparing it. It’s normal for me to spend a few hours each day in the kitchen as my creative outlet…I sure miss that. I’m sure I will appreciate that time even more at the end of 10 days!!

  • rachel_akikorachel_akiko Raw Newbie

    Haha, yeah, I meant graduating from high school. The agave nectar is working really well, I actually feel better using it than I did using maple syrup. I’m also WAY less hungry, which is really weird because maple syrup has so much more calories.

    oh, and guess what! I got a job at PetSmart :)

  • Ok here I go after reading the instructions from the web that meditating provided me with and inspired by all of you I finally started my first mc and I have to say for my firt day it wasn’t bad at all. The only problem if you could say that was, that this morning when i did the salt water flush it didn’t work like when I did it the first time, but other than that it been pretty good. Hope I can stay for the whole 10 days. Lets see.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    MAJOMI - Most people wll start experiencing mild headaches and icky feelings on hte 2nd and 3rd day but after that you feel so much better. Today is day 5 for me and I have slept more than usual today and I had more energy when I woke up but felt tired again in the afternoon; however, it is over 90 degrees here today and very humid and nothing saps my energy like humidity. The thing I notice the most is the improvement in my mental clarity and ability to focus longer on a project. I haven’t felt hungry today or thought about food. I am now fixing my MCL fresh with each glass by just squeesing a lemon into each glass with the syrup.

    RACHEL - Congrats on your job. I didn’t realize you were such a young thing. Graduating high school next year. I am impressed that you have already learned the value of real nutrition and not just the propoganda the government feeds us. I didn’t catch onto that until I about 42. HA.

    KINDARAW - If you guys follow the same pattern as most do, you will start feeling better either tomorrow or the day after. Fresh strawberries. I know that was tough. I went to a surprise party the other day and they had chicken wings and celery. I did look at the celery once but I remember how high it is in multiple herbacides and pesticides if it isn’t organic so I just thought of it as toxic waste. It didn’t have any appeal after that.

    So last but not least – I tried on this blouse I haven’t been able to wear but want to. It almost fits now but not quite. I suspect by the end of the MC it will. That will be great.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    MOTH: I actually did my last cleanse with Agave. My body was actually rejecting the maple syrup because of the high sugar content. I felt sick for the first 2 days and then realized why. When i switched over to the Agave, i felt 100% better!

    I had the best master cleanse back in March. I should’ve kept going but we had prior engagements… I’m going to start another MC in the next week or so and just keep going until i can’t do it anymore :)

    Good luck!!!

  • Here I am…all graduated from the MC. Lol, a big girl now…I DID IT! Today has been sublime…I adore food! Mmmmmm…I’ve been trying to eat small amounts at different times…that helps. I love food! YAY! You guys rawk!!!

  • today is day one! I’m so excited and ready for this master cleanse! I’m going to try for 18 days this time but might only go 14 depending on how it’s going. I bought some natural iron supplements yesterday to accompany me on my journey this time. Hopefully I won’t have to go to the doctor after I’m done this time!

    Just finished my first SWF and it really wasn’t as bad as I remember it being! I had a hard time with it the first MC but it was fine this morning. Maybe what they say about your second one being much easier is true! I hope I hope!

    congrats sky princess on finishing!! I bet you’re feeling the elation. I can’t wait to have glowing skin!!!

  • Congrats on finishing, Sky Princess!

    Well, the bf and I are on day 5 now. I feel pretty darn good. My boyfriend feels amazing today. He has that mental clarity going on today. He keeps calling me with all these new ideas he is having today. He is so amped, and sounds so excited about life. It’s adorable. I am down 9 pounds as of this morning – him 8.

  • Thanks guys! I lost a total of 12 and 1/2 pounds on the MC and it felt SO good. Now I just have to be careful about staying there. :) Yay!

    Keep on going guys! It feels so good when you actually finish!

  • I think I going to bed early today, because it is the end of my 2nd day and I am feeling very hungry. I don’t know if is because I switch from lemon to lime, I run out of lemons and they were too expensive, limes were shipper so got them. I’ve try to focus on different things to do, but I had to cook for my family, they’re not raw, so that is really hard.

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Majomi I know what you mean about going to bed early. We are on day three and have felt very tired by 8:00pm. I’m just hoping that mental clarity thing kicks in soon. Sky Princess, congrats…that is awesome I can’t wait to be you lol! One quick question. I’ve only been able to get down about 5 or 6 8oz glasses of the lemonade…it’s just so sweet and sour that I start to pucker at the end of the day. Should I force myself to drink more just for energy sake? Also I’ve been sooo thirsty but have been a bit reluctant to fill up on water. I know the book said it was okay to drink some water but it didn’t go into too much detail on that subject.

  • Kindaraw~ Maybe I didn’t do it right. But I just drank it when I needed energy, strength, or I was thirsty for something other than water. On an average I drank 6-8…but there were a couple days when I had less. I also drank herbal teas (which was said to be fine, especially peppermint or laxatives) and water when I wanted it. Do what your body says. :)

    Hope that helps.

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    I am starting Day 1 of a 21 Day MC tomorrow! This is my second MC and I am pumped to start! Is anyone else starting tomorrow? I had no problems last time other than a couple sluggish days, but I am thinking of switching to raw agave nectar instead of maple syrup this time around. I hope that doesn’t change anything too much.

  • You go, Green Girl!

    Day 6 and feeling great. That is all. We are toying with the idea of adding just a touch of ginger to our mix – crazy, I know—but we are thinking about it.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey guys – I started today (or last night with the Smooth Move) and I have 2 questions if anyone can help:

    1. There was quite a lot of activity in the bathroom after the salt water flush, my daughter got a kick out of me sprinting to the bathroom and making only just barely – is this going to continue, cause I’m afraid to leave the house at this point. It calmed down after noon but I’m super paranoid.

    2. I’m not understanding the transition back to food from the two books I own. It seems to say you’re only supposed to have orange or grapefruit juice for the first two days after the cleanse and maybe some fruit on the second night after. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for all of your advice so far!!!!!

  • Today is day 2 for me on the master cleanse and I have so much energy today that I am doing windows and scrubbing floors with a scrub brush. Wicked!! So about the whole salt water flush thing, is everybody doing it twice like that website said, once in the morning and once in the evening? That concoction is quite the difficult potion to stomach. This is not my first time doing the MC. The last two times I did it I made it 5 days. I know I will make the full 10 this time.

    If you switch to the raw agave nectar do you use the same amount? I may switch to that when I run out of the maple syrup since I am not liking that it is not raw.

  • I do not flush that often. It makes me retain water like crazy! No matter how much additional water I drink throughout the day. I only flush when there has been no activity in that dept. for at least a day.

  • Amysue I just read your post and you probably have your answer to your first question, it takes about 2 hrs. and after that you’re ok. About the transition back to food according to the mc the first two days is only orange juice or grapefruit and by the third day you could introduce fruits and vegetables.

    Today at the end of my 3rd day, I could say it went fine, I thought it will be harder because I had to work but it was ok. I’ll try a laxative before bed time, because I there has been no activity since yesterday. So lets see what tomorrow will bring me.

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie


    I am only doing the SWF in the mornings as the book says and the tea at night. I can hardly gag down the SWF once a day, so I can’t imagine how you are doing it twice. You are a strong woman!

    I am doing only agave and I am using the same amount as the maple syrup. I got some advice from the master cleanse site that said this is okay and actually has more nutrients and minerals. I was glaad to hear that as using maple syrup was bothering me since it isn’t raw.


    I did the cleanse once before and when I came off I was fully satisfied only having grapefruit juice for two days. After the lemonade for 15 days, anything tastes amazing. For a week after the cleanse all I ate was green smoothies and that was all I wanted. It is just really important to go back to food slowly so you don’t get sick.

    Day 1 is almost done and I must say it was harder than the first time around. I miss raw food way more than I did cooked food when I did my first MC. Hopefully it will get easier as I go. It just seems wrong not to be able to eat all that wonderful food when I know it is so good for me.

    Good Luck to everyone tomorrow!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I finally got on the site today. I felt like I am physically slow today, day 7, although my mentally clarity is still in good shape. My skin looks great too. I am not feeling bad on the MC, but you feel being tired more I think because when I am not going through a tired period, I have more stamina on a cleanse than off.

    I went to the market to get some more lemons and mineral water. They had these beautiful organic nectarines next to the lemons. I knew they were juicy from just looking at them. When I go off the MC I am going to have some of them, even though they were $5.69 a lb. I can’t get over the price of organic fruit this year.

    I see there are new people on board. I was so psyched to start my cleanse this go round and see that others are too. I have heard that you should do a cleanse at the beginning of each new season so timing is right for the summer.

    RACHEL - I hope you are doing well. SKY PRINCESS is probably on solid food by now and I hope we hear from SABRINA soon.

    CAVEGAL - I am not a big fan of the SWF either. I usually make mind with epsom salt and have to squint my eyes while I drink and remind myself it will be over shortly. YUCK. Of course, it isn’t over until it’s over if you know what I mean.

    Happy cleansing everyone. :)

  • Green Girl

    Damn I wish I had known about the Agave being better than the damn maple stuff I spent too much money on!! Oh well, now I know and will be able to adjust. Although I despise the taste of the SWF, the results speak for themselves as we all know and I am not too keen on drinking hot tea in Austin when it is still 90 degrees at 11:00 PM at night. So I will do a flush before I crash tonight. I’m one of those night owl type people.


    Epsom salt, wow that must be interesting. I am using sea salt. But at this point I just would like to use the ingredients that I have. I can’t wait to use up the damn maple syrup so I can switch to the Agave. I love that stuff. You need so little to get the sweet taste.

    Happy Cleansing all! I am off to re-organize my kitchen. Moving all of those pots and pans out of my way!! I actually cleaned with a toothbrush the sliding glass door tracks for all four of my sliding glass doors!! Cleaning out the bachelarette pad at the same time I clean out the bod!!

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Majomi and green girl – thank you! I didn’t have any episodes after around 11 so sounds about right. Unfortunately I did have a 2:30 am emergency wake up call, must have been the tea and I couldn’t get back to sleep for a while from the upset stomach.

    I hope I get cavegal’s cleaning bug soon because my house needs it. I did clean the bathroom this morning to make my time in there more pleasant!

  • Well day 7 now. I feel just fine. A little hungry this morning, but I haven’t had any lemonade yet. I mixed some this morning with a bit of ginger in it as well as cayenne, for the detoxifying properties in the ginger. We’ll see how that goes today.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    hey all

    I had planned to start my MC yesterday but because I had a kidney infection to get rid of I will have to wait until I am done with my meds which will be thrusday or friday and than I am planning to start.

    I did get the MC book though and my maple syrup and my SmoothMove Tea! Still need to read through the book though!

    Questions: since I am taking antibiotics right now I want to take a probiotic once I am finished. Think I can take one while doing the MC? It is 7 days of antibiotics.

    I have been following everyones progress. I am still confused about when or how do I know if I need to do the salt water flush. How is everyone treating that part of the MC?

  • The last time I did the cleanse, I did the SWF everyday, and I was miserable with water retention the whole time. I kept drink water, hoping to release the water – but nothing worked. This time, I am not doing that. I did a flush this weekend, but have found that just the tea is working for me. I am still eliminating everyday, a lot. (On day 7 here) When my eliminations slow down, then maybe I will step up the frequency of the flushes. People react to them differently, and need them at different frequencies, in my opinion. How’s that for an ambiguous answer!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    AlyssaDyane – No that is a great answer! So, basically, I should do the salt water flush if I am NOT eliminating (we are talking bowel movements right?) anything or it slows down considerably. If I am continually having bowel movements (my guess is I’ll be peeing like wildfire with all that liquid!) than I don’t have to worry about doing a salt water flush!

    I have a feeling I will end up doing a couple – when I liquid fasted before, I stopped pooing after a while. For this, it sounds like I need to make sure I poo every day right? I tend to have problems in that area (constipation, air in the stomach) so I can see that I will need to do the flush.

    good thing I like salt water! :)

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    queenfluff – sorry about the infection, hope it’s not too painful. As far as the poo goes, I don’t know if it really can be called “poo.” If clear liquid in day-glo yellow can be called poo then it is occurring everyday. I have done the salt water flushes so far, not bothered by the taste, but getting a quart down fast is about the max my stomach can take. Just stay very close to the bathroom. I thought of setting up a lawn chair in there with a book for that hour or two. I think I’ve figured out that if I wait for my body to tell me when it’s time to go, it’s pretty much too late. So I try to beat it to the punch.

    I’m very confused about the agave. I LOVE the taste of the maple syrup, no problems there, but the sugar hunger is killing me. I’ve always had blood sugar issues which is why agave has been so great for me, but I’ve read pros and cons of using agave. I’m liking that people have had such good luck with it here, just worried about getting enough nutrients.

    One more thing – is there any reason why other herbal teas besides the Smooth Move and peppermint tea couldn’t be added just for variety?


  • Hey everybody!!

    I’m still bouncing off the walls! Went to bed last night at 2:30AM and was up again at 7:30 buzzing out the door with my frozen MC treats!! Yum Yum! Walked to work, (I’m lucky I can do that), then walked all through the Arboretum window shopping till about 7:30 and just finished 4 loads of laundry. Have not experienced any headaches or tiredness however my breath could curl the hide of a rhino!!

    Queenfluff-so sorry to hear about your infection. I have only had a kidney infection once about 15 years ago and thought the aches I was experiencing were from softball practice and overdoing it. After 5 days thinking I had strained my back I could no longer move and my brother had to carry me off to the hospital with the help of a friend! I am super conscious of my kidneys now. Sounds like you will have no problem with the SWF.

    Amysue-you crack me up. I have some pretty serious sugar issues as well so am looking forward to finishing the fast with the Agave.

    So out of curiosity, how many “movements” is everyone having a day? So far it’s been twice a day for me after each flush.

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