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10 day master cleanse



  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I believe so much in the MC that I really want to be a cheerleader for everyone participating in a MC. So I am taking an inventory of participants so I can try to acknowledge everyone.

    Congratulations Recent Graduates – SABRINA, SKY PRINCESS


    Day 7 – ALYSSA DYANE and her BF

    Day 5 – KINDARAW and her hubby

    Day 4 – MAJOMI

    Day 3 – ERICA, CAVE GAL

    Day 2 – AMY SUE

    Day 1 – GREEN GIRL,

    Coming Soon – QUEEN FLUFF

    If I miscalculated (mathmatically-challenged chick here) or left anyone out, please let me know. I think it is amazing that we would even try this considering all the things I think society and culture tells us about never missing a meal. It makes me feel very proactive about my health and I like the idea that I have educated myself on something and feel confident in the face of conventional thought. I am enjoying this cleanse psychologically more than my first cleanse. I have experienced occasional hunger this go round, but it is usually knocked out pretty quick by a tall glass of MCL. The mental clarity I have this time is much better and my skin looks really good. I think I get tired earlier in the evenings, but when I have energy it does seem to be more than usual. Cleanses and fasts are like pregnancies – everyone is different.

    Today is day 8 and in my previous cleanse this is as far as I got. Last (and also first) cleanse I had just come back from Winter holidays with my family and spent time in close contact with 2 persons suffering from the flu so I wasn’t surprised when day 6 I started feeling stuffy and by day 8 I was really sick and decided I should start drinking juice. I mention this only because I don’t want anyone to think the MC gave me an illness. Anyway, I am getting through the days and really excited about the way my body feels. I wore a pair of pants today I haven’t been able to button in over a year. I haven’t weighed myself again and I am trying to wait until I end my cleanse but I can put my hands on my body and tell it is smaller. Frankly, that gives me such a feeling of satisfaction. I am motivated to MC for cleansing purposes, but losing the weight is such a nice bonus! I have 2 more days and will have finished 10 days and, until I feel like I can’t stand it anymore, I am going to continue on but finish by June 10th or so since I have company coming to stay with me for a few days.

    So proud of us all – Happy Cleansing :)

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Meditating…good job keeping track, you rock! And congrats on fitting into those pants! I am actually at the end of day 5 now and I’ll say it has been challenging but rewarding. I’m down 7 pounds and I swear it has all come out of my boobs, bummer! I’m tired but trying to take this time to just relax and enjoy the downtime that my body needs to work through the process. Cavegal: I’ve been having 3-4 movements a day and some are very small, but still toxic. The tea seems to work best for me so I’ve only done one so far, but I was recalling that the point of the SWF was twofold, 1) to get you going, and 2) to pull out the toxins from your system. It’s the cleanser along with the lemon juice. So I plan on doing it two more times for a total of 3 before the end of this cleanse. My hubby has been doing them every morning without good results. I have heard that adding a bit more salt to the mixture can help the movement come on, so he’s going to try doing that tomorrow. Way to go everyone…keep going, our bodies deserve this for all the years of hard work they’ve given us!

  • It’s so wonderful to come and read this after a really rough day on the cleanse! Wow I was thinking about salads all day! All different types of them and how much I wanted to feel their deliciousness in my mouth. Ugh. I did manage to get down some herbal teas to stave off the cravings and that helped a lot!

    I do have a question…do any of you practice Bikram yoga and if so have you been practicing while on the cleanse? I did yesterday and it was ROUGH

  • Thanks a bunch, Meditating!

    Really good going, everyone!

    I am on day 8, and feeling great!

    I would have to say that I am a bit more tired in the evenings right now, but like Kindaraw, I am just letting my body go through the process and relaxing. I am down 11 pounds as of this morning. Not too shabby.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I’m so grateful to find support here, and was totally thrilled to see Meditating keeping track, how cool is that?

    cavegal – around 3 movements after the salt water flush but they’re pretty much clear and colorful, is this the same for everyone else?

    kindaraw – sorry about the boobs, that’s unfortunate. My thighs haven’t budged yet.

    ericaswfs – I’m not necessarily having specific cravings, but I realize how much I eat without thinking, like when I’m preparing meals with the family, I would usually be munching, or certain times of the day would typically mean a certain food just out of habit.

    Day 3 is much slower than the previous two so far and I was awakened at 2:45am again by the tea. I’m hating that tea for waking me up with gurglings and cramps. But I’m inspired by those doing so well and I’ll keep plugging on.

  • After bouncing off the walls for the first 3 days, last night at 10:30 I was out cold so to speak. Woke up early this morning and decided it was a good day to call in and play hookey. So far after my SWF this morning I have been “peeing” out the butt on and off all morning. Once again I am feeling very energetic and very connected to my space. It is a gorgeous day here in Austin. Fabulous South Westerly breezes and so far only 84 degrees!! Plan to do some swimming and sunning today after I finish my organize all of my photography project. Looking forward to a nap in the sun and soaking up the vitamin D.

    I have not been really checking my weight, this has been a real conscious get into me cleanse so far. I have been focusing on loving my body including the extra 15 pounds I am blessing and sending to whoever may need it.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    Today, so far so good. I went home and got this huge burst of energy and I could not go to sleep last night. I ended up going to sleep at 8:30 am until 11:00 am and then had to go to work. At first, I thought I would drop over any minute but my energy level is up now. I just had a friend drop by my office and on the credenza behind my desk I have a small cutting board where I cut lemons all day to make MCL. It is covered with lemon carcasses to take home and put in my compost. My friend asked me if I had resorted to making lemon daiquiris while on the job. I explained to her I was cleansing. People really think you’re nuts when you tell them that.

    I hope when I go home tonight I am not so tired I can’t get to sleep which happens to me sometimes when I get really tired. But I can feel myself slowing down so all should be well.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I’d love some of that energy you all have, that’s about a twice a year phenomenon for me. I can’t complain, not feeling bad. I did the maple syrup all day today and didn’t have any hunger pangs luckily. I’ve decided which super power I’d rather not have – super smell! Which is what I have right now and it’s really annoying! The world is a smelly place! Poor animals who have to live it every day. If my dog’s breath smells as bad to her as it does to me she’s suffering greatly.

    cavegal – yes, the peeing. It’s kind of like a faucet that turns on and off, very strange sensation. And it’s so generous of you to want to share your pounds, I hope you find a taker.

  • I’m sorry to report that today was my last day on The MC due to some personal issues. So, today I started my day with my MC drink and in the afternoon I switch to orange/grapefruit juice. I have to say that I didn’t have much detox simptoms, but overall I felt pretty good specially on day 4 and 5 and my skin is looking better than ever. I Hope next time around I’ll be able to for a longer period. Good luck and happy journey to all.

  • Hey Hey Hey What a day!! Got so much accomplished. This is the best MC (only my third) that I’ve done. Previously I was obsessed with my hunger and got into feeling deprived. This time I am so into my body and whatever it wants we do! It’s pretty interesting the messages you get when you are willing to listen. I suppose that goes for just about everything in life.

    Amysue thanks for acknowledging my generosity. I’ve read some of the comments of the people that are trying to gain weight so I am focusing those pounds to be released to all our rawsome friends looking for the extra padding!

    Meditating I hear you on people’s reactions to cleansing, it makes me laugh, I would have retorted “Lynchburg Lemonade does the job better than daquiris”!! Oh well think how much we have overcome by leaving the SAD world. We’re all consciously creating something so much better!

    Off to get some cat food. What do people feed their cats if they switch them to raw? Do they go buy field mice and let their kitties hunt?

  • gosh! you guys are all an inspiration for me. sounds like you are all doing so well. i dont know what my problem is, i cant seem to make it through the first day… :( its not even the fact that im hungry either. im so addicted to food its disturbing. do any of you have advice? the tea isnt really satisfying me, im not big on maple syrup. grrrr! i just feel so discouraged. why cant i do this? what other teas can i drink besides laxative? i have two kiddos and its so hard not to eat when i have to prepare food for them :(

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Majomi – glad you got some benefits from the experience, thanks for the luck!

    cavegal – my dog eats raw dog food which comes from the pet store freezer except for the occasional woodchuck.

    frostbitfairy – how long have you been raw, or are you transitioning? I’m guessing that the longer you’ve been raw the easier it might be to do the cleanse, having less toxins and cravings to deal with. That’s just my guess. Maybe it’s not the right time for you. I’m making food for my daughter too and it’s true – the foods I could have cared less about before seem intoxicating now. Can’t wait to have them back! My Master Cleanse book (the original) says you can have peppermint tea. I’m drinking dandelion root tea for a different taste, don’t know if that’s bad. No need to be hard on yourself.

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the cheer Meditating! I love this site..great recipes…great support…great inspiration!

    I am finishing up Day 3 and I have definitely had lots of energy today. The past two days I have actually been lifting weights with my husband and feeling wonderful. On my last cleanse I actually remember a day where i had so much energy I thought I was on speed or something. I hope the energy continues!

    I have found this cleanse more difficult in terms of wanting food more. I am 95% raw and have been for 5 months. During my last cleanse I was not raw and when I craved something it was easy to say “no that is not good for you”. Now when I see some wonderful raw fruit or veggie I find myself unable to say that. I know I will make my goal of a pink tongue, but it will be more tempting to eat this time around.

    I am off to drink my tea and have some sweet dreams! Good night and good luck to all tomorrow!

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Amysue I totally agree with you about the super smelling power….yuck! I even thought my little two year old’s breath was stinky today and I’ve never thought that in the past :o) Anyways day 6 was rough today….very low energy and lots of cramping and pooping. My skin is glowing so that’s a plus, but I feel like my body is shrinking and I’m turning into a skeleton even though I’ve only lost 7 lbs. I hope I don’t lose any more. My hubby did increase the salt in the SWC to two rounded teaspoons instead of two flat teaspoons and it made all the difference for him. As he put it, it was the “muthuh-load”.

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    Here is a link for anyone interested in using Agave instead of maple syrup. You can compare the nutrients in both and see the Agave is actually better for you in that department and cheaper as well!



  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    Hi, everyone,

    I haven’t been following this thread but this is day 5 for me. I don’t do the SWF because I never expell the water, but I do just fine with the tea. In fact, I can only drink the tea once a day. I’m also drinking an occasional green smoothie – today’s was red grapes with dandelion greens and lamb’s quarters from the yard. Just love wild greens!

    I’ve been feeling fine for the most part. A little spacy sometimes and very very tired the first day.

    Green girl, thank you for the link on agave. I think that will be it for me next time. (Even thought I just bought a ton of grade B maple syrup. Darn).

  • Here I am…Ok, I know I’m all done…officially “graduated”, lol…but…I’m going to join ya’ll for another day and a half or so…Yup, you heard me right. I liked it mostly and I feel like I just need to go on liquids. Welcome me back for a day! ;)

    Love this thread! You all rawk and are doing so well!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I am up early this morning after having had an incredible night of sleep. I came home and my landlady was pruning the azalea bushes and I decided to help her. Despite the fact that it was 7pm, it was still hot outside. I hoped this would tire me down (as if I needed it) and then I took a warm (yes warm) shower and I believe I went to sleepy land as soon as my head hit the pillow. I feel great this morning and my first glass of MCL was fabulous.

    MAJOMI - I understand what it is like to end a cleanse early. My first cleanse I came down with the flu, which then turned into a terrible lung infection and I missed app. 5 weeks of work. Things can happen that we don’t plan for and you just have to deal with them.

    FROSTBIT FAIRY - I was wondering too where you are in your raw program. I don’t think I have the experience with MC to pretend to know how to answer your question and can only reflect on my own experience. My first cleanse, I didn’t think I could get through the first day. I talked to myself as if I were in a 10 step program and surely I did have a psychological and unhealthy physical addiction to food. Getting through that day was my only goal. I kept telling myself if I could through that day then I would allow this process to change my life. I got through day one and the next day I told myself the exact same thing and when I said those things to myself, I meant it. I had some pretty rough internal conversation for the first 3 days, but my goal was to get through that day and nothing else. By the 4th day, after most of the detox had passed, I was amazed at how routine it became and how I completely stopped obsessing about food. I learned that I could do this thing, I was no longer a slave to food. I was so proud of myself. For me, it was a major accomplishment. I also live alone and didn’t really discuss what I was doing with anyone so I didn’t have food around or people who might discourage me or question what I was doing. As long as this thread runs, it is a great place to receive support.

    GREEN GIRL - Glad you had an energetic day. I loves those. It always amazes me when you reach that point because it lets me know that my body uses a considerable amount of energy just to digest food. Thank you so much for posting the information about agave. I have been meaning to do that and, if it is comparable or superior, I may just use some of that blue agave in my fridge. I will check it out later today but thanks again.

    GREENIE - What do you mean you never expell the SWF water? Do you notice an increase in your urination? I did a modified MC for a few weeks where I substituted MCL for one or two meals daily. I liked it and it helped me keep my energy levels really high. I also lost some weight, but slowly which is a good thing.

    SKY PRINCESS - How are your thoughts about food? I don’t know how raw you are (I am not a rigid raw foodist myself) but my body feels so much cleaner than usual now that the thought of eating anything that isn’t raw is offensive to me. I find this amazing because I am not one of these people who thinks it is a sin or harmful to eat cooked food on occasion and I am sure I will do so again. However, right now the thought of anything heavy or unnatural in my body is very offensive to me and seems contrary to the way i was designed to function. Do you have any of those feelings?

    I just loaded my purse with lemons and I am off to work. I expect to be productive, healthy, and happy today.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    Day 6 and I’m feeling kinda punk. Tired and achey. This may be becos the phone woke me too early.


    I’ve tried the SWF a bunch of times. I drink the water and it doesn’t flush out. Instead I feel like I’ve had a bunch of salt – poisoned and bloated. Yes, I’m 100% sure I had the correct type of salt and ratio to water. It just doesn’t work for me.

  • Meditating~ Food…I love food, lol. :) But during the MC…I was simply looking forward to it again. I craved healthy stuff the most…but a few things that were’nt totally raw or that healthy. The MC is supposed to get rid of bad cravings, but altho’ I had very little, it didnt’ totally get rid of it. Oh well…I guess I still have to deal with self-control in the real world.

    Today…I’ll have lemonade, yes..but I think I’ll also have a few powdered superfoods poured into my water too…Hope ya’ll don’t mind me here for on more day…for fun. I’m gravitating towards liquids right now.

  • Sky Princess I think everybody will appreciate your imput on your way back to solid food. I’m not longer on the MC but I still following this thread.

  • Good morning everyone. I am on day nine, and I feel fanfreakingtastic! The bf was very cranky and yucky feeling last night, though I felt fine. So I took him to blockbuster and let him pick out a stack of movies brought him home and gave him a foot bath. He’s feeling much better today.

    I make my Lemonade in the morning to work, and bring in a jug. I have been floating a piece of ginger in it. I like the taste – and let me tell you, I have been expelling a lot more this time around – without flushing or tea, than ever before. I wonder of it’s the ginger. Anyways, ginger is great for detoxing. Today we ran out of maple, and are going to try out the agave. We both like the idea of using agave better.

    My bf thinks I am insane, because I spend most of y time on the cleanse reading recipe books, and looking up recipes on raw sites. He says that would torture him. I tell him it inspires me.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone! I also had good news this morning (Day 4) – slept through the night, and the tea finally did something good, more than clear liquid came out this morning which makes me think the cleanse is going deeper. My husband wasn’t as excited as I was when I burst out of the bathroom. Hungrier today. Almost forgot – dropped 4 pounds between yesterday and today – very odd. First weight that’s come off so far.

  • Good morning everyone! Day 5 for me and I am very sluggish and tired today. Also today was the first morning I did not do the SWF and expelled some junk that looked like it had been in there for a while. Not a lot after the “peeing butt” routine, but it was good to see stuff still coming out. I have been doing the SWF twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed.

    I’m going to take it really slow today as I’m feeling my body is going into a deeper state of cleansing. Amazing how intuitive you become with your body while doing this. I have to say the support on this thread is really amazing. I appreciate all of you so much, for the first time I KNOW I will complete the ten days because I have so much support here. I am so looking forward to tomorrow as it will be the first MC that I have gone past 5 days.

    Way to go Amysue on dropping those pounds. I have no idea if I am dropping weight or not, I just feel so much better. Got to get back to work. Will check in with you guys later.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    cavegal – rough day here too on Day 4. My throat’s been a bit sore and I’m grumpy as hell. And hungry!

    A general word of advice to those on the cleanse – avoid the library. I took my daughter there yesterday and didn’t realize how noisy my stomach was until we were deep into the library and my grumblings seemed to echo through room. I was a bad Mom and hurried my daughter through her book choices, I was frantically throwing suggestions at her to get us out of there. If anyone saw the Sex and the City movie, it was a Charlotte moment, but no Poughkeepsie luckily.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Sky Princess – did you notice any ‘deep cleaning’ during your ten days? Do you feel like you eliminated a lot of old waste or toxins?

  • Queenfluff Deep cleansing? Yes, there were days when I felt like I was getting a lot of sludge out of my system and could really tell. I HATED the salt flush, tho’ it was effective, and I didn’t do it like I should’ve…that would’ve been more helpful. Laxative tea worked really well…but I’m not sure why, but I would have horrible stomach cramps about 4:30 or so in the morning (I’d wake up with pain in my stomach from it). It was like the tea was working extra hard to try to find stuff to scrape out of me…it worked, but the pain was so awful I couldn’t keep up with the tea.

    I felt so light and good afterwards.

    As for joining ya’ll for today…my cravings have changed somewhat…I’ve had some lemonade and a quart of water (MSM), as well as fresh orange juice mixed with blue-green algae (super good!) and now I’m craving juicy fruits too…so I guess I’m not really joining for the day, lol. But I’ll probably have some more lemonade anyway.

    Majomi I’m no longer on the MC either, but like you, I like to check in on the rest of the MC-ers. :) I’m totally back on solid food. :) I think when one first breaks off it…it’s super good to eat small portions of things. Be really careful. It’s so easy to slip up (I did good things and I did some of the wrong things too). Try to mantain…and have control. You’ll feel great if you do!

  • I have terrible news! On today day five of my cleanse, I broke it bc I had a meeting with my two bosses and they asked me out for lunch for a three month evaluation for a raise. Ugh! I didn’t do terrible…I ate a great and healthy raw salad, but my stomach afterwards hurt really badly. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell them what I was doing so that I didn’t have to eat…so frustrated right now. So tomorrow it’s back to square one of my fourteen days. I feel like I have to start again at day one because I’m not going to feel complete if I don’t do them all together.

    The good news is…I got the raise! So maybe it was worth the pain…grrrrr

  • Hey I’m on the third day of the cleanse right now and I am perscribed vicodin for my hip and legs from a car accident I was in a few years ago. I took some yesterday and I was wondering if anyone knows what it does to your cleanse like does it make it less effective like just less comes out of your system? And how much do you all drink does anyone keep track I feel like I have to make one every other hour I have a pretty fast metabolism.

    Also if you’ve done it before does it affect how much food you need to eat when you get off the cleanse, cuz I eat pretty often not a lot but just all throughout the day and someone told me that you’ll need to eat less becasue you can absord more nourishment or something. Thanks for reading. You Rock!!

  • Sky Princess: did you say you were on MSM? My boyfriend is going to do that the last few days of his cleanse he said, what happens?

    ericaswfs : OMG! it says you can like die if you eat, good thing it was just salad. I had a really bad stomach ache today too because I wasn’t having any bowel movements yeasterday and I swear in the directions it said to drink the tea at morning and at night so I read it and it did say that so I drank tea this morning, and the salt water!! And it messed me up bad. So don’t do that anyone. My friend told me you’re definitely not supposed to drink the tea and salt, I guess it just said that if you’re not doing the salt to do that. I don’t know how I read it wrong.

    But hey, if anyone wants to save money there’s a yahoo group called freecycle, and you just find the one in your area I think there usually is if you’re in the suburbs at leat and I posted a want ad for lemon so people with lemon trees have been emailing me and I’ve been getting good free organic lemons. Cuz you’re supposed to use organic and the ones in the store are expensive. Plus my friend, who I’m on the cleanse with, was making fun of the directions because it says you get two tbsp. out of half a lemon and he was like I don’t know what kinda giant lemons they’re using. But the ones straight off the tree are so juicy even out of a small one I get 2 tbsp. So get em off a tree, it’s fun to pick em too it smells so good.

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