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Cru Restaurant at Silver Lake in LA?

RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

Have you been to the Cru raw restaurant in LA? I’m dying to go there when we move to California. I saw a picture of the Chocolate Brownie A La Mode in the Get Fresh magazine, and it looked amazing. Now I’m wondering have you tried that? Looks really good.


  • haven’t tried it yet, but i’m sure it’s great! i have tried leaf cuisine in culver city, though, and liked it. that was my first raw meal, actually!

  • Yes—Cru is right in my neighborhood and it is fantastic. My favorite thing there is the Thai red curry dish with coconut noodles—completely amazing.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Audrey, have you tried the chocolate brownie dessert with ice cream? That coconut noodle thing sounds wonderful!

  • RawKidChef, I have not yet tried the brownie dessert—I have had their ice cream. I will go have the brownie in honor of you and report back! Have you looked at their whole menu yet? It’s at http://www.crusilverlake.com/menu.html.

  • the chorizo sausage looks amazing…what a great idea! i never thought of wrapping a spicy nut meat in zucchini to make sausage rolls. definitely something to experiment with.

  • I’m a fan!

    (1) It’s a lovely restaurant with a thoughtful menu including a few vegan items for your nonraw friends.

    (2) raviolis.

    (3) Chocolate fudge cake.

    (4) They will make hot drinks “raw” by request. My fave is the yummy hot choco.

    (5) Chorizo sausage.

    (6) Now open for lunch Fridays & Saturdays.

    (7) Mezze platter.

    (8) I particularly appreciate that the focus is on the dining experience and it does not over-strive to be a restaurant/kitchen supplies store/cafe/juice bar/bookstore/pantry.


  • the brownie a la mode is the best dessert i have had in my entire life! i've been there twice this week just for that! you haven't lived until you've had it! once you start eating it you won't want to stop, you'll want to eat it every night, so be careful!

    there cheesecake is amazing.

    we've had the raviolis made from jicama, its really good!

    also, the cheese and fig pat

  • now i can't stop thinking about that brownie. i'm going to go get one right now. i think their is a drug in it.

  • I live nearby and have been dying to go here! It looks great. Also, they have "cooking" classes on Saturday mornings. Has anyone gone? I really want to!

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    We love Cru. The cashew cheese and fig pate on the appetizer menu is fantastic. The pumpkin seed and walnut chorizo is also excellent if you like-a the spiiice.

    I recently had a special entree with a Korean twist that was incredible. I agree about the focus being on the food - the place is upscale and pretty. Service is all over the map the times I've been there - good one time, inattentive the next, then good again. The servers know the menu well, though, and you can tell they are jazzed about the food they serve. They don

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