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the 80-10-10 diet

SystemSystem Raw Newbie

I’ve heard about this diet from the Doctor Graham.

Did you ever experiment or know poeple who did?

80% carbohydrates 10% fat 10% protein.

All RAW!



  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    i dont think there are enough greens in this diet.

  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    it is mostly fruits?

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    heard him speak. he sounds very knowledgeable. i think that if you have been raw (with mostly fresh foods) for a while, are very active, and live in a warm climate, this is a great diet choice.

    his idea is that we should get most of our calories from carbohydrates, so fruits and greens. with very little fats.

    he thinks the closer you can get to “fresh, whole, organic and raw” the better. i totally agree.

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    I haven’t read his books, but my diet is pretty close to what Doug Grahanm advocates(Today I had a green smoothie in the morning with mango and greens, a big salad with 1/2 an avo for lunch an a big fruit slad for dinner).

    The hardest part for me was cutting back the fat. I was used to having one or two avos a day with nuts aswell but I don’t crave them as much anymore.

    A great thing about 80/10/10 is it really helps you cut out processed foods that are not always raw as well as cooked nuts and seeds. Like Pianissima said; fresh, whole organic and raw is best.


  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    oh! one more thing.

    this way of eating makes food combining easy and I really notice a difference when I eat a poorly combined meal. In fact, I seldom do because I will pay for it later.


  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i agree it would be a great choice for warm climates and a lot of activity. i’ve got that last one covered, but unfortunately i live in a place where it is freezing for more than half the year! i find greens and some nuts work best for me along with fruit in the winter, although in the summer i end up eating more fruit by default.

  • My boyfriend follows the 811 diet and got me the book so that I could check it out. I’m interested, but I agree with bitt in that there are not enough greens in the diet. I think I would change the ratios a little bit. I also don’t see any problem with eating dried fruits.

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Dr D doesn’t believe in the part the environment has to play on our bodies. In other words, eskimos should be able to follow 80/10/10!!

    I do however think it’s healthy to keep a fairly low fat intake even if it’s raw.


  • I agree with sweetpea. A low-fat diet is super important. In the 811 book, Graham cautions against high fat intakes. A lot of raw vegans consume far more fat than they think they do, which ends in heart conditions and other ailments. I am going to start watching out for this when I eat!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    excessive fat intake in the long term is dangerous, but i think for a lot of this it’s more of a phase when we transition.

    i don’t think it’s something you need to worry about at first because your body is used to far worse things that harmless raw fats. and you need to make the transition as decadent as possible to stay on track. but, as your body adjusts it’s going to tell you you want/need less fats anyway.

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    My diet isn’t like that, i prefer vegs to fuit, and i eat fat coming from avos and olive oil dayly, some days i eat seeds and nuts too, i use as much oil as i want (i mean i don’t measure it) and almost everyday i eat 2 avo. i’m in my second month raw right now.

    PS. Inuit diet is 70% fat, i don’t know where could they find ingredients (i mean when they live in their traditional diet) to follow a 80/10/10 diet.

  • actually, dr d. recommends one pound of tender greens per day…..minimum !!....too little ???

    you can eat as many veg’s as you feel to, but it won’t supply you with all your energy requirements (check fitday, nutridiary chron-o-meter etc for calorie values and nutrient ratios)

    80/10/10 is a ratio….it is possible to achieve it with vegetables only as vegetables also contain this inherant balance of carbs/proteins/fats…..however to eat sufficient fuel from vegs would be a near impossible task

    the fundamental thing to understand is calorie intake…a calorie is a calorie is a calorie…whether raw or cooked….calories are the bodies fuel….eat less than your body burns you lose weight etc…..but also eating less on a daily basis brings about a defecit and the body starts to crave these calories from heavier fatty foods

    we have a ‘sweet tooth’ for a reason….the body craves simple sweet sugars (from fruit) as fuel….in my 80/10/10 experiments i have been very surprised to eat a meal of 8 bananas only to find i’m hungry 3 hours later….this simple meal is broken down easily, and fuels my needs perfectly….my bmr states that (at rest) my body needs 2500 calories a day…so…more bananas then

    another interesting thing is that dr d has been raw for 30 years or so….he has tried all variants, en route…..and he has seen all his peers, at one stage or another, incorperate cooked foods back into their diet, or fail completely….and this he sites as due to calorie defecit-induced craving

    give it a read, you have nothing to lose…..it is controversial to many raw foodists because it actually advocates such simplicity that it negates the raw food ‘industry’ completely….no supplements, superfoods or anything that can’t be found ‘as is’ in nature…he deals with other high fruit myths, especially of candida and diabetes

    a lot of people start raw as a return to nature in all it’s simplicity…...well, this is as close as you’re gonna get

    i myself have been transitionin towards this and tomorrow i pull the trigger and jump in completely….it gives me 9 months to try it till my next birthday…..then i’ll know f’sure

    good luck everyone

    p.s try here….http://www.vegsource.com/talk/raw/ it’s an 80/10/10 forum….dr d. regularly visits to answer questions….better to post in a place where many are living this life day to day…though i like this forum very much, it is pretty diverse in raw ‘styles’....better to ask somewhere that specialises

    and here is a link to a presentaion he gave in 2005


  • and if anyone is interested, i can share some of my experiences as i start this lifestyle

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I have been struggling with horrible cravings as I walk this journey and I have gone through some heavy detox. I decided to try the 7 day Raw Diva detox to see if that helped anything. It uses fruit monomeals and greens with no added fat for the detox. I have eaten more fruit in the last 3 days than I can remember eating for a long time and although I haven’t really stuck to the monomeal thing, I have eaten mostly fruit and greens as juices (don’t feel like smoothies lately) and some mung sprouts and buckwheaties in with the fruit. I thought I’d be shaky and starving because of all the fruit, but I have actually felt really good. I tend towards high blood sugar and candida problems and usually keep fruit to a minimum, but I have noticed this week that the fat cravings are minimal and I haven’t had any sugar cravings. I feel really good, actually. We’ll see how it goes over time. The cravings usually come at 2 to 3 week intervals as I detox.so I am going to eat this way for awhile and see how I do. I will have to use a little oil in a salad dressing, though, as I can’t stomach a salad with no dressing!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I feel GREAT on mostly fruit. I believe I could enjoy the 80-10-10 diet.

  • deborahann…...try to limit juicing, and keep to the ‘whole’ food….juicing removes fibre and fibre in fruit is a mechanism to slow down sugar uptake….juicing orange with an citrus juicer is an exception as they tend to leave much of the fibre in the juice….a little orange juice also makes a great salad dressing…acid fruits combine well with greens….ciao

    moth….i have been reading your posts with interest…..the 80/10/10 diet is very close to fruitarian, but with the inclusion of tender greens (romaine, baby spinach and celery….’overt’ fats are limited to 10% by calorie….1/2 an avocado per 2000 calories is about it, so no ‘gourmet’

    there are some sample articles here http://foodnsport.com/joomla/ but i’d definately advise reading the book….so many ‘of course, makes sense’ moments..much like when you first hear of the raw lifestyle…theres a nice blog here http://www.goingbananasblog.com/ which has a link (on the right to a good doug interview)


  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    deborahann (my name is deborah renee!), moth…and everyone else,

    i just put the kids to bed and jumped on this site because with warm weather really hitting in to town tomorrow, i am starting 80/10/10 and i’m very excited. i went to trader joe’s and stocked up on organic fruits for the next few days. i was going to post a thread about this, but here’s one already!

    a few weeks ago i did it for two days and it felt very good.

    i think this site is very supportive for such a lifestyle. people are successful with it and those that do not follow it are still supportive.

    by the way, i have twins that are four and i’m a stay at home mom.

  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    deborahann (my name is deborah renee!), moth…and everyone else,

    i just put the kids to bed and jumped on this site because with warm weather really hitting in to town tomorrow, i am starting 80/10/10 and i’m very excited. i went to trader joe’s and stocked up on organic fruits for the next few days. i was going to post a thread about this, but here’s one already!

    a few weeks ago i did it for two days and it felt very good.

    i think this site is very supportive for such a lifestyle. people are successful with it and those that do not follow it are still supportive.

    by the way, i have twins that are four and i’m a stay at home mom.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    el-bo- Thanks for the input! I don’t usually juice the fruit, just the greens. I sometimes use an apple per qt or so, but that’s it. I used to do a lot of green smoothies but have lost a taste for them recently, I usually eat tons of salad but I am not supposed to add fat on this detox and I can’t eat salad w/o a dressing. I make one that is low fat (12 TBSP liquid to 4 TBSP oil) but I am trying to be good! I will check out those links. Thanks I generally feel satisfied for a lot longer than when I was eating really heavy but I did have some bread cravings today but at least not those horrible irresistible ones that I generally cave in to. Heavy = lot’s of fat and protein (and lot’s of carbs, really) I am eating what seems to be a lot of fruit. Is this normal? Debbie, I am usually called Debbie or Deb LOL. Nice to meet you. I work with an intuitive (OK psychic really) and she told me on Sat that my niece was going to have twins and we got a call last night that there are 2 babies on the 1st ultrasound! Can I tell her to expect triple the usual work? HaHa You’ll have to let us know how you are feeling and I’ll try and do the same.

  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    i’m debbie or deb, too.

    twins are the best. are these their first children? twins are crazy! pure chaos….fun chaos. mine are four and now that they are potty trained and a lot more independent, we have lots of fun (lots of time out’s, too)

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    salad dressing ideas with no fat: add acid! either a squeeze of lemon juice or a pureed tomato. chopped basil or parsley. good luck.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Thanks bitt, I’ll try the lemon, maybe with a wee bit of raw honey for body since I am vegetarian and not vegan. Debbie, These are her 1st and she is hugely excited. She is only 7.5 weeks but hoping for the best! I think her husband is shellshocked LOL! She is a 2nd grade teacher and excellent with children so hopefully she survives

  • Rather than lemon, I prefer squeezing the juice of a whole orange onto my salads. Delicious!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    el-bo -

    I don’t eat gourmet raw at all, and never have really. What feels best for me is just simple eating; just eating fruits as they are, not blending flavors and mixing much. The only mixed thing I’ve been eating lately is a cacao pudding of banana and cacao. ;-p I mostly like to enjoy the tastes of food individually. I’ve been turned off of greens because I’ve noticed I don’t enjoy them much in their natural state like I do fruits; I feel like I have to doctor them up a bit to enjoy them. I do love to munch on celery though, and romaine is okay. I also don’t feel very good on too much fat…avo is the only fat I eat and even then I have to be clever to get avo into my diet and don’t buy them much. And the more I read about this form of raw diet, the more I am intrigued and feeling confident that this would probably work for me long term.

  • yes, MOTH….mono-mealing makes sense in nature and will allow the body to re-discover it’s signal for when to stop eating….too many ingredients per meal place un-necessary digestive stress

    reading the bok and others testimonials, it seems it will take a while to regain the stomach’s elasticity for eating large fruit meals…over time our stomachs shrink as we consume more densely caloric, cooked foods….it is the reason many raw foodists under-eat calories, as fullness happens very quickly with whole foods…..with practice, many 811’ers have very little problem consuming 8 bananas in a sitting

    here are 2 links to an australian raw forum…another great place, similar to this in it’s openness to all varieties of raw lifestyle….however there is a guy there known as ‘durianrider’ aka harley….he is a notoriously outspoken advocate of 811…he ‘walks his talk’ completely and follows the diet to the letter…...he pulls no punches, but is an inspiration to read….he is an ultra-athlete, using fruit to fuel some incredible physical trials

    though not all of us have aspirations for this level of fitness (though i do)....the principles work for normal day to day activity….just scale down the calories

    anyway DEBORAHANN , you need not worry about the amount of fruit you are eating, you may find you need to eat more….calculate your bmr…google it….this will give you a rough outline of your daily caloric needs, then work out a plan to achieve it

    here are the links to 2 seperate threads….the one called ‘harley says’ is a special thread they’ve given him because some have been ‘offended’ by his ‘balls-out’ frankness…..very thought provoking and great fun

    then read the book

    good luck

    harley says…...........


    bingeing on sugar….............


  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    Well, I just woke and got the morning started and I am very excited about this change. I do not turn the computer on over Shabbat, but I will be posting quite a bit and checking in so I can share and learn. Between this thread and the other with all fruit, I’m learning so much.

    deborahann, good luck to anyone with a twin pregnancy. it’s more of a challenge. i gained 70 lbs and only a three stretch marks! maybe the almond oil worked! or maybe it was genetics. but i was in bed for the last part of the pregnancy because my babies wanted out! they were/are strong and healthy (as you can tell by their picture).

    el-bo, thanks for the info.

    fyi i, personally, am going to try not to calculate calories. due to the fact that i’m going to always be sensitive to my eating disorder. i am planning fruit till dinner, then a salad!

    moth, i agree. i am leaning towards mono eating and not stocking up on the pricey “gourmet” raw foods.

    my biggest challenge will be feeling “full”. i fill up fast, but for short spans of time then hunger hits fast!

  • i hear what you say about calorie counting and eating disorders…..counting calories is generally only recommended in the beginning as it is such a shift in paradigm that involves a little practice…...

    our bodies, both cooked and raw, have been skewed over time and your signal as to true hunger vs appetite are also likely to be confused

    what you plan to eat is perfect as long as it’s in the right quantity….80/10/10 is a caloronutrient ratio (carbs/proteins/fats)...you can keep this ratio even if you eat only 100 cals a day, but in time (very quickly) you will fail due to your body craving calories from any source….success on 811 depends both on the ratio above and sufficient fuelling of your daily needs

    insufficient calories is the single biggest reason for failure amongst 811’ers and also other raw foodists….being ‘full’ helps us control appetites (false hunger).....go to a barbecue on an empty stomach and (even as a vegan) you may end up eating meat…...feed your true hunger beforehand and you may be only prone to false hunger/cravings

    my first attemt at 811 in february this year failed for exactly the same reason….i went cold turkey from SAD to 811…..i initially found it hard to eat the require amount of fruit….it just seemed ongoing….after salad in the evening i’d probably consumed only 1200 calories (less than 1/2 my needs….by day 6 i felt tired and un-energetic…not as in detox as i have experienced through many master cleanses, but through lack of fuel…..i made the mistake of diving for cashews in the evening and managed to devour 2 large bags over the following 2 nights….the fact that i lasted a further 3 days probably caused more harm than good as i nurtured a sense of deprivation, the like of which can only be cured by the worst kinda food

    anyway….since then i have cleansed on orange juice for a few days and finished a 7 day master cleanse….having eaten mainly vegan since then i feel ready to jump back in….i’m about to read the 811 book for the 2nd time


    don’t want to be insensitive to your eating problems but if you can manage to start off with a little calorie counting, it may give you a fighting chance…..no pressure

    with regards to feeling ‘full’....just eat when you are hungry…..even if it’s 10 times a day

    many 811’rs start out eating as many meals as necessary to keep on track

    when you mono – meal your body is at it’s most efficient….and your banana meal will be digested, assimilated and disposed of quicker than you can say ‘shabbat shalom’ 8-).......ready for more fuel

    as time progresses, many 811’ers are able to eat more food at a sitting and gravitate to fewer meals….dr d. himself apparently eats roughly 4000 calories a day over only 2 meals…..

    anyways….good luck…..if you have more q’s, i’ll try and help….i’m no expert…just starting myself…..but i can tell you what i know and where possible link you direct to people who are more experienced


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    El-Bo, Does the book give any sample menus? I have been eating such high fat that it is hard to get a handle on amounts for this diet and though I am a calorie counter/food diary keeper from way back, it would bring it into perspective to read through some sample menus. My no added fat detox ends Sat so I will just try to add a little fat back in and calc. calories here and there. Today I felt good and I feel so much lighter in general without all the added fat. I’m waiting a week to weigh to hopefully fully drop all of the fluid retention I am carrying. Good luck Debbie, we’ll have to keep posting here to for moral support!

  • geniusrawmodel23geniusrawmodel23 Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I guess mono-eating is the best for your body, but doesn’t that get somewhat monotonous and boring?


    yes, there are sample menus…..but i won’t describe them here, as without reading the book you may still feel a little lost…..

    i urge you to read the book before embarking on it , so as to give it a fair trial….it really is probably the last raw book i’ll ever read (i do want to read the china study, though)


    food is food…..there are many reasons peple eat, but only one reason why they need to

    our culture uses food for every scenario…but ultimately, eating for enjoyment rather than nutrition

    the raw lifestyle claims you can have both….but the gourmet style of raw food just continues in the same vain

    it will take a while for tastes to revert back to being more simple….to really appresciate food without eating in bad combinations, covering with salt, spices etc or dehydrating to a crisp

    if you eat for entertainment, mono may get monotonous….if you eat the same fruits everyday, mono may get monotonous…..

    you don’t always have to eat mono…...but when you do, things become easier for your body to deal with

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