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Tea for candida

I saw a name of a tea that kills off candida on here but I can’t recall the name. Can anyone help me out please?


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    You are probably thinking of Pau D’ Arco. The Pau d’ Arco is a very detoxing antifungal tea. Recommended to help kill of candida.


    It is very detoxing so drink in moderation if you are just starting to detox.

  • YES! That’s it! Thank you so much queenfluff :D

  • eshne—just curious, have you had any success with the tea? I need to wipe out some candida myself and got some Pau d’Arco a while back, but I stopped using it I think because it tasted funky and I wasn’t really sure if it was doing anything…

  • Hey shrk_byte :) I haven’t actually tried it yet but I was planning to buy some at some point soon. I’m a little worried about intense detox tho as I’m far from 100% raw at the moment and still trying to transition. But candida is driving me crazy! I need to do something… have you tried anything else?

  • I’ve been struggling with Candida for years now, unfortunately. I’ve also done echinacea and golden seal teas, as well as Pau D’arco. In terms of taste, Pau d’Arco is the best tasting tea that helps boost immune system as well as fight bacteria. As Queenfluff recommends, Pau d’Arco is antifungal and its not that bad tasting. I think you get use to it after awhile. someone recommended drinking Black Walnut for Candida. I know Black Walnut comes in oil extract form. They advised me to dilute it in water and drink everyday to help battle Candida.

  • ZanzibarrrZanzibarrr Raw Newbie

    Try as well to take a few things to help your digestive fire, L-glucosamine, the amino acid, Betaine HCL, enzymes… and, if your system can take the die-off, MMS, OxCygen, Colloidal silver etc…

  • I found that the tea helped, but i was also on a candida diet at the time. Both of those things together got rid of my candida!

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