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Help! Eating my greens & 80/10/10

Help! Eating my greens & 80/10/10


  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Well, I’m on the fence with this fruit eating approach. If you’re constantly eating to try and get the so called recommended intake, you could try making smoothies instead of just eating the fruit on its own. Also, greens are really important especially if you are transitioning. Make a tomato based dressing with some nuts blended in for a rich dressing to mix with your greens.


  • 1st of all, good luck with the change


    you really must beg, steal or borrow the book…or at least buy it the minute you can afford it…this is a very different ‘take’ on raw lifestyle….you need to have the hardcore info behind you to qustion when you have doubts


    i’m not gonna start an argument here because some people take their food choices very persnally….but, kale is bitter and bitter is an aquired taste….in nature as a foraging animal we are more likely to tend towards tender greens (baby spinach, lettuce etc)


    we don’t need to get every single vit or min every single day….you are eating a good range of stuff, but eating it all in one day is putting unnecessary strain on your body…the ‘science’ of food combining works as the body deals with each different food differently…..though multi-tasking is possible, specialisation of labour is more effective….try eating fewer types of fruit PER DAY but in larger quantities…the variety is great, but there’s always tomorrow

    if you are gonna eat bananas….try just bananas….but you need to work to eat a few more…you’ll need the calories….you can also blend or just combine the bananas with the dates…as you progress this combination may prove less than optimum

    orange juice is a great high calorie option…juice it with a standard citrus juicer so that it keeps most of the fibre….2 large glasses before your salad in the evening will boost your calories for that meal as salad is very low

    orange juice is also an option as a dressing for your salads….also you can have mango cut up wilth lettuce, cucumber, spinach….mmmmmm 8-)

    another great combination is to wrap your bananas in romaine leaves and if you buy a new blender (powerful), try banana, romaine , celery smoothies


    everybody hates calorie counting but you need to start off with it, because over the years eating SAD food your body will have lost the power to read the bodies signals properly…you will feel satisfied (mentally) very quickly on raw food, but your body needs a certain amount of energy to deal with it’s daily chores (internally) as well as providing you with energy to do yours…

    undereating is the single biggest reason for failure on 80/10/10….and probably most every other version of the raw diet too


    good luck on your journey

    remember as soon as you can, get the book. it’s very important

    you may also find it more helpful (concerning 80/10/10) to post here


    you don’t need to register, just post….this is a place dedicated to the 811 rv lifestyle…..there are many here who have been thriving this wsy for years…dr. doug graham (the author) will also answer every few days….if you specifically address the question to him in the title , you will be more likely to get a response…..this kind of access to his 26 year raw experience is priceless….go take advantage

    you can take a look at a conference that he spoke at here


    though he’s levelling it at athletes, the diet is still the same for everyone…athletes just need more calories

    also take a look at this guy…his name is harley (aka durianrider)...he is an amazing athlete and a hardcore 80/10/10 follower and an incredible inspiration to many…he follows it to the letter, although his ratio is 90/5/5 due to eating very little ‘overt’ fats…all his fats come from fuits and veg…..his performance has greatly improved since cutting out these extra fats and it’s also EXTREMELY interesting to note that without any supplementation and without too much fat hindering absorbtion, his b12 levels have just been tested and have almost quadrupled in the last few years….....hmmmm ???



    also try these for a female 811 perspective


    http://www.goingbananasblog.com/ on this blog, scan down the right side…under the heading ‘THE BEST HEALTH READING’ there is a link to download the pdf file transcribed from an interview with doug graham at last years raw summit

    good luck, and feel free to ask more…...try the other forum also….i’m a newbie to the diet, though i’ve been lurking and posting questions there for over a year now

    i’m off to have a banan smoothie…


    7 bananas





  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Can’t you get the book from your local library? Here in England we can get them to order any books we like and rent them for free for as long as we like.

  • good idea

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    el-bo: I know I keep contradicting you in your calorie thing, and it’s not to be offensive, really!

    versepie – I just have to interject here, that once I had made a conscious decision to take in exactly what my body wanted, I ate what appealed to me without ever counting a single calorie. My extra 40 pounds came off in about 4 months, and my weight stayed EXACTLY the same after that, just by eating as much as my body wanted, of whatever it wanted – which wasn’t the same from week to week or even day to day. The only thing that changes my weight now is if I get sick, or if I eat something I know isn’t the best choice for me. Other people may have a different experience & need to count – in fact I absolutely believe that there is not just one thing that is the right/best thing for everyone.

    The other thing I am thinking of when you’re talking about salads and needing oil/avo and salt, but that you are trying to get away from those, is that years ago (before I ever heard of raw eating), I was trying to change/eliminate some things from my diet that I knew weren’t good for me, but I always got too thin, or didn’t feel good, or something. I realized later that I had been trying to eliminate things without knowing what to replace them with – so it wans’t that the things themselves were good for me, but whatever good stuff I had been getting from them was missing because I didn’t know where else to get it. If it is the taste, try blending a tomato & pouring it over your salad, & add lime & avocado if you want a creamier dressing. Tomatoes have sodium & flavor, and if your body needs the fat without the oil, the avocado will often do the trick, at least for me. And yes, avocados are fruit, so they fit into the fruitarian eating plan. If you still feel you’re missing something, definitely the book sounds like it might be what you need – like if you don’t know how to replace the things you can’t give up, etc. It also would give you a chance to get more detailed information and see if the 80/10/10 diet is right for you. I felt really drawn to certain books/diets only to stay on one for a short time and then realize what else I was missing, or that I was getting too much of something else. I praise the authors & scientists & doctors who made the information available to me, and my current diet is a result of things I have learned are right for me – parts of several different eating plans and my own additions & modifications. I’m just excited for you that you are on this journey :) Enjoy!

  • don’t worry…i’m not offended

    the thing about the calories has nothing to do with weightloss really….once you chose the raw lifestyle, eventually you will lose weight…..the body will ditch the bad and strive to normalize

    what is very important is that we need them for fuel….getting enough fuel is the difference between getting through the day well OR flying through with ease

    even if you lie in bed for the whole day you will use x amount of calories…..approx 1800 to 2300 a day…..that’s without moving a muscle…...all of the systems in your body need fuel…...you compromise yourself by undereating..

    the only way most raw foodists manage it is through using high fat/high calorie foods

    my 1st attempt failed in february due to undereating….i was satisfied on far less than i needed….just couldn’t get the bulk in…..handful upon handful of cashew nuts nighhtly was the only way i met my caloric needs…but i felt terrible

    eating what we need/want is important as long as it meets our physiological needs

    and also angie…read the book…you may never feel to change, but it’s good to plant seeds that you may later decide to grow….besides the info presented would be of benefit to anyone whether on the diet or not….it’s just a great read

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    I don’t know much about the 80/10/10 diet, but the best way I know to get my greens is to have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast. Here are some links for info on green smoothies.



    A great book with info on the green smoothies is Victoria Boutenko’s Green for Life.

    My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipes:

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    greengirl – thanks! I am planning to post a topic asking for favorite green smoothie recipes – You just gave me a head start! :)

  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    Another great thread on 8/1/1. I’m on day three. Today was a little tough, but just for moments at a time. And, of course, it was for “heavy” foods. So, not being hard on myself, I’d have a bite of a larabar or a small spoonful of almond butter and immediately my stomach was settled. My fat intake is noticeably lower already (even with those few bites).

    Also, I’m eating salads with more tender greens but in addition, I add some finely chopped kale for a little boost.

    I am going through bananas like crazy! It must be the heavier texture that I want. I’m not counting calories at this time. I know I will judge myself if I do. I’m recovering from an eating disorder. And I’m mostly mono eating the fruit till salad time.

    I’m going to have to get the book. I’ll try the library. Thanks for all of this great information and encouragement.

  • Hello,

    I love to get my greens from juices, i always have wheatgrass with apple and cellery juice, and i also have lots of kale with cucumber and apple juice. The trick with the kale juice is to First juice the apple and cucumber and put this juice into a blender, And then add the kale in the blender a bit at a time untill its all mixed in and blended well. Then put the hole thing through a fine mesh sieve or a nut mylk bag, i always use a fine mesh sieve. That way you will get alot of juice from the kale 2-3 times as much then just putting the kale through your juicer, atleast in my experience.



  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    I really want the book, but I don’t have 30 extra bucks right now! And it sucks that you have to order it online and wait! Ugh.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I can’t wait to order the book. The whole 80-10-10 thing is a huge source of relief for me, because it seems like I was naturally gravitating towards this style of raw eating, and then I find out someone has written a book and guidelines on how to do it long term. Yay!

    I love the fact that I can just eat as much as I want, as long as I keep an eye on fat. That works.

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    MOTH…me too! This is crazy! It’s like, why would we eat something that has to be soaked first in order to be good for us? (i.e.- nuts and seeds) It makes soo much stinkin’ sense!

  • wooot wooot

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    Sorry, don’t want to interrumpt (since I don’t follow 811 diet), but reading this thread has confused me: you can’t eat sprouts (if following 811)?

    (I have understood, correct me if wrong, that not soaked stuff is eaten).

  • chilovechilove Raw Newbie

    Hi there,

    You can blend your greens in fruit smoothies to get more greens in.

    Orange juice is a pretty good dressing. If you stick with the milder, sweeter greens like iceberg, romaine and baby spinach you don’t have to disguise the taste of bitter greens so much.

    I love to make a dressing out of tomatoes, celery, bell pepper, cilantro, lime juice and some dates, blend it all up and it makes a great dressing.



  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    THANK YOU chilove! I seriously have been looking for a dressing that doesn’t use oil and has a yummy taste, since I have to force myself to eat greens. (really just don’t naturally care for them, even though I crave them sometimes – love my fruit!) I am going to try out your dressing today, probably!

  • chilove- Orange juice really how interesting

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