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Resse's Puff Cereal...

So, I cheated. And it was with Resse’s Puff cereal. Now I’m addicted. And I need a little nudge in the right direction. I used to be so into raw foods and how happy I always was, but now I feel dirty and unworthy of them. I wanted to start the master cleanse a bit ago, but if I can’t even keep raw foods down, how am I supposed to stick to that?

Resse’s Puffs are pretty darn bad for you. I wish I had never let my boyfriend convince me into eating them. I wish he convinced me to eat rice. I hate rice. Please, someone tell me what to do. Do I start over? Do I take a step back? Do I do the master cleanse? Do I give up? I feel so bad. :’(


  • megantheveganmeganthevegan Raw Newbie

    It’s not that you can’t keep raw foods in your life. Everyone slips until they get into their zone. Don’t even consider it “starting over”. Just go back to eating raw foods again! It will be PLEASURABLE…I get the sense that if you do a Master Cleanse, with your apparent guilt over eating this cereal…in the end you might be doing the MC to PUNISH yourself rather than simply cleanse.

    You’re doing just FINE. Move on. There’s no sense in dwelling, there’s infinite opportunities in the moments to come…


  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    LOVIN MY SUNSHINE - Look at it this way, it that is the worse thing you ever do you are way ahead of most of us. LOL.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    I say, Go on a Resse’s Puff Binge!! How many bowls do you think you get through in a day? I’ll chalenge you… I bet you can’t eat 2 boxes, by yourself, in one day. I bet you can’t live exclusively on them for 10 days! I dare you. Go on, I dare you.

    Personally I think you are doing great. Even if Raw food is nothing more than a quiet nagging in the back of your mind, at least it is there, inside you. Most people don’t even have that. You do have a desire to care for yourself, many people don’t have that either. Here you are posting on a Raw food forum, you are not posting this on ressespuff.com/talk after all.

    You are fine, take your time, have another bowl of puffs and assure yourself that you will get past this place in your life.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    I used to beat myself up if I slipped and ate anything bad for me. I’d try and undo it by eating extra healthy foods, or doing cleanses (this again was when I was eating cooked vegan and would eat half a cake or something). I would end up feeling like I’d already been naughty so might as well eat the other half of the cake, or eat because I was upset. the best thing to do is just act as if it never happened and continue on where you were. No amount of cleansing etc. will make you feel better or work better than that. cleansing would be bad after anyway, when I used to do stuff like that it gave me bad headaches from my body getting rid of toxins too fast, or I couldn’t do it because the small withdrawal symptoms from lack of sugar etc. If you just eat your incredibly tasty vegetables and fruits, your body will take care of itself and you won’t feel guilty(which makes your body acidic!). I also do short cleanses now on a regular basis. one to two days a week. and if it won’t make you worse (some people it is better to go off it directly, and not immitate tastes of their weakness foods), then experiment with cacao powder or carob and peanut butter. One of my friends is a BAD peanut butter addict, so I made something for him, and I swear it tasted just like reese’s puff thingies. Too bad I don’t remember everything that wnet in it. Hmm. but experiment! :)

  • I make raw reeses pieces-not cereal but they taste even better than the real reeses pieces candy. You might want to give them a try. I’ll post it right now. You can even experiment and maybe blend raw peanut butter with some flax and dates and then roll them into balls. Then you could coat them in the chocolate sauce and freeze for five minutes or until the chocolate is set. Then put them in a bowl and pour almond milk over them and dig in! Let me know how it turns out, I am curious. I hope this helps your problem. P.S. Don’t beat yourself up over your binge, we all do it every now and then.

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    i had a cupcake yesterday. ok, 2. but they were pretty good and gluten-free and vegan and i think even sugar-free! even so, that doesn’t mean the rest of my diet is cupcakes. i am raw today and probably tomorrow, and i’ll take it a day at a time! plus, it was my birthday and i think that’s a pretty good excuse.

    i would throw out the reese’s after taking one last bite, then fill up the kitchen with lots of healthy yummy stuff. treat yourself to some fresh mangos. then just go from there.

    i am also curious if there is something else happening in your life that is manifesting by sugar binges. perhaps you can find another way to process stress/emotion.

    oh by the way i was faced with someone food-pressuring me this weekend. she got a glass of champagne and put it in my hand. of course i drank some, but i already had a glass and that was enough. so i poured it into her glass and said, i’ve had enough, thanks! in order to keep an eye on the cute bartender, i got lots of club sodas and water with lime. ;-)

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