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"Not Cost Effective"

Well I was at a job interview at Wetherspoons a short time ago.

When asked if there was anything I would improve about the whole Wetherspoons experience I said, well, your vegetarian menu is very limited. (apparently they’re re-doing the menus soon and the vegetarian range will be far greater) So then I asked, are you putting anything vegan on it? “No, it’s not cost effective”

So there we have it.Not cost effective.

Makes me glad I didn’t get the job!!!!!!!!!


  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I know what you mean :) I don’t know what Wetherspoons is, but it’s too bad – if enough people want things, then they become cost effective even if you have to charge more to make them that way. People pay for what they really want. There is a health food store about 20 minutes from me, and sometimes people I know think things there are too expensive, but I love the store & am happy they carry so many raw products that I love – I have no problem paying their prices. It’s a shift in mentality. If vegan is more expensive, people who eat that way are already aware of the difference and are used to it – no big deal!

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Not cost effective? HOW? One of my grumpy roommates said that and instead of my correcting him, I had to leave the room. I felt like pulling off an imaginary white glove and slapping him with it. The time he complained about costs the worst, I asked for the receipt (I usually add less to the food bill, because I do the laundry etc.), and he spent all of 40$ on fruits and vegetables(and rubbed it in my face) and 260$ altogether on meat, eggs, milk, packaged crap, and he added his gas to all of that as well. If I had self control and patience I would have calmly brought it up to him how funny it is that our food bill is LESS when we all eat 70% raw(They won’t eat more than that) or above, and is always more on the standard meat eating american diet. Veganism and raw food is cheaper and healthier!! I don’t get where the “not cost effective” bits come from??? ESPECIALLY if you make 90% of the vegan things yourself. The last time I had went out to eat with my cousin, she wanted to go to her favourite mexcican restaurant(this was pre-raw days). NO vegan options and the limited vegetarian options were all salad, or tortilla stuffed with beans or cheese. Nice. It would be cheaper to grill vegetables than stuff the tortilla with imported cheese. I was tempted to tell them they might have more luck if they did something like that. I don’t eat out much, but the rare times I have (Once a year and I never enjoyed it much), I have always been tempted to arrange a vegetarian menu with recipes and pictures and give it to them. SIGH. not cost effective/too expensive. That rings in my ears now and aggravates me. I could vent more about this, but won’t.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    haha! I am surprised that they even knew what a vegan is! The ones up here are pretty awful, sawdust on the floor types of places. The deal with Wetherspoons is that you get a pint and a meal for about

  • how does NOT adding something to a meal make it cost more?! it’s like spending 20 bucks on a sweater and then 50 bucks for a tank top! less material!! why does it cost more!?!?

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    exactly! Meat costs more. Why didn’t they just say “because we don’t think anyone would want vegan here”, or something.

  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    Yeah thats straight BS

    People are ignorant about prices. I told a friend of mine that I spend 60 per week on raw food for myself and they thought that was a lot. Why? Because they spend what, $50? Not to mention I eat virtually no “outside food:. So it’s not worth an extra ten to twenty per week for good health and a longer life? I have friends that spend $35 per week per person (a married couple, so $70 total) – so they eat straight crap even though the healthy alternative isn’t that much more.

    All the healthy is expensive stuff is annoying. It’s not. Convenience is expensive. Whole foods can be the most expensive place to shop if you buy their frozen and packaged goods, and the cheaper places to shop (especially for the quality) if you buy their produce and raw materials for cooking/food prep. Whether vegan or not, prepared food costs a lot. Conventional/SAD prepared food may be slightly cheaper because it is bought in larger bulk and may be made of crappier ingredients. People who think healthy is so expensive are putting a pound of raisins next to store brand Oreo cookies since they are both “snacks”. It’s not a fair comparison. When compared fairly, the mark up of organic vs conventional, for example is not that much. The other day Conventional Kale was 2.49 and organic was 2.99. At the end of the say, spending 20% more gets you a lot more.

    It’s not cost, it’s ignorance. Consider how cheap Oreo cookies SHOULD be – their ingredients are some of the cheapest in the world yet the cost still rivals that of the things that I eat.

    And meat is no doubt expensive.

  • u guys do have to admit buying alot of produce is more expensive then buying the crappy ramen noddels and instant mac and cheese.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    The only reason I spend more now is that I used to live only on beans and bread products I baked at home. But was I getting any nutrition from that? No. And half the people complaining are the ones who DO have the money and spend that much, or more on packaged garbage & eating out. I fully understand a budget, but I don’t get it when people spend a fair amount already and complain. If you know how, you can make money stretch. I think I spend less than anyone I know on food. In fact I spend the same amount per month that they spend a week.

    Eating a carrot would provide more nutrition than ramen noodles and macaroni, and less poison. If I ever have to go back to spending 20$ per month on food, I’m just buying a bag of bee pollen and a few bunches of kale. I was wasting the money I had buying what I was.

    Besides knowing how to budget, you really do eat less after your body has healed a bit and builds up it’s vitamins. I think already I eat 1/3 of what I used to. :)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Definitely more expensive! Organic stuff here is often 2 – 3 times the price, if not more! I now spend at least $100 more per month on food – just for myself, and that’s when I’m being really frugal – than I did before, but I consider it money I don’t/won’t have to spend on prescriptions, time lost from work not feeling well, etc. But then I always made things myself before & bought cheap stuff like beans, didn’t eat out, etc. so I didn’t have a lot of those costs that people cut when switching from typical SAD to raw. If I ate everything organic, that would raise my expenses another $150 or so per month.

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