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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • OMG Chicagomama, it’s so funny you said that “hungry but not hungry” comment! Dh has been eating ALOT more raw, i would say 80% and last night he looks and me and says “i’m hungry” and I was like “hmm, what do you want?” and he was like “nothing…but I feel hungry but i don’t think I am.” Almost the same thing your husband said. He just wanted to eat for no reason at all. that was interesting.

  • nycgrrl—too weird! That is what DH kept doing—looking at the fridge, but not wanting to eat. That is great he is 80% raw though! I will be happy for 50%

    KAIT—welcome to the fo! That is great you did 4 months will just fruit! I would love to hear more about your experience doing that, as it must be pretty 811, unless you were eating lots of avocados… :)

  • chicagomama and nycgrrl you are inspiring me to make raw foods for DH now. I have to admit i’ve been kind of lazy since i haven’t been preparing anything for myself (811 is so easy). I just let him make his stuff which is inevitably not too healthy.

  • nycgrrl do you mind if i ask you where you’re near on long island getting all this yummy fruit?? my family lives out east in bellport which is near no whole foods, no nothing so i have to go to stop and shop when i am there. i am always jealous of the farmers markets in the city!

  • I love fruit, don’t get me wrong, but eating so much of it and little greens makes me get really strong SAD cravings. What would you all recommend? I don’t want to take two steps backward!

  • chicagomama: I spent my first semester of college in the city of Boston and the market below my dorm sold mixed organic fruit salads. They were about about seven dollars and easily held me over until the next meal. I would eat anywhere from 4-6 of them a day and drank a lot of water. I lost forty pounds in three months and I feel great! Since then, I have transferred to a smaller college in my homestate of NJ. Produce is hard to come by, nevermind ORGANIC produce. By having those mixed fruit salads readily available, I came to crave fruit!!

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Hey Rawk,

    Sorry for the delay..I just read your post. Yes I’ve felt angry-pissed off mostly. I’m working it out though. No avoiding it through food now. ;0) Its wakey wakey time!!! ( HAHaHaHAHAHAH)

  • Jackiev we are out near montauk—lots of fruit and veggie stands out here. I just ate like a pound of spinach and some watermelon earlier and chemical-free strawberries (they don’t call them organic since they’re not certified, but they’re amazing)....the list goes on.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    KAIT—why do little greens? graham says greens and the MOST important component of your diet. it’s just calorie-wise they are insignificant compared to the fruit. but you should be eating just as much as before. it’s the fat that you exchange for fruit.

    “hungry but not hungry”... here’s my theory, because i used to experience it EVERY night and now i don’t (since this diet change):

    i think that eating a lot of fat makes us feel “full” because we simply can’t take anymore of it, not because we met our bodies needs in terms of caloric intake. so you can be DONE, still NEED more food, but your body will be unable to do anymore work, so you’ll feel awful eating more…

    ring true for anyone else?

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    Marichiesa—no probs. i m glad you have awoken! i have yet to experience it, but look forward exploring emotions. ;)

    well another great day, it is day 4 of this grand adventure for me. i had 2.5 pounds of pineapple this morning and it didnt totally agree with me. anyone else have this feeling? i wonder if it was because it was the first meal of the day or because pineapple can be somewhat acidic. ideas?

    later on i had 6 bananas whipped with a pound of romaine and spinach mix. very tasty.

    got a nice 18 mile bike ride in back and forth to work, knocked out my exercise for the day AND saved some gas. hope all is well with everyone—

    calories 2148, 88/6/6

    el-bo, if you wouldnt mind…could you explain how one might go about attaching the screen shots that you do from time to time?

  • pianissima: Thanks for the reply. I don’t know why, but I somehow interpreted this diet to be almost all fruit. I’m glad I can still incorporate my greens and will do so.

  • mycgrrl…i will have to make the trip out there, that sounds wonderful!!

    pianissima – i couldn’t agree with you more. it’s such a different feeling of “full” that will take some time to get used to but it is a great feeling to know you’re giving your body what it needs and not just stuffing down some emotion or eating just ‘cause.

    random question…i bought some of those cute little personal watermelons and i opened up one way before it was ripe enough. i was so sad!! i ate it anyway of course but i was just wondering how you can tell when a watermelon is ripe??

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    jackiev—i’m pretty sure watermelons should be picked ripe. did you buy it from whole foods? if so, you can return ANYTHING you are dissatisfied with and get your money back.

  • Hey all-yesterday i ate about 1/2 a watermelon, strawberries, snow peas, spinach, bananas, asparagus and flaxseed.

    Feeling great :)

  • hey everyone…day 11….feeling very tired…never mind

    re: watermelons…there are a few techniques…there’s been discussion over at pathofhealth recently and apparently the best way is to give ‘em a little thump…i’ll have a look tomorrow (if i regain my enegy) and try to see just what we are listening for with the thump :o)

    rawk….i use a program called grab (free with my mac) to select and take a shot of what i want on screen

    windows alternatives are here…the free version of screenhunter look to be the ticket


    once you have the file that you wish to share you need an online server to host the file for you…i use this


    very simple

    select ‘chose file’ and navigate to the file on your harddrive

    i never bother entering my email

    chose the size of the image (how it will look once downloaded) that you want

    then press ‘host it’

    it may take a while to upload, depending on the size of the file and network/server traffic

    then you’ll be presented with a page of various ways to link to the image…i chose the bottom option…just select the full text (ending png) and copy/paste to wherever you want people to access it…

    here, for example

    if you want to get the extra page of notes that i post next to it, it’s within cronometers options under nutrition report

    hope this helps

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone! I fasted for about a day and then my financial stuff worked itself out. So I am back to eating in abundance again. And hooked on watermelons…

    I still feel awesome and glad to read about other people’s experiences with this too. Just ate four bananas and a date for breakfast. Probably will have apples for lunch and watermelon for dinner. :-)

  • pianissima – i did get them from whole foods so that’s good to know. i’m hoping the others will be fine. i’ll thump ‘em and see what happens, el-bo. we can confer later on our watermelon thumpin technique haha.

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    hey el-bo, moth or anyone else who is using cronometer or nutridiary—ive notice ive been high on all vitamins and minerals EXCEPT selenium and zinc tho i have been exceeding the recommendation of a pound of greens a day. i am not worried because i feel great, im just wondering if you guys are low too or if youve found some foods that pump those nutrients up.

  • When thumpin’ a watermelon – you are looking for an almost hollow sound. That lets you know when they are good and ripe.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i too have been low in selenium and sodium. i have to keep in mind though, that this is SO SO SO approximate. i mean, the nutrient content of your foods depends on the soil they have been grown in. in costa rica there is no selenium in the soil, so even though it says watermelon contains a lot of selenium on cronometer, if you were eating it in costa rica that wouldn’t be true.

    i’m just guessing, but cronometer would assume conventional produce, and not organic.

    i’d love to hear what’s high in selenium and sodium though….

  • alyssadyane…thanks for the tip…hollow

    speaking of hollow…i have toothache, and suspect i need a filling as the pain is located in a very specific spot….i’m starting to fear eating fruit ‘cause it angers the pain….anyways, i’m gonna go to the dentists to get it sorted but am a little worried about the effect that any injections may have on my ‘raw’ self….am i likely to feel ill or have any reactions to anaesthetic…would it be wise to buffer myself with something more substantial before my visit????

    anyone know ???

    oh, and pianissima….celery and tomatoes for sodium….i’ll have to check for selenium

    rawk…spinach and seeds are good for zinc

    i really don’t think that we should worry about any dietary defficiency as long as we get enough variety over the course of the months, years…don’t look to get all of everything daily

    vit d, obviously we must look for outside diet, and depending on who or what you’ve read you may think you have to be worried about b12

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    yeah i hear you el-bo about not worrying too much. i just wasnt finding any foods that were big in selenium. not to worry, brazil nuts....i put just one kernel in my cronometer (sounds like i have this big elaborate machine at home right), only 3 grams fat and 179% of my daily selenium needs. brazil nuts are raw correct? anyway, i dont suppose ill eat them every day, but maybe once a week ill pop one in my mouth like a vitamin.

    good luck at the dentist—scrub those teeth and floss extra well to make a good impression. ;)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    rawK—just make sure to get them in their shells, otherwise they are not raw (according to purelyraw.com)

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    pianissima—thanks much for the heads up!

    just found this: Selenium is an essential dietary mineral and antioxidant. A selenium deficiency can make you more vulnerable to viruses, cancer, even “down” moods and low energy so getting the adequate amount in your diet is very important.

    i concur and will be getting a small little sack of inshell brazils.

  • okapilookame

    i’m pretty much mono-mealing on bananas at the moment, aside from a couple of mangos yesterday…i’ve cut out the dates…

    why dou you ask ??? :o)

  • the tooth thing happens with each meal and stays for a short period after

    i can pinpoint the pain which is why i think it may be a hole

    the thing is i’m long overdue for a checkup and i’m sure in the process they will find a hole..they always do…i’m just not sure if i’ll have any reactions

    i’ve only just started raw so i’m no mr purity, but you can never be too sure, huh ??

  • i’m not scared about my teeth, nor of dentists…just want to make sure i’m ok with the anaesthetic

    my first fillings were given without anaesthetic, so depending on how i feel tomorrow, i may just go down that route

    i understand what you are saying about symptoms etc, but i will have the checkup…if they find a hole i will want it filled…if they don’t then i’m happy to start thinking in terms of symptoms

    a few months ago i had a flu which came with the most chronic toothache….i went to the pharmacist for pills and a local anaesthetic spray…the pharmacists insisted i see a dentist, but i knew it was related to my illness (some kinda virus, maybe)....anyways 1 week and a lot of painkillers later and my toothache cleared along with my flu

    this is different

    i’m greatful for your input…thanks

    elliot :o)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    okipi- i am in total agreement. we know next to nothing about nutrients in food and how they react in the body (let alone a healthy body). i did find the “count” a good tool to see how much i needed to eat for the first few days though.

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    well after i “quit”, i actually stopped craving nuts. i have had a few seeds yesterday and today but no nuts really. well, actually today my husband made some mango/almond milk “pudding” and i ate a few bites then started getting grossed out by the almond milk. it is like i am naturally gravitating towards fruit and green smoothie in the morning and salads at night. i eat either 1/2 melon or 1 pint of berries a day. plus at least 3 bananas. does that sound reasonable?

  • okay so i am at the end of day 3 of eating 811. and i gotta say… i don’t really think i’m diggin it. i just never really feel completely full – or maybe i should say i never feel satisfied. also, i have always LOVED fruits and vegetables but i feel like i am being turned off from them now—just craving veggies less. i also feel my cravings for cooked food increase – i had to cook my dandelion greens tonight!! has anyone else experienced this? i am trying out 811 primarily for weight loss, but i am thinking adding some seeds and nuts back into my diet might be better.. what do you guys think?

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