What is 811?

Can anyone help?


  • Dr. Douglas N. Graham’s 80/10/10 diet.Carbohydrate:80% minimum, protein:10% maximum, fat:10% maximum.

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    also, you may see 811rv meaning “raw vegan”. i just got the book on tuesday off amazon, you can get it there or off graham’s website foodnsport.com—free shipping with amazon, though. i just finished a 30 day 100% raw challenge and was probably eating 75/10/15 unknowingly, but way low on calories. monday, i am starting another 30 day according to the 811. more fruits and more calories!

  • Thank you I will get the book! I wonder if I should be 100% Raw before I start? My problem before was Im an Athlete and I wasnt consuming enough calories. Thanks!!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    misty- 8/1/1 is designed specifically with athletes in mind. you won’t have a problem with calories on this diet, you just won’t be getting them from fat.

  • THanks! I just ordered the book:)

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    hey misty—you are running the RnR right? how are you progressing? when is the big date? as you will read in the book, you need to start eating tons of fruit. thats where the bulk of your calories will come from. less fat, more fruits and graham says your training will soar off the charts. i did very well on the 100% 30 day, but like i said wasnt taking in enough calories…so finding this book came at just the right time. i dont think you have to be 100% before you start, this method will be easier than trying to uncook all the gourmet meals we have tried from time to time. keep it simple and you are more likely to succeed.

  • Thank’s I just ran my marathon on sunday:) Did pretty good but could have done better time wise. Im going to do a couple of half marathons this year and another marathon next year!! So would love to play with my diet some more. I want to feel stong and I stuggled with this during my training. I know a lot of it was my diet cant wait to get this book:)

  • I recommend the Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier. It’s not all raw, but is all vegan and could easily be modified to be all raw. Brendan Brazier a successful professional athlete.

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