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From Canada anyone?

melaverdemelaverde Raw Newbie

Hi all, I am from Montreal, Canada and looking if there are any other fellow Canadians on this site….if YES then give me a sing! I have been vegetarian for few years but gone raw (90%) only recently and I love it! Cheers, melaverde/greenapple



  • I’m from Toronto, Ontario. Where abouts are you from? I’ve been vegetarian almost half my life now, vegan for four years and for the past three months I’ve been raw with a few acceptions every now and then. I’m looking to create or join communities in the city with like minded people. I know of toronto sprouts but that’s about it. Are you familiar with any?

  • I’m from Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been vegetarian almost half my life now, vegan for four years and for the past three months I’ve been raw with a few acceptions every now and then. I’m looking to create or join communities in the city with like minded people. I know of toronto sprouts but that’s about it. Are you familiar with any?

  • I'm from Seattle originally but I am living in Belleville, ON with my husband. I've been full vegetarian for almost a year with bouts of vegan in and out. Working towards an entirely raw diet, which should be easier now that Summer is here and the fruits and veggies are fresh.

    Coming from Seattle and then living in Vancouver, I have found it more difficult to keep a vegetarian, let alone vegan diet, in Ontario. There's not as many options and it wasn't even a second thought before. I get the weird eyebrow raises and sneers when someone finds out I don't eat meat. Maybe it's different in Toronto or Montreal? I know I am now in meat & potatoes country! Anyways, nice to know there's others close by! Cheers:)

  • I live in a town a couple of hours away from you, melaverde. Do you chat on MSN?

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    Hi Melaverde - I'm not from Canada but I do live about an hour and a half south of Montreal in the Burlington Vermont area. Is it true that there is now a raw restaurant in Montreal? Even a vegan restaurant would be great reason for a road trip over the border!!! :-)




  • Hi Melaverde, I am a born and bred Montrealer. I have been raw food vegan for the past 2 years, with only a few slip-ups. Good to hear from another montreal raw foodist!

    Joyce, yes there is a raw food restaurant. It is called Crudessence and is a very quaint little place with good food, although a bit pricey.

    There is also a completely vegan restaurant called Aux Vivres, which I have heard is great (haven't been yet) and a bunch of vegetarian restaurants which have numerous vegan options (my favourite is La Faim du Monde -- it is almost completely vegan and truly delicious. Also very cheap).

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    Hi Sexyraw99 -Wow, that's great news!!! My husband's B-day is coming up in July. Perhaps a day trip to Montreal would be perfect. Haven't been in a long time. It's such a gorgeous city. A shame I don't get up there more often since we are so darn close!! I will look these restaurants up and map them out.

    Thanks for posting!! :-)


  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    Hey I'm from Richmond Hill, Ontario!

  • Hi!

    I'm from Cape Breton, NS, but I spend most of the year away at school in Ottawa, ON. It's nice to see some Canadians on this site! It's definitely hard to find even any vegans or vegetarians around .. would love to find a raw restaurant but I'm sure it's pretty unlikely, unless maybe in Toronto, Montr

  • Vancouver has the Naam! A 24 hr. vegan restaurant in the Kitsilano neighboorhood on 4th. But I don't know of any in or near Ottawa:( The Naam is ridiculously delicious though and there is always a line!

  • Hey Scooterjinx, I'm in Ottawa!

    I get lots of my raw stuff from Rainbow Foods on Richmond Road, and I've been meaning to get to Herb and Spice in the Glebe to check out their fare. The Table is a raw restaurant in town, but I haven't been - I don't get out much:)

    If you are studying film, I'd say you are at Carleton rather than Ottawa U. since I know they have a great program. I'm a high school media studies teacher and many of my students find themselves taking film at Carelton.

  • kathrynintherawkathrynintheraw Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone :)

    I'm a student at Queen's (in Kingston, Ontario), but I'm currently living with my parents for the summer (in Cornwall, ON) while I take time off from work. I'll be moving to Toronto in about a year for grad school and can't wait to meet more local raw foodies! Kingston was definitely deficient of raw livin'.



  • rAWngish teechr .. oh wow .. I didn't realize there was any raw places in Ottawa at all! I've been to Herb & Spice, which is alright, if not expensive. There's also Market Organics, which used to be called The Natural Food Pantry. Are you from Ottawa originally? I don't get out much at all either, but once in awhile I like to check out something new. How long have you been raw? It's only been a bit over 2 weeks for me .. but many years being vegan & vegetarian.

    And yep, I'm at Carleton .. the film program is great. Glad to hear your students are gravitating towards it too. :)

  • Hi! I'm currently living near Osgoode (about 40 minutes from Ottawa) Ontario for the summer. After living in a small town in Saskatchewan for a while, I was truly happy to see stores like Rainbow Natural Foods and Herb & Spice. I'd love to meet up with others from the area =)

  • the Naam is the kind of restaurant that I'd take my parents for vegetarian cuisine.

    How can a vegetarian restaurant not know how to cook potatoes?

    Their 'poutine' (miso gravy on fries with some strange cheese-like stuff(poutine needs curd)) let me down terribly.

    How can a vegetarian restaurant not know how to fry potatoes?

  • I don't eat potatoes, especially not fried! The Naam has always been good to me. Or Planet Veg on Cornwall... yum!

  • I am originally from Saskatchewan, but live in the united states now. Nice to meet you all!


  • I'm also from Saskatchewan originally! Small world. I'm in Taiwan now.

  • I grew up in a suburb of Ottawa, went to university in London, ON and am now living in Victoria, BC.

    I wasn't vegan while in Ontario, but I found a great online resource that's based in Toronto for raw food & such. Upayanaturals.com

    There's also an online store based on Denman Island, just off Vancouver Island, that does mostly hemp clothes but also some raw food supplies. rawganique.com

    I also was having trouble tracking down kelp noodles, but just found a couple of people at the Organic Islands Festival in Victoria a few weekends ago. One is kreatryx.net, the other I seem to have lost her card. Too bad, cause she also does cooking classes and an email newsletter.

    Victoria has a raw cafe called Cafe Bliss, on Pandora downtown, and I've heard Mole does some raw food, but I haven't been to it yet.

  • Wow it really is a small world! Nice to meet you all


  • Joëy PhiJoëy Phi Raw Newbie

    I'm also from Montreal. West Island to be precise. :)

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    Joey, I used to live West Island. I lived in Pierrefonds, Dollard des Ormeaux & Beaconsfield. I now live north of Toronto.

  • Joëy PhiJoëy Phi Raw Newbie

    Oh too bad, we would've been close! I'm in Lachine. How's Toronto from a rawist point of view? Do you guys have a raw restaurant?

  • Sorry I took so long to reply, scooterjinx! End of year exams and I went camping at Sandbanks once the school year ended - green bliss!

    I'm originally from Toronto but have been in Ottawa since '89. I've been raw for over two years now and have recently discovered and experienced The Master Cleanse - this was one of the best things I have done for my body and mind since going raw. Absolutely amazing experience for me.

    I bought second-hand but quality appliances needed for living Raw - a Vitamix (essential), an Omega juicer, a dehydrator. I still would like a spiral slicer like the Spirooli because I don't like the one that I have (I think it's by Jean Chen - a cheat plastic thing.)

    Good luck with the upcoming school year and keep it raw!

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    Joey, surprisingly there are quite a few raw foodists in the Toronto area. But it's not like you meet them randomly. I went to a raw potluck a few weeks ago and met some pretty cool people. There are a few places downtown that cater to raw vegans, but I've only tried one so far (LIVE). Next time I'm in Montreal I'd love to go to Crudessence.

  • Hi fellow canadians. Im in Ottawa/Gatineau.

  • Joëy PhiJoëy Phi Raw Newbie


    While I think Crudessence is good for people who recently converted to raw (or have an interest in it) it surely doesn't compare to the recipes I make! If you've been experimenting with a more gourmet style of raw cuisine, you might be disappionted, I didn't find the menu options to be particularly elaborate. The best places I've been to were definately in the USA! Hmmmmm Pure food and wine... Best restaurant ever!

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    Joey, I think that it might compare to the restaurant in Toronto. I completely understand what you mean. I much prefer what I make at home! But it's nice to go there to try different things and get ideas to make the recipes at home.

  • LaEnsaladaLaEnsalada Raw Newbie

    My family and I recently went to NYC and Montreal. While we were in Montreal we went to Crudessence, we were very disappointed, having just gone to Pure Food and Wine a few days before, our expectations were very high. I think crudessence is a good place if you just want a snack or quick lunch, definitely not a nice sit down dinner. Pure Food and Wine is amazing.

  • Hello,

    I'm from Brantford , Ontario. Is anyone near by ?

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