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My friend at work has recently began suffering with migraines. These seemed to come on quite suddenly and grew in intensity daily until she was forced off work for a few weeks. She has been to see her doctor and he just says they are migraines and gives her medication for them. I am not convinced.

She is back at work now – part-time and is still suffering every day. I asked if she would be open to trying a natural/homeopathic remedy and she said she would try anything to help with the pain. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • I was just about to start a new thread on this. I suffer from migraines with and without aura, they can be really scary at times. I am hoping to hear that someone on this forum has reduced their migraines with a raw food diet. I hope your friend finds relief!

  • ok, well this doesn’t have to do with eating raw. but i suffer severely from migraines, which surprisingly enough turned out to be tension related. karuna, has your co-worker ever visited a chiropractor to properly adjust her neck and back or even gone to a massage therapist? dnacol, same to you, have you ever tried chiropractor or massages? these two things have made a huge difference in my life & my boyfriend can definitely vouch for it!

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    There are probably a myriad of factors that contribute to the migraines (as well as any other health issues) including stress and a build up of toxins. I have never heard of just “one” thang that “caused” the migraine or only “one” wellness issue. In general, it is the body saying it is not getting what it needs to protect, maintain, and regulate itself. Consider, looking to find “one” thing that caused it or “one” thing to “fix” it is a pharmaceutical/synthetic view of how to bypass the bodies natural processes to mask what is really going on. Building with good nutrition and other wellness-supporting modalities supports the whole body.

    Here’s a great “friend” question to ask… Is your friend pooping at least once a day? If not, good chance the body is not eliminating efficiently causing a build up of all sorts of gunk. I coached a gal with migraines and what worked for her was taking a supplement I work with that contains probiotics, fiber, and other goodies to support intestine health. Give the body what it needs and it will do the “magic.”

    Thank you for supporting your friend. To your wellness…

  • I agree with bluedolphin that there is no easy answer to why someone has migranes. For many it is food allergies; Milk, gluten,wheat a.s.o. it can be the liver or a homonial unbalance, tension, MCS a.s.o. But I would like to share a little of my own experiences. I had migranes since my teens and it wasent untill I was pregnant with my daughter that they disapeared. A couple of years later I was in a job working with a lot of nasty poisinous stuff. The migrane returned. Having MCS dident help, and even after I ended the job (I got sick form the nasty stuff) the migranes continued. I did a lot of detoxing specialy with barley grass (powder) and spirulina since I found out my body was loaded with heavymetals. That helped a bit but it wasent until I stoped eating dairy and gluten that the migrane totaly disapeared. And havent returend :-))) In that time I have been 50-75% raw so it wasent a high raw diet that did the trick. But Still I lived from a vegan and health diet. I do belive that it was a combination of all of it, plus learning to relax and not taking life to seriously since most prople with migranes offen strive to be prefect and suffers from a lot of tensions from it. I dont know if this is of any help but it cant hurt trying out diffrent posibilities ;-)

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