root canal infection

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Hello everyone, has anyone ever experienced a root canal infection, that has gone absess. If so, how did you get rid of it? Any advice? Dont get to hung up on abscess. Thats a cinch, but the tricky part is the deep root infection.

The protocol i am about to do… cordyceps from mushroomscience 3 capsules morn, 3 capsules b4 bed (empty stomach) mataiki from mushroomscience 3 capsules morn, 3 capsules b4 bed (empty stomach) along with vitamin C along with probiotics 30 mg zinc 2x no fruit or fruit juices all raw of course hot compress with tea tree oil as often as possible easy on carbohydrates lots of water skin brushing (circulation) alternating hot/cold showers (circulation) omega 3’s zyflammend by new chapter for inflammation 8 glasses of pau d’arco tea w/ stevia as a sweetener i also use yacon root syrup.

along with the usual vegetable juicing, superfoods (ex. spirulina, cacao, maca, bio sprouts, acai100, chlorella, etc.), smoothies, and plenty of sun, exercise, and fresh air.

i think that is it for now. another thing is i have many fillings and until they are removed (less than a month from now). i can not use hydrogen peroxide. that will dissolve my fillings.

so if u have anything you would like to add. any pointers. anything. let it on me.


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    I have. I got rid of it by going to the dentist. He removed it immediately. I was surprised as previous protocol was treat the infection first, then see and treat. He pulled it immediately though as the tooth had cracked. I had had a root canal done on it previously, which obviously was a waste of money and effort.

    I felt SOOOO much better afterwards!

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    I don’t know if it was that deep, but my dad has had tons of infections & teeth removed, and he has swished his mouth with colloidal silver (several times a day) to help kill the infections. Eating a ton of fresh garlic helps with infections in general, too.

  • You should stop using regular toothpaste if you are. It’s bad for you, especially in your case. IPSAB Natural Tooth Powder which is made of sea salt, baking soda, prickly ash bark and peppermint oil is beneficial. Check it out.

  • if u live in the US feel free to call me. I teach a tooth & gum care session dealing w/ these difficult symptoms. Also have organic pure products that work. 

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    WORLEY – An abscessed tooth can be most dangerous. I know a man my age (48) who died from one without any symptoms. You probably heard a story on the news last year discussing the state of US healthcare after a 13 yoa boy died from an abscess because his family could not afford a dental visit. Infections in the gum are quick to become systemic and often do so without much pain. Be careful and don’t hesitate to see a dentist if you can to determine how far reaching the abscess is if nothing else.

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